The Riches of a Legend: Lionel Messi’s Net Worth


Lionel Messi’s, a name synonymous with footballing excellence, has captivated audiences for over two decades. But beyond the dazzling footwork and record-breaking goals lies a man who has amassed a staggering net worth.  So, how much is Lionel Messi worth, and what are the various avenues that have contributed to his financial success?

A King’s Salary: Football Earnings

Lionel Messi’s primary source of income has undoubtedly been his illustrious football career. Having spent most of his professional life at FC Barcelona, he commanded some of the highest salaries in the sport’s history.

A leaked contract in 2021 revealed his Barcelona earnings could reach a staggering $165 million annually, including salary and bonuses.

In 2021, Messi left Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). While specific details haven’t been disclosed, reports suggest his PSG contract remains highly lucrative, placing him amongst the highest-paid footballers globally.

According to Forbes, Messi’s total career earnings from football contracts alone are estimated to be around $1.15 billion as of 2023. This figure puts him in a league of his own and solidifies his position as one of the best-paid athletes ever.

Beyond the Pitch: Endorsement Deals

Superstar status transcends the football field, and Messi has capitalized on his immense global popularity by securing lucrative endorsement deals.  A lifetime contract with Adidas stands out – a testament to his enduring brand value. Other major brands Messi has partnered with include Pepsi, Gatorade, Huawei, and Mastercard, to name a few.

These endorsements are estimated to bring in millions annually. In 2022 alone, Forbes reported that Messi earned a staggering $65 million from endorsements and other business ventures.  With his immense social media following and global recognition, Messi remains a highly sought-after figure for brands seeking a major marketing boost.

Business Ventures: Expanding the Empire

While endorsements bring in significant income, Messi is no stranger to taking a more active role in business ventures. He has invested in a variety of ventures, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. In 2017, he launched The Messi Store, an online platform selling merchandise and memorabilia. 

Another notable venture is the MIM Majestic Hotel Group, a luxury hotel chain co-owned by Messi. The chain boasts hotels in Sitges, Spain, and Ibiza, further diversifying its financial portfolio.

These ventures, coupled with potential future investments, showcase Messi’s desire to build a business empire that extends beyond his impressive football career.

The Road to a Billion: Will Messi Become a Billionaire?

With a net worth estimated to be around $600 million to $650 million by various sources [3, 6], Messi isn’t quite a billionaire yet. However, considering his ongoing football career, lucrative endorsements, and burgeoning business ventures, reaching billionaire status seems like a near certainty.

Here’s a breakdown of the varying estimations:

Celebrity Net Worth: $650 million

Investopedia: No specific net worth mentioned, but highlights career earnings of $1.15 billion 

Forbes: No specific net worth mentioned, but emphasizes his position as the second-highest-paid athlete in 2023. 

The slight discrepancies in net worth estimates are likely due to the private nature of certain financial details and the ongoing nature of his business ventures.

The Man Behind the Millions: Philanthropy and Legacy

While financial success is impressive, Messi’s impact goes beyond accumulating wealth. He is a dedicated philanthropist, actively supporting various charitable causes. The Leo Messi Foundation, established in 2000, focuses on improving children’s well-being through education and healthcare initiatives. 

Messi’s philanthropic endeavours demonstrate a genuine desire to give back and make a positive impact on the world.  This, coupled with his on-field brilliance, solidifies his legacy as a true sporting icon who transcends the boundaries of the game.


Q: How much is Lionel Messi worth?

A: Estimates vary slightly, but Messi’s net worth is likely between $600 million and $650 million as of April 2024.

Q: How much does Messi earn from football?

A: Messi’s football career has been his primary source of income.  Including salary and bonuses, his earnings are estimated to be around $1.15 billion.

This figure comes from his time at FC Barcelona and his current contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

Q: Does Messi have any endorsement deals?

A: Yes, Messi has numerous endorsement deals with major brands like Adidas, Pepsi, Gatorade, Huawei, and Mastercard.  These deals are estimated to bring in millions annually.

Q: Is Messi a businessman?

A:  In addition to endorsements, Messi has ventured into business.  He owns The Messi Store, an online merchandise platform, and co-owns the MIM Majestic Hotel Group, a luxury hotel chain. 

Q: Will Messi become a billionaire?

A: Given his ongoing football career, lucrative endorsements, and growing business ventures, reaching billionaire status seems highly likely. 

Q: Does Messi do any charity work?

A: Yes, Messi is a dedicated philanthropist.  The Leo Messi Foundation, established in 2000, focuses on improving children’s well-being through education and healthcare initiatives.

Q:  Where can I find more information about Messi’s net worth?

A: Reliable sources for information on Messi’s net worth include Forbes, Celebrity Net Worth, and Investopedia.

However, it’s important to remember that net worth estimations can vary due to the private nature of some financial details.

Q:  Why is Messi’s net worth so high?

A:  Several factors contribute to Messi’s high net worth.  His exceptional talent on the field has translated into record-breaking salaries and lucrative endorsements. 

Additionally, his smart business ventures further diversify his income streams.

Q:  Is money the most important thing for Messi?

A: While financial success is impressive, Lionel Messi’s dedication to philanthropy demonstrates a desire to give back and make a positive impact beyond accumulating wealth.

His legacy is likely to be defined by his on-field brilliance and his genuine care for social good.


Lionel Messi’s net worth is a testament to his exceptional talent, dedication, and strategic business decisions.  From his astronomical footballing salary to his lucrative endorsements and burgeoning business ventures, Messi has built a financial empire that reflects his immense global influence.

However, his legacy extends far beyond his wealth.  His philanthropic work showcases his commitment to social good. As Messi continues his footballing journey and ventures further into the business world, his net worth is likely to continue its upward trajectory.

Yet, for many fans, it’s the magic he creates on the field and the joy he brings to millions, that will truly define his enduring legacy.

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