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Warframe Orokin Eye, The vast open worlds of Warframe hold countless secrets and treasures. But with so much ground to cover, efficiently finding rare loot can feel like a daunting task. Enter the Orokin Eye, a valuable tool bestowed upon Tenno (Warframe players) by the mysterious Zariman landing craft. This guide delves into everything you need to know about the Orokin Eye, from its acquisition to its tactical usage.

Warframe Orokin Eye

What is the Orokin Eye?

The Orokin Eye functions as a deployable air support charge, granting Tenno a one-time scan for hidden valuables within a 100-meter radius. Think of it as a localized loot radar that highlights the location of rare items like:

Medallions: These intricate discs hold lore entries and contribute to Nightwave challenges.

Prime Crates: Containing coveted Prime Warframe parts and weapon components, these crates are a high-priority target for veteran Tenno.

Cephalon Fragments: Scattered throughout the Origin System, these fragments unlock additional cephalon lore entries.

The Orokin Eye isn’t limited to just these examples. It can also detect other valuable resources depending on the mission type.

How to Obtain the Orokin Eye

The Orokin Eye is intrinsically linked to the Zariman landing craft. Here’s how to unlock it:

Acquire the Zariman Landing Craft: This unique landing craft is a reward for completing the “The New War” questline. The quest becomes available after completing certain prerequisites, including finishing the “Apostasy Prologue” quest and reaching Mastery Rank (MR) 15.

Craft Air Support Charges: Once you have the Zariman, head to the Foundry section of your Orbiter. Under “Landing Craft” then “Zariman,” you’ll find the blueprint for “Air Support Charges.” These charges function as consumables required to deploy the Orokin Eye ability.

Equip Air Support Charges: Crafted charges can be equipped in your Gear Wheel (usually accessed by pressing the down directional pad on your controller). This allows you to seamlessly deploy the Orokin Eye during missions.

Using the Orokin Eye Effectively

Now that you have your Orokin Eye charges, let’s explore how to use them strategically:

Deployment Timing: The Orokin Eye has a significant cooldown of 5 minutes (reduced to 3 minutes with maxed Engineering Intrinsics). Utilize it wisely! Consider deploying it when entering a new, unexplored area or suspecting the presence of valuable loot.

Scanning for Rarity: While the Orokin Eye highlights hidden items, it doesn’t differentiate between rarities. Tools like the “Loot Radar” mod for your Sentinel companion can help pinpoint specific rarities after the Orokin Eye reveals potential loot locations.

Cooperative Scouting: The Orokin Eye’s true power shines in team play. If one Tenno uses the Eye, it will only reveal items unseen by other teammates. This allows for coordinated scouting, maximizing loot collection within a mission. Communicate effectively with your squad to avoid redundancy.

Mission Suitability: The Orokin Eye is most beneficial in missions where exploration and resource gathering are key aspects. Open-world bounties, Syndicate missions, and certain Void Relic missions are prime examples. Conversely, fast-paced missions like Defense or Survival might not offer the best opportunity to utilize the Eye effectively.

Here are some additional tips for using the Orokin Eye:

Plan Your Scans: Due to the cooldown, strategize where to use the Orokin Eye. Consider factors like mission type, enemy density, and potential loot hotspots.

Combine with Other Tools: Use the Orokin Eye alongside other loot-finding tools like Thief’s Wit (Mod) or Carrier with Loot Magnet (Augment) to maximize your efficiency.

Don’t Rely Solely on the Eye: Remember, the Orokin Eye is just one tool in your Tenno arsenal. Utilize your map awareness, environmental clues, and mission knowledge to locate hidden caches.

Common Concerns Addressed

Based on player discussions online, here are some common questions regarding the Orokin Eye:

Does the Orokin Eye work if no rare items exist? Yes, the Orokin Eye will still activate, but your scanner will display “Area is Barren” if no valuables are within range.

Is the Orokin Eye worth using? The Orokin Eye’s effectiveness depends on your playstyle and mission type. For Tenno focused on resource collection and exploration, it’s a valuable tool. However, its cooldown might make it less appealing for fast-paced missions.


What is the Orokin Eye?

The Orokin Eye is an Air Support Charge launched from your Landing Craft. It scans for rare items within a 100-meter radius, highlighting them on the mini-map for your squad.

How do I get the Orokin Eye?

The Orokin Eye comes with the Parallax Landing Craft, acquired by completing The New War quest. Don’t worry, Tenno! This quest is accessible at Mastery Rank (MR) 0.

How do I use the Orokin Eye?

Head to your Landing Craft customization menu.

Equip the Orokin Eye under the Air Support Charge option.

During a mission, activate the Orokin Eye from your Gear wheel (similar to deploying consumables).

What kind of loot can the Orokin Eye find?

The Eye can reveal various goodies, including:

Prime Parts (highly sought-after Warframe and weapon components)

Syndicate Medallions (used for reputation with certain factions)

Voidplumes (used to craft certain resources)

Ayatan Sculptures (valuable collectibles)

Cephalon Fragments (lore items)

Does the Orokin Eye work everywhere?

Yes, the Orokin Eye functions across most Warframe missions. However, it won’t detect common loot containers or resources.

Does the Orokin Eye have a cooldown?

Yes, the Orokin Eye has a 5-minute cooldown (reduced to 3 minutes with maxed Engineering Intrinsics). Use it strategically!

Can my teammates see what the Orokin Eye reveals?

Only Tenno who haven’t interacted with the specific highlighted item will see it on their mini-map. This promotes teamwork in searching for hidden treasures.

Is the Orokin Eye worth using?

Absolutely! It’s a fantastic tool for speeding up resource collection, finding rare loot for crafting, and even helping newer Tenno discover hidden secrets in missions.

Are there any drawbacks to using the Orokin Eye?

While the cooldown can be a minor annoyance, the Orokin Eye’s biggest drawback is its redundancy with the mod “Loot Radar.” If you have this mod equipped, it might make the Eye less necessary.

How can I optimize using the Orokin Eye?

Communicate with your squad! Let them know you’re using the Eye and coordinate search areas.

Plan your activations. Strategically use the Eye in unexplored sections of the map.

Consider your needs. If specifically hunting Prime Parts, activate the Eye near Orokin containers or Vaulted enemy locations (depending on the target).

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