Tekken 8 Review: A Mishima Showdown for the Ages


Tekken 8, the latest entry in the long-running King of Iron Fist Tournament saga, has finally arrived. Bringing back the iconic Mishima feud and upping the ante with gorgeous visuals, refined gameplay, and a suite of improved features, Tekken 8 has garnered significant attention from fighting game enthusiasts. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s dive into the ring and find out.

Story: The Dark Awakens

Tekken 8’s story mode, titled “The Dark Awakens,” focuses on the ongoing conflict between Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima. While details are best left unspoiled for those who want to experience the narrative firsthand, reviewers have noted a strong emphasis on nostalgia, with callbacks to past events in the series. Cutscenes are plentiful, with some outlets reporting a playtime of around 4-5 hours for the campaign.

The story itself seems to be a crowd-pleaser, offering a decent dose of action and classic Tekken melodrama. There’s a focus on established character arcs alongside some fan-service moments, making it a love letter to longtime Tekken fans. However, some reviewers felt the plot was a bit predictable and lacked major twists.

Gameplay: A Refined Iron Fist

Tekken 8 stays true to its core 3D fighting system but incorporates some interesting tweaks. New mechanics like the “Heat System” add a layer of strategic depth, allowing players to unleash powerful attacks by sacrificing health. The juggle system has also been refined, making combos more accessible for newcomers without sacrificing the complexity that veterans crave.

One of the most significant improvements comes in the form of the revamped training mode. Tekken 8 boasts a comprehensive suite of training tools, including combo challenges for each character, detailed move explanations, and even frame data baked right in. This makes Tekken 8 a more approachable fighting game for beginners, while still offering veterans the depth they expect.

New and Returning Faces

While the official roster hasn’t been fully revealed, Tekken 8 features a healthy mix of returning favourites and exciting newcomers. Series veterans like King, Nina Williams, and Paul Phoenix are all confirmed, alongside some surprises. Reviewers have praised the new character designs, which manage to feel both fresh and familiar within the Tekken universe.

Graphics and Sound: A Feast for the Senses

Tekken 8 boasts a significant graphical upgrade over its predecessors. Character models are incredibly detailed, showcasing the wear and tear of battle. Stages are vibrant and dynamic, with destructible elements adding to the overall spectacle. The soundtrack remains a highlight, featuring a mix of hard-hitting techno and atmospheric tracks that perfectly complement the on-screen action.

Online Brawls

Tekken 8’s online mode has received a major overhaul. Connection quality seems to be much improved, with less lag and smoother gameplay compared to previous Tekken titles. The game offers a variety of ranked and casual online modes, catering to players of all skill levels. However, some reviewers noted a strange omission – the inability to spectate matches in custom rooms. 

Aesthetics and Customization

Tekken 8 offers a robust character customization system, allowing players to personalize their fighters with a variety of outfits, accessories, and even hairstyles. Stages also feature some level of customization, letting players choose between different environmental factors and hazards. The overall aesthetic of the game leans heavily into the series’ signature blend of dark fantasy and martial arts action.

The Verdict: A Worthy Successor

Tekken 8 is a resounding success. It honors the legacy of the series while simultaneously innovating and making the game more accessible to new players. The story mode, while predictable, delivers a satisfying conclusion to a long-running narrative. The core gameplay remains excellent, with the new Heat System adding a strategic layer without sacrificing depth. Improved online functionality and a revamped training mode make Tekken 8 a fighting game that can be enjoyed by both casual and competitive players alike.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Monetization: A point of contention for some reviewers is the inclusion of DLC and a battle pass. While the core game offers a substantial amount of content, some fear that the best characters and customization options might be locked behind paywalls.
  • Length: The story mode is relatively short, and some reviewers felt the overall content offering could be a bit thin, especially compared to other fighting games.

Final Thoughts

Tekken 8 is a fantastic fighting game that builds upon the strengths of the series while addressing some of its past shortcomings. Whether you’re a seasoned Tekken veteran or a newcomer looking to step into the Iron Fist Tournament, Tekken 8 has something to offer.


Q. Is Tekken 8 good?

Overall, Tekken 8 is considered a strong entry in the series. It refines the core gameplay while offering new mechanics and a more welcoming approach for newcomers, but some aspects like the DLC structure have received criticism.

Q. What platforms is Tekken 8 on?

Tekken8 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Q. What are the new mechanics in Tekken8?

Two key additions are “Heat System” which rewards aggressive play and “Recoverable Health” allowing partial health regeneration after blocking strong attacks.

Q. Is Tekken8 easy to learn?

Tekken8 offers a robust training mode with combo challenges, detailed move explanations, and frame data for the first time. Newcomers will find it easier than ever to get started. However, Tekken’s depth means there’s always more to master.

Q. How is the online experience in Tekken8?

Reviews suggest a significant improvement in online play compared to Tekken 7. Expect better net code and a variety of online modes.

Q. Is there a story mode in Tekken8?

Yes, Tekken 8 features a cinematic story mode that clocks in at around 3-4 hours. It features multiple playable characters, including showcasing the new “Special Style” mechanic.

Q. Does Tekken 8 have a lot of content?

Besides the story mode, Tekken 8 offers a variety of offline modes like Arcade, Practice, and Survival. The online suite includes Ranked matches, Player matches, and Team battles.

Q. Does Tekken 8 have DLC?

Yes, Tekken 8 has DLC planned, but the details and impact on core gameplay are not entirely clear. Some reviewers criticize the use of a battle pass system.

Q. Is Tekken 8 better than Tekken 7?

Many reviewers consider Tekken 8 an improvement over Tekken 7, offering better balance, more engaging mechanics, and a more welcoming approach for newcomers.

Q. Should I buy Tekken 8?

If you’re a fan of fighting games, especially Tekken, Tekken 8 is a strong recommendation. Newcomers will find it more approachable than ever, while veterans will appreciate the refined mechanics and new features. However, if the presence of DLC and a battle pass system concerns you, you might want to wait for reviews on the specific content offered.

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