Geralt Departs, But The Witcher Lives On: A Look at The Witcher 4


The Witcher 4, The Continent may be without Geralt of Rivia for now, but fans of the monster-hunting extraordinaire can rejoice! CD Projekt Red, the studio behind the beloved Witcher trilogy, has confirmed a new saga is on the horizon with the upcoming title, The Witcher 4, codenamed Project Polaris.

This article dives into everything we know so far about The Witcher 4, including its estimated release date, potential story details, the switch to a new game engine, and what exciting possibilities this new chapter holds for the franchise.

A New Saga Begins: Farewell Geralt, Hello Polaris

While details are scarce, CD Projekt Red has revealed that The Witcher 4 marks the beginning of a brand new trilogy. This means players can expect a fresh storyline, potentially introducing a new playable character to take the reins from Geralt.

This shift signifies a turning point for the series. Geralt’s story, spanning the core trilogy and both Netflix’s The Witcher and CD Projekt Red’s spin-off game, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, has reached a definitive conclusion. The developers seem intent on exploring new narratives within the rich world of The Witcher, potentially venturing into uncharted territories or forgotten corners of the Continent.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Geralt won’t be referenced or make a cameo appearance. However, The Witcher 4 appears set to forge its own path, leaving players eager to discover who will take up the mantle of the witcher and what new threats await them.

The Witcher 4

When Can We Expect to Play The Witcher 4?

Patience is a virtue, especially for Witcher fans. While there’s no official release date yet, CD Projekt Red has hinted that The Witcher 4 is still in the pre-production phase, with full production expected to begin later in 2024. Industry estimates suggest a release date sometime in 2026 or even later.

Several factors contribute to this extended wait. Firstly, CD Projekt Red is committed to delivering a high-quality experience, likely building upon the foundation laid by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a critically acclaimed open-world RPG. Secondly, the studio is transitioning to a new game engine, Unreal Engine 5, which offers vast potential for creating stunning visuals and immersive environments but requires additional development time to fully harness its capabilities.

While the wait may be long, anticipation is high. Fans are eager to see how CD Projekt Red leverages the power of Unreal Engine 5 to bring the Continent to life in a whole new way.

A Continent Reimagined: The Power of Unreal Engine 5

A significant change for The Witcher 4 is the adoption of Unreal Engine 5. Previously, CD Projekt Red relied on their in-house REDengine to create the sprawling landscapes and detailed environments of The Witcher universe.

Unreal Engine 5 boasts impressive features like Lumen, a real-time ray tracing technology that promises incredibly realistic lighting and shadows, and Nanite, a virtualized geometry system capable of rendering massive, intricate environments in high detail.

These advancements have the potential to make The Witcher 4 a visual spectacle. Players can expect even more breathtaking landscapes, from the bustling streets of Novigrad to the monster-infested wilderness. Imagine stalking prey through a dense forest rendered with such detail that every rustle of leaves and flicker of sunlight feels real.

The power of Unreal Engine 5 could also enhance character models and animations, making monster encounters and emotional cutscenes even more impactful.

What Lies Ahead: Monsters, Magic, and the Unknown

While story details are under wraps, certain things are almost guaranteed. The Witcher 4 will likely retain the series’ core gameplay loop: taking contracts to slay monsters, brewing potions, and navigating the complex political landscape of the Continent.

Questions remain, however. Will players take on the role of a seasoned witcher or a new recruit just starting their path? What kind of monsters will lurk in the shadows? How will the world have changed since Geralt’s time?

CD Projekt Red is known for its intricate world-building and engaging narratives. The Witcher 4 presents an opportunity to explore new facets of the Continent’s history, delve deeper into established witcher schools, or introduce entirely new magical threats.

Perhaps players will encounter the long-rumored Wild Hunt once again, or maybe a new villain altogether will rise to threaten the fragile peace. Only time will tell, but The Witcher 4’s new saga has the potential to be just as captivating as Geralt’s adventures.


Is The Witcher 4 even happening?

There’s no official confirmation from CD Projekt Red, the developers. However, they’ve hinted at continuing The Witcher franchise after completing Cyberpunk 2077’s post-launch content.

When would The Witcher 4 release?

Since it hasn’t been announced, a release date is pure speculation. Considering Cyberpunk 2077’s development cycle, it might be a long wait – possibly not before 2027 or even later.

Will Geralt be in The Witcher 4?

Geralt’s story concluded in The Witcher 3, and CD Projekt Red might choose to focus on a new protagonist. Ciri, another central character, could be a contender.

What about the ending choices from The Witcher 3?

The Witcher 3 has multiple endings. It’s unclear how CD Projekt Red would handle these in a sequel, whether they’d pick a canon ending or find a way to acknowledge player choices.

Will The Witcher 4 be next-gen only?

Considering the expected release window, The Witcher 4 is likely to target the latest PlayStation and Xbox consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X/S) alongside high-end PCs.

Will there be new monsters and locations?

A new Witcher game would undoubtedly introduce fresh beasts to slay and breathtaking regions to explore. The Continent still holds many secrets waiting to be uncovered.

How will the story connect to the books and the Netflix series?

The Witcher games have their own narrative thread loosely inspired by the books. The Netflix series takes even more liberties. It’s likely CD Projekt Red will continue their established game universe.

What about multiplayer?

The Witcher games have always been single-player experiences. While multiplayer isn’t out of the question entirely, it’s not something CD Projekt Red has hinted at for future Witcher titles.

Can we expect any teasers or announcements soon?

There’s always a chance! Keeping an eye on CD Projekt Red’s official channels and gaming events might reveal some clues about the future of The Witcher.

Where can I stay updated on The Witcher 4 news?

Follow reliable gaming news websites and social media accounts to catch any official announcements or rumors surrounding The Witcher 4.

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