Traversing the Brickverse: Travel Tips for LEGO Fortnite


LEGO Fortnite throws players into a vast, colourful world brimming with challenges, quests, and building opportunities. However, unlike its predecessor, this open-world experience lacks a dedicated fast-travel system. This can leave players wondering: how do I get around efficiently in LEGO Fortnite? Fear not, adventurers! While there’s no instant warping, this guide equips you with the knowledge and creative know-how to become a master explorer.

The Challenge: A World of Bricks

The allure of LEGO Fortnite lies in its expansive map, reportedly twenty times larger than the standard Fortnite map. This translates to a diverse landscape with distinct biomes, each offering unique resources, challenges, and secrets to uncover. Exploring every nook and cranny is part of the charm, but traversing vast distances on foot can be time-consuming, especially when tackling quests or revisiting specific locations.

This is where the lack of a fast-travel system comes into play. Unlike other open-world titles, LEGO Fortnite doesn’t offer pre-built warp points or teleportation mechanics. This might seem like a drawback, but it also presents a delightful opportunity: utilizing your creativity and resourcefulness to build your own travel solutions!

Embrace the Engineer Within: Building Your Way Around

The beauty of LEGO Fortnite lies in its core concept – building anything you can imagine. This philosophy extends to your mode of transportation. Here are some of the most effective, player-created methods to conquer the vast LEGO landscape:

The Humble Ride: Crafting a basic car using wheels and a chassis is an excellent starting point. While it won’t win any speed races, it provides a comfortable and fuel-efficient way to explore nearby areas.

Taking to the Skies: Hot Air Balloons are a fantastic choice for long-distance travel. These majestic contraptions offer stunning aerial views while efficiently covering vast stretches of land. Building one requires resources like large thrusters, balloons, and an activation switch.

Here’s a helpful tip: Hot Air Balloons can only move forward, so plan your landing zones carefully!

Chugging Along on Rails: For a more structured approach, consider building a railway system. This method involves crafting train tracks, locomotives, and potentially even passenger cars. While it requires a significant investment of resources upfront, a well-developed railway network becomes an invaluable asset, allowing for quick and efficient travel between established stations.

Embrace the Waterways: Don’t underestimate the power of a good boat! LEGO Fortnite’s world is filled with rivers, lakes, and even vast oceans. Building a sturdy boat lets you navigate these waterways, opening up new exploration possibilities and hidden coves.

YouTube Resources: The LEGO Fortnite community is incredibly active and resourceful. If you need a visual guide on building any of these contraptions, a quick YouTube search for “[YouTube LEGO Fortnite car tutorial]” or “[YouTube LEGO Fortnite train tutorial]” will yield numerous helpful videos.

Beyond Basic Travel: Optimizing Your Journeys

While building your own transportation is a core aspect of getting around, here are some additional tips to optimize your travels in LEGO Fortnite:

Waypoints and Planning: Utilize the in-game map to set waypoints for your destinations. This helps plan efficient routes and prevents you from getting lost in the vast world.

Animal Companions: Taming certain animals, like wolves or boars, can provide a temporary speed boost while exploring. Just be mindful of their temperaments!

Strategic Outposts: As you explore and establish yourself in different biomes, consider building small outposts. These outposts can serve as rest stops, storage depots, and even potential refueling stations for your vehicles.

The Future of Fast Travel: Will LEGO Fortnite Get a Dedicated System?

While there’s currently no fast-travel mechanic in LEGO Fortnite, the future remains unwritten. The developers have been receptive to player feedback and have released several updates to improve the gameplay experience. There’s always a chance that a future update might introduce a dedicated fast-travel system, potentially utilizing player-built structures or lore-friendly teleportation devices.

However, the current lack of fast travel shouldn’t be seen as a negative. It encourages players to embrace the core spirit of LEGO Fortnite: building, exploration, and creative problem-solving. The process of constructing your own travel solutions adds another layer of depth and satisfaction to the gameplay experience.

Whether you’re soaring through the skies in a Hot Air Balloon or chugging along a meticulously crafted railway network, remember – the journey itself is a significant part of the adventure in LEGO Fortnite. So, fire up your imagination, grab your wrench, and get ready to explore the vast and wonderful Brickverse!


Q. Does LEGO Fortnite have fast travel?

No, LEGO Fortnite, as of April 2024, doesn’t have a built-in fast travel system like some other open-world games. This is common for crafting-survival games where you build your own solutions.

Q. But I want to get around quickly! What are my options?

Don’t worry, you’re not stuck walking everywhere! Here are a few creative ways to travel fast in LEGO Fortnite:

Build Your Own Ride: This game shines with its building mechanics! Craft vehicles like cars, boats, or even a hot air balloon to zoom across the map.

Become a Glider Master: While not exactly fast travel, mastering your glider can significantly reduce travel time. Build tall structures, launch yourself with the glider, and enjoy a scenic (and speedy) descent.

Think Like an Engineer: Some players have suggested building a network of staircases around the map. While this requires resources, it allows you to quickly reach high points for gliding or spotting your destination.

Q. Is there any hope for a future fast travel system?

The developers haven’t announced any plans yet, but LEGO Fortnite is a new mode and the team is responsive to player feedback. With the large map size, a fast travel system could be a future addition!

Q. Looking for more LEGO Fortnite travel tips?

Check out online resources like YouTube videos or forums dedicated to LEGO Fortnite. Search for “LEGO Fortnite travel tips” or “How to get around faster in LEGO Fortnite” for creative ideas from other players.

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