A Guide to Lynel Locations in Tears of the Kingdom


Lynels, the towering, centaur-like monsters with a taste for destruction, are back to terrorize (and potentially reward) players in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). These ferocious foes are a staple of the series, offering a thrilling challenge and coveted loot for the brave (or foolhardy) adventurer.

This guide will equip you with everything you need to track down Lynels in TOTK. We’ll delve into confirmed surface locations, explore rumours of Lynel encounters in the mysterious Depths of Hyrule, and provide you with some helpful tips for facing these formidable enemies.

Where Do Lynels Lurk in TOTK?

The good news? Lynels can be found roaming various regions across the vast expanse of Hyrule. The bad news? They’re not exactly friendly tour guides. Here’s a breakdown of confirmed Lynel locations discovered so far:

  • Hyrule Ridge: This region seems to be a favourite stomping ground for Lynels. You’ll find them in the following areas:
    • West Hyrule Plains: Keep an eye out near the coordinates -1549, 0145, 0109.
    • Between Tanagar Canyon and Illumeni Plateau: Check around -3389, 0001, 0089.
    • Upland Lindor: This Lynel awaits near -2179, 1525, 0217.
  • Tabantha Frontier: A Lynel can be found near Tama Pond, so be cautious while exploring the area.
  • Hebra Mountains: Prepare for a chilly battle near Lake Kilsie.
  • Deep Akkala: North Akkala Valley seems to house a Lynel as well.
  • Akkala Highlands: The Ukuku Plains might have a Lynel waiting to challenge you.
  • West Necluda: Keep your eyes peeled on Lanayru Heights and Rabia Plain for Lynel encounters.
  • Lanayru Wetlands: A Lynel has been spotted near Quatta’s Shelf.

These are just the confirmed locations, and more Lynels are likely waiting to be discovered as players explore the hidden corners of Hyrule.

Lynels in the Depths: Fact or Fiction?

Tears of the Kingdom introduced a new gameplay element: the Depths of Hyrule. These subterranean regions hold secrets, challenges, and potentially, new enemies. While there haven’t been any confirmed Lynel sightings in the Depths yet, rumours abound on forums and social media.

One interesting theory suggests a “Floating Coliseum” deep within the Central Hyrule Depths, rumoured to host a gauntlet of Lynel battles. This exciting possibility remains unconfirmed, but it adds another layer of intrigue to exploring the Depths.

What Makes a Lynel Tick (and How to Dodge its Fury)

Now that you know where to find Lynels, let’s delve into what makes these foes so formidable:

  • Variety is the Spice of Danger: Lynels come in four flavours: Red, Blue-Maned, White-Maned, and Silver. Each colour signifies a difficulty level, with Red being the weakest and Silver being the ultimate test of your combat prowess.
  • Elemental Edge: Lynels can be imbued with different elements, adding another layer of complexity to the fight. Fire Lynels pack a scorching punch, while Ice Lynels can slow you down with their attacks. Be prepared to adapt your tactics based on the Lynel you encounter.
  • A Move for Every Occasion: Lynels have a diverse arsenal of attacks, including swipes with their massive claws, devastating kicks, and powerful blasts from their bows. Learning their attack patterns and timing your dodges is crucial for survival.
  • Mounting Up for Mayhem: Lynels can mount on their hind legs and unleash a devastating flurry of attacks. This is your prime opportunity to unload some damage but be prepared to dodge the follow-up attack.


Q. Where can I find Lynels in TOTK?

Lynels roam across the vast landscapes of Hyrule, both on the surface and within the mysterious Depths. Here’s a breakdown of confirmed locations:

  • Surface
    • West Hyrule Plains (Hyrule Ridge)
    • Between Tanagar Canyon and Illumeni Plateau (Hyrule Ridge)
    • Upland Lindor (Hyrule Ridge)
    • Near Tama Pond (Tabantha Frontier)
    • Near Lake Kilsie (Hebra Mountains)
    • North Akkala Valley (Deep Akkala)
    • Ukuku Plains (Akkala Highlands)
    • Lanayru Heights (West Necluda)
    • Rabia Plain (West Necluda)
    • Near Quatta’s Shelf (Lanayru Wetlands)

Q. Are there Lynels in the Depths of Hyrule?

While the Depths hold many secrets, concrete reports of Lynel’s encounters there are scarce. However, some sources speculate about a “Floating Coliseum” containing multiple Lynel fights. Stay tuned for updates as more information surfaces!

Q. Is there a map of Lynel locations?

Absolutely! Check out resources online, like [IGN’s TOTK Lynel guide] for a visual representation of confirmed surface Lynel locations.

Q. What are the different Lynel types, and where can I find them?

Lynels come in four ferocious flavours: Red, Blue-Maned, White-Maned, and Silver. The game hasn’t revealed a specific location correlation for each type yet. However, generally, expect tougher Lynels like White-Maned and Silver in late-game areas.

Tips for conquering Lynels?

  • Preparation is key: Pack your strongest weapons, arrows, and food/elixirs for healing.
  • Learn their moves: Observe their attack patterns and exploit openings for counterattacks.
  • Utilize the environment: Use objects for cover, and aim for destructible elements on the Lynel to stun them momentarily.
  • Perfect your dodges: Mastering the perfect dodge can give you an offensive advantage.
  • Don’t be greedy: Focus on well-timed hits and prioritize staying alive over getting too many hits in at once.

Remember: Lynels are formidable foes. Don’t hesitate to take them on later in the game when you’re better equipped and more experienced.

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