the Tukarok Shrine: A Test of Forward Force in Tears of the Kingdom


The sprawling world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is littered with Shrines and enigmatic challenges that test Link’s wit and combat prowess. Among these is the Tukarok Shrine, a fiery gauntlet christened the “Forward Force Shrine.” This guide delves into everything you need to know about the Tukarok Shrine, from its location and solutions to its hidden secrets.

Locating the Tukarok Shrine: A Guiding Light

The Tukarok Shrine resides in the vibrant tapestry of Central Hyrule, specifically nestled west of the Lanayru Wetlands and a stone’s throw east of Hyrule Field. Look for it south of the Wetland Stable, a haven for weary travellers. The Shrine’s conspicuous presence makes it easy to spot – a testament to its role as the designated warp point for the Wetland Stable. Keen explorers can pinpoint its exact location using the coordinates: 0915, -0249, -0034.

Reaching the Tukarok Shrine might be a straightforward affair, but a word of caution – the path may be guarded by a Moblin boss. This hulking adversary is part of a side quest initiated at the Wetland Stable. Unless you’re confident in your combat skills (and have at least four hearts), it’s best to steer clear until you’ve powered yourself up a bit.

A Fiery Ordeal: Deciphering the Forward Force Trials

Upon entering the Tukarok Shrine, you’ll be greeted by a vast chamber dominated by a scorching lava lake. Don’t let the heat faze you – the key to conquering this Shrine lies in utilizing the power of “Forward Force.” This mechanic revolves around manoeuvring a large metal orb through a series of chambers using various contraptions.

The Shrine is divided into three main sections, each presenting a unique puzzle that requires you to propel the metal orb towards a designated goal. Let’s break down each section and explore the solutions:

Section 1: Blazing a Trail

The first section introduces you to the core mechanic. Here, you’ll find a contraption resembling a stone board outfitted with several Big Wheel devices, reminiscent of a childhood scooter. Your objective is to attach the metal orb to this makeshift vehicle and propel it across a lava-filled path.

  • Solution: Use Magnesis to carefully detach a metal beam leaning against the left wall. Position it horizontally on the back of the stone board, creating a ramp for the orb. Line up the orb with the ramp and use Stasis to freeze it in place momentarily. Quickly hop onto the stone board and use your weight to push it forward, sending the orb rolling down the makeshift ramp and across the lava.

Section 2: A Breath of Fresh Air

The second section throws a watery twist into the mix. Here, the path is blocked by a series of rotating air vents that prevent the orb from progressing.

  • Solution: Look for a strategically placed metal grate on the ceiling. Use Magnesis to detach it and create a platform above the air vents. Now, use Cryonis to create an ice pillar below the metal grate, effectively forming a bridge for the orb to roll across. Push the orb onto the platform using your weight and guide it towards the goal.

Section 3: A Race Against Time

The final section combines the challenges of the previous two. You’ll encounter a moving platform precariously suspended over a lava pit. Your task is to propel the orb onto the platform while navigating moving air vents.

  • Solution: Timing is crucial in this section. Use Stasis to freeze the moving platform when it’s in the most advantageous position for the orb to land. Quickly use Magnesis to detach a metal block from the left wall and create a temporary ramp leading onto the platform. Line up the orb with the ramp and, with the platform frozen in place, push it forward. Once the orb is safely on the platform, release Stasis and watch it roll to its destination.

Reaching the Monk and Claiming Your Reward

Having successfully navigated all three sections and propelled the metal orb to its designated points, a doorway will finally unlock, granting you access to the central chamber. Here, you’ll face the benevolent Monk who governs the Shrine.

Defeat the Monk in a non-violent manner (usually a simple puzzle involving arrows or elemental manipulation) to claim your prize – a Spirit Orb. This valuable reward can be exchanged at Goddess Statues scattered throughout Hyrule, granting you the option to upgrade either your hearts or your stamina.

Hidden Depths: A Treasure Chest Awaits

The Tukarok Shrine holds a secret for the keen-eyed explorer. A treasure chest containing valuable loot is cleverly tucked away within the Shrine.


Q: Where is the Tukarok Shrine located?

A: The Tukarok Shrine can be found in the Central Hyrule Region, east of Lookout Landing across the Great River. It’s also south of Wetland Stable and serves as the warp point for that location. You can easily spot it on the surface in a small grove by the stable. For the exact coordinates, refer to online resources like IGN’s guide which mentions it as (0915, -0250, -0034).

Q: How do I solve the Tukarok Shrine puzzle?

A: The core objective of the Tukarok Shrine is to guide a large metal orb through a series of obstacles to a central corridor. Ultimately, this orb needs to reach the entrance to unlock the chamber containing the Light of Blessing. Here’s a breakdown of the challenges:

  1. Moving the Orb – Room 1: You’ll find a metal orb and a minecart. Use the slopes and your remote bomb (if necessary) to manoeuvre the orb onto the minecart and push it across the lava.
  2. Creative Contraptions – Room 2: This room requires some creative problem-solving. Here’s what you need to do:
    • Attach a bowl to a metal crate.
    • Place a gear on the side of the crate with the arrow pointing upwards.
    • Use a crank to rotate the gear, propelling the crate (and orb) uphill.
    • Build a makeshift raft using planks and attach them to the sides of the wheels for stability.
    • Hop on the raft, activate the mechanism, and sail across the water.
  3. Reaching the Goal: On the other side, detach the orb and place it on the pressure plate. This unlocks the final door.

Q: Are there any treasures in the Tukarok Shrine?

A: Yes! There’s a chest hidden underwater in the second room. Use your Sheikah Slate’s magnetic power to pull it out and claim your reward.

Q: I’m stuck on a specific part of the puzzle. Can you provide more guidance?

A: If you’re facing difficulty with a particular section, there are excellent video walkthroughs available online on YouTube that provide visual demonstrations of the solutions.

Q: Is there a boss fight in the Tukarok Shrine?

A: No, the Tukarok Shrine focuses on environmental puzzles and doesn’t feature a boss battle.

By following these tips and using the available resources, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the Tukarok Shrine and claiming your prize!

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