A Guide to the Smuggling Tunnels in Warzone 2 DMZ


The smuggling tunnels dmz, Warzone 2 DMZ throws you into a thrilling fight for survival, tasking you with completing objectives, collecting loot, and escaping the ever-shrinking map. White Lotus, one of the factions, offers a series of tiered missions, with “Smuggling Tunnels” being a pivotal part of Tier 2. This guide delves into everything you need to know about locating these clandestine passageways, navigating their depths, and completing the mission objectives.

The smuggling tunnels dmz

Locating the Smuggling Tunnels: A Hidden Stronghold

The Smuggling Tunnels aren’t readily apparent on the map. Instead, they’re cleverly concealed within a permanent Stronghold, a heavily guarded location brimming with AI enemies and potentially, other Operator squads vying for the same loot.

Here’s how to pinpoint the entrance:

Identify the Stronghold Icon: Open your tactical map and locate the icon resembling a fortified castle. This icon signifies a Stronghold, and in the case of the Smuggling Tunnels mission, it’s situated north of Zarqwa Hydroelectric.

Gain Entry: Unfortunately, a stroll through the front door isn’t an option. You’ll need a Stronghold Keycard to unlock the main entrance. These keycards can be found scattered throughout Al Mazrah as loot, purchased from Buy Stations for a hefty sum, or obtained by eliminating high-value AI enemies.

Alternative Entry Points:

While the keycard offers a more straightforward approach, there are alternative entry points for the daring Operator. Here’s what you need to be aware of:

Well Access: Look for a well located just outside the north-western perimeter of the Stronghold. Descending this well leads you directly into the tunnels.

Hidden Ladder: Within the building adjacent to the main Stronghold entrance, a ladder tucked away near the back leads down into the tunnels. However, accessing this requires clearing out any enemies stationed inside.

Navigating the Tunnels: A Labyrinth of Loot and Danger

Once you’ve breached the Stronghold’s defenses, prepare for a labyrinthine network of tunnels. Here are some key points to remember for a successful exploration:

Light Up Your Path: The tunnels are shrouded in darkness. Equip a flashlight or utilize NVGs to ensure clear vision and avoid getting ambushed by lurking enemies.

Mind the Loot: The Smuggling Tunnels are a treasure trove for resourceful Operators. Keep an eye out for valuable weapons, armor, equipment, and even contraband stashes hidden within various nooks and crannies.

Beware the AI: Be prepared to eliminate AI soldiers patrolling the tunnels. These enemies can provide valuable loot upon defeat but pose a significant threat if underestimated.

Check Every Corner: The tunnels offer multiple pathways and hidden rooms. Take your time, explore thoroughly, and don’t miss out on potential loot caches.

Extraction Point: Remember, your primary objective is to complete the mission and exfiltrate the map alive. Keep an eye out for potential extraction points marked on your tactical map as you navigate the tunnels.

Cracking the Mission: Objectives and Rewards

The “Smuggling Tunnels” mission consists of three parts, each requiring specific actions:

Locate the Smuggling Tunnels: This objective is automatically completed upon entering the tunnels through any of the aforementioned access points.

Place Tactical Cameras Watching Two of the Entrances: Here’s where things get tricky. You’ll need to deploy two Tactical Cameras facing separate entrances of the Smuggling Tunnels. This can be challenging if you’re playing solo, as you’ll need to find two cameras during your deployment or rely on teammates to contribute theirs.

Tips for Placing Cameras:

Strategic Positioning: Focus on entrances offering a clear view of approaching enemies. Consider the north-western well access and the eastern exterior entrance for optimal coverage.

Utilize Cover: Don’t place your cameras in exposed locations. Hide them behind objects to minimize the chance of them being destroyed.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Playing with a squad allows each member to contribute a Tactical Camera, significantly simplifying this objective.

Exfiltrate: Once you’ve placed the cameras, the mission objective is complete. However, the real challenge lies in successfully extracting from the DMZ zone. Utilize the knowledge you gained traversing the tunnels to choose the safest route to an extraction point and escape with your hard-earned rewards.

Rewards for Completing the Mission:

Successfully completing the “Smuggling Tunnels” mission unlocks valuable rewards, including:

Faction XP: Boosts your White Lotus faction level, granting access to more challenging and rewarding missions.


Q: Where are the Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ?

The Smuggling Tunnels are not hidden – they reside within a permanent Stronghold on the map. This Stronghold is located north of the Zarqawi Hydroelectric point of interest. Look for a stronghold icon on your tactical map to pinpoint its exact location.

Q: How do I access the Smuggling Tunnels?

Since it’s a Stronghold, access requires a Stronghold Keycard. These can be found throughout Al Mazrah as loot or purchased from Buy Stations for a hefty price.

Q: Are there other ways to enter the Smuggling Tunnels?

While the Stronghold’s main entrance requires a keycard, there are alternative routes! The building directly in front of the main entrance has a ladder leading down into the tunnels. Additionally, there might be other hidden entrances scattered around the complex, so keep an eye out!

Q: What awaits me inside the Smuggling Tunnels?

The Smuggling Tunnels are a network of underground passages. Expect tight corners, low visibility, and plenty of AI enemies guarding the area. Be prepared for a fight! The tunnels themselves might also hold valuable loot like high-tier weapons, armor, and cash.

Q: Is there anything specific I should look for in the Smuggling Tunnels?

If you’re tackling White Lotus Faction Missions, you might encounter a mission titled “Smuggling Tunnels.” Here’s what you need to do within the tunnels for this mission:

Locate the Tunnels: As mentioned earlier, find the Stronghold north of Zarqwa Hydroelectric and gain access (keycard or alternative entrance).

Deploy Tactical Cameras: The mission requires placing two tactical cameras watching separate entrances to the tunnels in a single deployment. Make sure you have two cameras (equip one as a Field Upgrade before deploying or find another one inside).

Q: Are there any tips for conquering the Smuggling Tunnels?

Sure! Here are a few pointers to enhance your experience:

Go with a Squad: The tunnels are a dangerous place, especially with AI and potentially other Operators lurking around. Having teammates to watch your back and revive you can be a lifesaver.

Gear Up Properly: Pack a silenced weapon for close-quarter combat and gear with good night vision as the tunnels are dark and murky.

Loot Smartly: While the tunnels hold good loot, prioritize staying alive and completing your objectives. Don’t get bogged down trying to pick up everything you see.

Be Mindful of the Exfil: Once you’re done, remember to extract safely. Having great loot won’t matter if you can’t get it out.

Q: Is there anything else I should know about the Smuggling Tunnels?

Since the Smuggling Tunnels are part of a Stronghold, expect a higher concentration of enemies compared to regular buildings. Proceed with caution and prioritize clearing threats before focusing on loot.

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