Tee Time at Augusta-A UK Fan’s Guide to The Masters


The Masters Tournament, held annually at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA, is a legendary event for golf enthusiasts worldwide. For UK viewers, the time difference can make catching live tee times a challenge.

This guide provides all the information a UK fan needs to navigate The Masters’ schedule, including tee times, pairings, and resources to stay informed.

The Importance of Tee Times

Tee times determine when golfers begin their rounds, allowing viewers to plan their viewing experience. The Masters features a unique format with smaller groupings compared to other major tournaments. This allows for more focused coverage and a chance to see all the top players throughout the day.

Understanding the Time Difference

The key hurdle for UK viewers is the five-hour time difference between Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) used at Augusta National and British Summer Time (BST) in the UK.

When a tee time is announced in EDT, you’ll need to add five hours to find the corresponding BST time. For example, a 9:15 AM EDT tee time translates to a 2:15 PM BST start in the UK.

Following The Master’s Tee Times in the UK

Here are some resources to help you stay on top of The Masters tee times in the UK:

  • Official Masters Website: The official website of The Masters Tournament, provides a dedicated “Starting Times & Pairings” section. This section allows you to view tee times for each round, along with player groupings. The website displays times in EDT, so remember to factor in the five-hour difference for UK viewers.
  • Golf News Websites and Apps: Many popular golf news websites and apps, such as Sky Sports Golf or BBC Sport, offer dedicated sections for The Masters. These sections often include tee times converted to BST for UK viewers.
  • Social Media: The official Masters social media accounts (Twitter: @TheMasters, Instagram: @mastersgolf) regularly post tee times and updates throughout the tournament.

A Look at Recent Masters Tee Times

Since The Masters has already concluded for 2024 (as of May 1, 2024), let’s look at an example from this year’s tournament to illustrate how tee times work for UK viewers.

The first round of the 2024 Masters was originally scheduled to begin at 8:00 AM EDT. With the five-hour time difference, this translated to a 1:00 PM BST start for UK viewers. However, due to weather delays, the opening round was pushed back by two and a half hours.

This meant the first group, featuring Adam Hadwin and Vijay Singh, teed off at 9:15 AM EDT, which corresponded to a 2:15 PM BST start for UK audiences.

Beyond Tee Times: Pairings and Featured Groups

While tee times are crucial for planning your viewing, understanding the player pairings adds another layer of intrigue. The Masters groups players together based on various factors, creating storylines and rivalries to follow throughout the tournament.

News outlets and golf commentators often highlight marquee pairings or those featuring players in contention. Following these featured groups can enhance your viewing experience by providing focused insights and narratives.

Staying Informed Throughout The Masters

Here are some tips to stay informed throughout The Masters, even with the time difference:

  • Schedule Recordings: Many streaming services and TV providers allow viewers to schedule recordings of live broadcasts. This way, you can catch up on the action at a more convenient time.
  • Follow Live Scores and Updates: Several websites and apps offer live scoring updates for The Masters. These can keep you informed on the leaderboard and the progress of specific players, even if you can’t watch the live broadcast.
  • Social Media: The Masters’ social media accounts (@TheMasters on Twitter and Instagram) provide real-time updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes content throughout the tournament.

A UK Fan’s Guide to Following The Masters

While the time difference presents a hurdle, UK fans can still enjoy The Masters with careful planning and the right resources. By utilizing the official website, news outlets, social media, and recording options, you can stay informed about tee times, pairings, and the overall tournament narrative.

Remember, The Masters is a prestigious event steeped in tradition. Embrace the unique atmosphere and enjoy the world-class golf on display!


Q. When is the Masters Tournament played?

The Masters is always played in the second full week of April. Since 2024 has already passed, you’ll have to wait until April 2025 to catch the next edition.

Q. How can I find out the Masters tee times in UK time?

There are a few ways to stay updated on Masters tee times with UK timings:

  • Official Masters Website: The official Masters Tournament website publishes the tee times with pairings. They also offer a handy conversion tool to show timings in your local time zone.
  • Golf News Websites and Apps: Many popular golf news websites and apps, like Sky Sports Golf or the BBC Golf section, will publish the Masters tee times with UK conversions during the tournament week.
  • Social Media: Follow the Masters Tournament and prominent golf broadcasters on social media for updates on tee times and pairings.

Q. Is there a difference between US and UK tee times for the Masters?

Yes! Since the Masters is played in the US (Eastern Time Zone), there will be a time difference for viewers in the UK. The time difference is usually 5 hours during standard time and 6 hours during daylight saving time.

So, a 9:00 AM EDT tee time would be either 2:00 PM GMT or 3:00 PM BST in the UK, depending on the season.

Q. Where can I watch the Masters in the UK?

Sky Sports Golf typically holds the broadcasting rights for the Masters in the UK. They usually provide live coverage throughout the tournament. Additionally, the BBC often shows highlights and analysis programs.

Q. When are the next Masters tee times announced?

Tee times for the upcoming Masters Tournament are usually announced a week or two before the tournament starts. Stay tuned to the official channels mentioned above for the latest updates in 2025.

Q. Are there practice rounds before the Masters?

Yes, there are practice rounds held before the official tournament begins. However, tee times for practice rounds are not usually announced publicly.

Who won the 2024 Masters Tournament?

This information is not available as of today (May 1, 2024) since the 2024 Masters has already concluded. However, you can find past winners and results on the Masters website.

Hopefully, this FAQ equips you to stay on top of Masters tee times in the UK for the 2025 tournament! Remember, the key is to follow the official channels and reliable golf news sources closer to the event date.

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