A Guide to Hinox Locations in The Legend of Zelda


The hulking Hinox, monstrous one-eyed giants, return to challenge Link in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). These formidable foes provide a thrilling test of combat skill and strategic thinking, often guarding valuable loot or hidden secrets. Whether you’re a seasoned Hylian hero or a new adventurer, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to locate and conquer every Hinox in TOTK.

The hulking Hinox

Hinox vs. Stalnox: Know Your Enemy

Before we delve into locations, it’s crucial to differentiate between Hinox and their skeletal counterparts, Stalnox. Hinox are living creatures with a single large eye and a club or tree trunk for a weapon. Stalnox, on the other hand, are reanimated giants wielding rusty weapons and often found guarding ancient locations.

This guide focuses specifically on Hinox locations. Stalnox tend to be situated in more pivotal areas and may be tied to specific quests or secrets. We’ll explore Stalnox in a future article.

Where to Find Hinoxes in TOTK

The vast and diverse landscapes of TOTK offer a range of environments where Hinoxes roam. Here’s a breakdown of confirmed Hinox locations across the regions:

Central Hyrule

Carok Bridge: This Hinox stands guard over the Carok Bridge, located at coordinates -1054, 0452, 0035.

Irch Plain: On the expansive Irch Plain, a Hinox roams at -0704, 1276, 0082.

Trilby Plain: South of Pico Pond and Woodland Stable, a Hinox makes its home on Trilby Plain at 1339, 0891, 0025.

East Hyrule

Elma Knolls: Travelers through Elma Knolls (-0435, 1974, 0177) might encounter a Hinox.

Rowan Plains: Keep an eye out for a Hinox while exploring the Rowan Plains at -1188, 2118, 0102.

North Hyrule

Hebra Headspring: Even the frigid Hebra Headspring (-2788, 2462, 0397) isn’t safe from Hinoxes.

Hebra North Crest: This Hinox, marked by its blue fur, chills on the Hebra North Crest at -3599, 3814, 0230.

South Hyrule

Satori Mountain: Be cautious while climbing Satori Mountain (-2180, -0846, 0101) – a Hinox might be lurking.

Upland Lindor: The Upland Lindor region (-2694, 1361, 0158) also houses a Hinox.

West Hyrule

Thundra Plateau: Electro-charged Hinoxes can be found on the Thundra Plateau at -2253, 0756, 0102.

Special Regions

Dalite Forest: A blue Hinox guards the Dalite Forest at -2002, -1151, 0098.

Meadela’s Mantle: The most formidable foe on this list, a Black Hinox, resides on Meadela’s Mantle at -4179, -1333, 0430.

East Deplian Badlands: Another Black Hinox lurks in the harsh East Deplian Badlands at 0834, 3360, 0199.

North Akkala Beach Cave: For spelunkers, a Black Hinox awaits within the North Akkala Beach Cave at 4595, 3481, 0053.

Lakes and Caves

Several Hinoxes can be found near or inside specific lakes and caves. Keep an eye out while exploring these locations:

Corta Lake Cave: North of Lakeside Stable lies Corta Lake Cave, which may house a Hinox.

Mount Floria Cave: Northeast of Lakeside Stable, another Hinox might be found within Mount Floria Cave.

Calora Lake Cave: Northeast of Lakeside Stable, check Calora Lake Cave for a potential Hinox encounter.


Where can I find Hinox?

Hinox are scattered throughout Hyrule, across various terrains. They can be found in plains, forests, mountains, and even near bodies of water. There are even special colored Hinox like Blue Hinox and Black Hinox, so keep an eye out for those!

Is there a map of Hinox locations?

While the game itself might not have a built-in Hinox map, resourceful adventurers online have created community-made maps. Search for “Tears of the Kingdom Hinox Locations” to find these helpful resources.

What are the best ways to defeat a Hinox?

There are many strategies! One popular approach is to use ranged weapons like bows and arrows to attack the Hinox’s weak points, like its eye. You can also climb on its body and attack from a higher vantage point. For tougher Hinox, using bombs or special attacks can be effective.

What rewards do I get for defeating a Hinox?

Hinox drop valuable loot! You can expect to find rupees, weapons, bows, shields, and monster parts. Some Hinox might even have rare or unique items.

Are there different types of Hinox?

Yes! There are regular Hinox, as well as Blue Hinox and Black Hinox. These colored Hinox are typically stronger than their regular counterparts and might even have unique attacks.

What’s the difference between a Hinox and a Stalnox?

Hinox are living giants, while Stalnox are reanimated skeletons of Hinox. Stalnox are often found in dungeons or guarding hidden treasures.

Are there any particularly challenging Hinox?

There are definitely some Hinox that will put your skills to the test. Black Hinox are generally tougher, and some Hinox might be placed strategically near hazards or other enemies.

Do Hinox respawn after I defeat them?

No, Hinox do not respawn after you defeat them. Once you’ve conquered a Hinox, it won’t reappear in that location.

Is there a specific order I need to defeat Hinox in?

Nope! You can tackle Hinox in any order you like as you explore Hyrule. There’s no set order you need to follow.

Any tips for new players facing their first Hinox?

Start by observing the Hinox’s attack patterns. Learn to dodge its attacks and exploit any openings. Don’t be afraid to use the environment to your advantage – climb trees, use rocks for cover, or lure the Hinox near water to create obstacles. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the challenge!

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