Unveiling the Crew: A Look at Vigil Season 2 Cast Speculations


The captivating first season of “Vigil” left audiences yearning for more.  As we eagerly await news of a potential season 2, speculation runs rampant about the returning and new faces we might see unraveling the next maritime mystery.  

While official announcements are scarce, let’s delve into the possibilities for the “Vigil” season 2 cast based on IMDb, critical reception, and potential plot directions.

Returning Crew Members: Anchors Aweigh for Another Tour?

Suranne Jones as DCI Kirsten Longacre:  The tenacious detective who brought justice in season one.  Given the show’s focus on her character, Jones’ return seems highly likely.  Her captivating performance and the character’s unresolved personal threads make her a cornerstone for season 2.

Rose Leslie as DS Kirsten Rayburn:  Longacre’s partner, facing her own demons while navigating the complexities of the case.  Leslie’s portrayal resonated with viewers, making her return a probable choice for season 2, particularly if the narrative delves deeper into Rayburn’s past or explores the partnership’s dynamics further.

Gary Lewis as Commander Neil Newsome:  The conflicted captain of the HMS Vigil, caught between national security and uncovering the truth.  Lewis’s nuanced performance and the character’s unresolved fate regarding his career leave room for his return in season 2.

Beyond the Anchored Crew: New Faces on the Horizon?

The beauty of “Vigil” lies in its ability to introduce compelling characters within the contained setting of a submarine.  Season 2 might see a fresh cast portraying a new crew with their own secrets and motivations:

A New Submarine Captain:  Newsome’s fate could pave the way for a new captain, introducing a dynamic leader with a distinct personality and approach to command.

A Medical Officer with a Past:  The stressful environment aboard a submarine could bring a new medical officer with a hidden past or a personal stake in the unfolding mystery.

An American Liaison Officer:  The show’s exploration of international collaboration hints at the possibility of an American liaison officer joining the cast, adding a new layer of complexity to the narrative.

Drawing Clues from IMDb and Critical Reception

While IMDb doesn’t yet have a cast listing for season 2, audience reviews and critical reception offer insights.  Viewers praised the strong performances of the lead actors, particularly Suranne Jones.  

This suggests a high likelihood of her return and potentially the return of other well-received characters like Rose Leslie’s DS Rayburn.

Possible Plotlines and Casting Implications

The open-ended nature of season one allows for various plot continuations, each potentially influencing the cast:

Unresolved Murder Investigation:  If season 2 delves deeper into the murder mystery, we might see the return of cast members involved in the investigation, like forensic officers or key witnesses.

International Espionage:  The show’s exploration of international tensions could introduce foreign agents or intelligence officers, adding a new dimension to the cast.

Psychological Impact of Trauma:  Season one touched upon the psychological toll of submarine life.  Season 2 might introduce characters dealing with PTSD or introduce a mental health professional to explore the crew’s emotional well-being.

Looking Beyond Speculation

The wait for official confirmation regarding season 2 and its cast can be frustrating.  However, the success of the first season and the cliffhanger ending make a continuation highly probable.  

Social media discussions and fan theories offer a glimpse into audience expectations, with many hoping for the return of the core cast.

A Glimpse into the Future

“Vigil” captivated audiences with its suspenseful narrative, intricate characters, and unique setting.  

While casting details remain under wraps, one thing is certain: season 2, if greenlit, will undoubtedly introduce a captivating new chapter with a compelling cast, both familiar and fresh, ready to navigate the murky depths of another underwater mystery.


Will the core cast from season 1 return?

Based on the show’s focus and audience reception, key players are likely to return:

Suranne Jones as DCI Kirsten Longacre:  Her central role and unresolved personal threads make her a near certainty.

Rose Leslie as DS Kirsten Rayburn:  Her captivating performance and potential for exploring her past or partnership dynamics suggest a high chance of returning.

Gary Lewis as Commander Neil Newsome:  His unresolved fate and nuanced portrayal leave room for him to navigate the complexities of season 2.

What insights can IMDb offer about potential new cast members?

While IMDb doesn’t yet have a season 2 cast listing, critical reception and audience reviews can offer clues.  The praise for lead actors like Suranne Jones suggests a focus on strong performances, potentially leading to established actors joining the cast.

What new characters might season 2 introduce?

The show’s contained setting allows for compelling newcomers:

A New Submarine Captain:  Newsome’s fate could pave the way for a captain with a distinct personality and leadership style.

A Medical Officer with Secrets:  Stressful submarine life could bring a new doctor with a hidden past or a personal connection to the unfolding mystery.

An American Liaison Officer:  The show’s international themes hint at the possibility of an American officer, adding a new layer of complexity.

How might the plot of season 2 influence the cast?

The open-ended nature of season 1 offers various possibilities:

Unresolved Murder Investigation: Characters involved in the investigation from season 1, like forensic officers or key witnesses, might return.

International Espionage: Foreign agents or intelligence officers could be introduced if the narrative explores international tensions.

Psychological Impact: If season 2 explores the crew’s emotional well-being, a mental health professional or characters dealing with PTSD might be introduced.

Will there be any cameos from past characters?

It’s possible.  Characters who played a smaller role in season 1, but whose stories remain open-ended, could make surprise appearances.

How can we stay updated on casting news for season 2?

Here are some resources:

Official Social Media Pages: Follow the show’s official social media accounts for casting announcements.

Industry News Websites: Keep an eye on entertainment news websites that cover casting updates for upcoming television shows.

Fan Communities: Join online communities dedicated to “Vigil” where fans discuss casting speculations and share any official news that might surface.

While the cast of “Vigil” season 2 remains shrouded in secrecy, the possibilities are vast.  The show’s creators have a unique opportunity to build upon the success of the first season by bringing back beloved characters and introducing new faces to propel the narrative forward.  

One thing’s for sure: with a talented cast and a captivating story, “Vigil” season 2 has the potential to be just as thrilling and thought-provoking as its predecessor.

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