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Tears of the Kingdom, The long-awaited sequel to “Breath of the Wild,” “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” has finally arrived, beckoning players back to a Hyrule fractured and floating in the sky. This vast open-world adventure promises new challenges, abilities, and a story shrouded in mystery. Whether you’re a seasoned Zelda veteran or a curious newcomer, this walkthrough guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the shattered kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Unveiling the Great Sky Island: Your Starting Point

Tears of the Kingdom opens on a series of floating islands collectively known as the Great Sky Island. Here, you’ll get reacquainted with the basics of movement, combat, and paragliding. As you explore, keep an eye out for the following:

Shrines: These hidden trials test your puzzle-solving skills and reward you with Spirit Orbs. Collecting enough Orbs will enhance your health and stamina.

Korok Seeds: These mischievous collectibles are hidden throughout the world. Finding 900 of them expands your inventory space.

Skyview Towers: Activate these towers to reveal sections of the map below, on the shattered remains of Hyrule. They also serve as launchpads, propelling you high into the sky for exploration.

Mastering New Sheikah Slate Abilities:

A key addition to your arsenal is a revamped Sheikah Slate with unique abilities:

The Arm: This versatile tool allows you to grab and manipulate objects from afar, opening new possibilities for exploration and combat.

Phantasma: This ability creates a temporary duplicate of Link, allowing you to solve puzzles in creative ways and access new areas.

Escaping the Great Sky Island:

Your ultimate goal on the Great Sky Island is to find a way back down to Hyrule. This involves completing a series of main quests that culminate in acquiring a new Sheikah Slate power.

Exploring the Fractured Hyrule: A Changed Landscape

Once you descend to Hyrule, prepare to be awestruck. The land is broken into floating islands and sunken regions, creating a multi-layered world to explore.

Traversal Tips: Utilize your paraglider extensively to navigate between floating islands. Look for updrafts and strategically use bombs or arrows to create your own wind currents.

New Dangers: The fragmented landscape presents new challenges. Be wary of enemies patrolling the skies and environmental hazards like crumbling platforms.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Hyrule:

As you explore Hyrule, you’ll encounter various settlements, each with its own stories and challenges. Here are some key locations to visit:

Villages and Towns: Seek out shops to upgrade your gear, complete side quests for rewards, and learn more about the fate of Hyrule.

Shrines: These hidden trials are more numerous and complex than in “Breath of the Wild.” Be prepared to utilize your new Sheikah Slate abilities to overcome them.

The Divine Beasts: The fate of these colossal creatures from the previous game remains unclear. Explore them to uncover secrets and potentially gain new abilities.

Conquering the Divine Beasts (Optional):

While not essential for the main story, conquering the Divine Beasts can grant you powerful upgrades and lore insights. Each Beast will likely present unique challenges tailored to your new Sheikah Slate abilities.

The Search for the True Hero:

The core narrative of Tears of the Kingdom revolves around finding the true hero who can save Hyrule. Your quest will involve:

Unraveling the Past: Seek out clues about the fracturing of Hyrule and the return of a familiar nemesis.

Uniting with Champions: You may encounter familiar faces from “Breath of the Wild” who can offer assistance.

Confronting a Renewed Threat: The true nature of the danger plaguing Hyrule will eventually be revealed, leading to a final confrontation.

Remember: This walkthrough is a roadmap, not a rigid path. Explore freely, experiment with your abilities, and uncover the secrets Hyrule holds. Here are some additional tips for your adventure:

Talk to Everyone: Many NPCs offer hints, lore bits, and even side quests.

Cook Experimentally: The revamped cooking system allows for new recipe combinations and stat-boosting effects.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment: The open-world nature of the game encourages creative problem-solving.


Where do I begin in Tears of the Kingdom?

Your journey starts on the Great Sky Island, a floating landmass high above Hyrule. Here, you’ll reawaken your abilities and obtain the Sheikah Slate, your trusty tool for solving puzzles and activating ancient technology.

How do I navigate the split world of Hyrule?

Tears of the Kingdom introduces a two-layered world. Explore the familiar lands of Hyrule below and a newly formed sky realm filled with floating islands. Utilize the Sheikah Slate’s new “Phantom Gear” ability to ascend to the skies and uncover hidden secrets.

What are those spiky towers scattered around?

Those are Skyview Towers! Activate them to reveal the surrounding map for both the ground and sky sections. They also serve as launchpads, allowing you to propel yourself high into the sky for aerial exploration.

Are there Shrines again?

You bet! Hidden throughout Hyrule (above and below) are numerous Shrines containing challenging puzzles that test your wit and combat skills. Completing these Shrines grants valuable rewards like Spirit Orbs to enhance your health and stamina.

How do I deal with the broken Master Sword?

The once-powerful Master Sword seems to be weakened. Throughout your adventure, you’ll need to seek out ways to restore its strength, potentially involving forgotten trials or collecting scattered fragments of its power.

What are those strange Korok seeds everyone keeps talking about?

These elusive collectibles return, hidden throughout the world in clever locations. Finding all 1000 Koroks grants a hilarious reward, so keep your eyes peeled for their playful riddles!

Should I explore freely or follow the main story?

The beauty of Tears of the Kingdom lies in its open world. While a central narrative exists, you’re free to explore at your own pace, tackling Shrines, completing side quests, and uncovering secrets at your leisure.

Are there new combat mechanics?

The combat system receives a welcome refresh. Utilize your environment for strategic advantages, and master the new weapon crafting system to create powerful tools for battle.

What are some helpful tips for conquering Tears of the Kingdom?

Talk to everyone! NPCs often offer hints, quests, or valuable information.

Experiment with the Phantom Gear ability to discover new ways to navigate the world.

Don’t be afraid to revisit areas; the world might have changed since your last visit.

Craft and upgrade your gear regularly to stay ahead of the challenges.

Most importantly, have fun and embrace the sense of adventure!

Where can I find a more detailed walkthrough?

Many online resources offer comprehensive walkthroughs for Tears of the Kingdom. Look for websites like Zelda Dungeon or Youtube channels dedicated to the game for in-depth guides on specific Shrines, quests, and boss battles.

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