Wayne Rooney: England’s Legend and Goalscoring Machine


Wayne Rooney is a name synonymous with English football (soccer). A retired player now venturing into management, Rooney boasts a remarkable career filled with trophies, records, and iconic moments. Here’s a closer look at his achievements:

Playing Career Highlights:

  • Early Stardom: Rooney emerged as a wonderkid at Everton, becoming the youngest Premier League goalscorer at 16. His raw talent and maturity on the pitch quickly grabbed national attention.
  • Manchester United Legacy: In 2004, Rooney signed for Manchester United, becoming their record goalscorer (since surpassed by Cristiano Ronaldo) and leading them to numerous titles, including five Premier League trophies, a Champions League win, and an FA Cup.
  • England’s Record Goalscorer: Wearing the Three Lions jersey, Rooney became England’s all-time leading scorer in 2015, a record he held until 2023. He captained the national team and played a crucial role in several major tournaments.
  • Midfield Transition: In his later years, Rooney transitioned from a forward to a more midfield role, showcasing his adaptability and tactical intelligence.

Playing Style:

  • Versatile Attacker: Rooney was a versatile forward, comfortable playing as a center-forward, supporting striker, or even on the wing.
  • Powerful and Energetic: He possessed exceptional athleticism, combining power, pace, and stamina with impressive technical skills.
  • Leadership: Rooney was a natural leader on and off the pitch, inspiring his teammates with his work ethic and passion for the game.

Post-Playing Career:

  • Managerial Aspirations: After retiring from playing in 2021, Rooney began his managerial career, first with Derby County and currently managing Birmingham City.
  • Sharing his Knowledge: Rooney’s experience and tactical understanding make him a promising prospect in the world of football management.

What is Wayne Rooney’s net worth

Wayne Rooney’s net worth is estimated to be around £170 million (roughly $207 million USD). This information is based on reports from various sources, including:

  • Celebrity Net Worth: This website estimates his net worth at £170 million.
  • Manchester Evening News: This news article mentions his net worth being in the region of £170 million.

What is Wayne Rooney’s salary?

Wayne Rooney’s salary depends on whether you’re interested in his playing career or his current managerial career:

  • Playing Career: During his playing career, Rooney’s salary varied depending on the team he played for and the specific contract he signed.
    • At Manchester United, his peak salary was reportedly around £300,000 per week, making him one of the highest-paid players in the Premier League at the time.
    • Later in his career, his salary likely decreased as he moved to different teams like Everton and D.C. United.
  • Managerial Career: His current salary as manager of Birmingham City is not publicly disclosed. However, some reports suggest it could be in the range of £1.5 million per year, which is a significant salary but lower than what top Premier League managers earn.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Playing Career: Peak salary around £300,000 per week.
  • Managerial Career: Salary not publicly available, estimated around £1.5 million per year.

What sponsorship deals does Wayne Rooney have?

While Wayne Rooney was known for having lucrative endorsement deals during his peak playing career, information about his current sponsorships is less readily available. Here’s what we can explore:

Past Sponsorship Deals:

  • Nike: This was likely his most significant and long-term sponsorship deal, estimated to be worth over £1 million per year. Reports suggest it might even be a lifetime endorsement deal.
  • Other Major Deals: In the past, Rooney had endorsement deals with companies like Coca-Cola, HarperCollins (for his autobiography), and EA Sports (featured in their FIFA video game series).

Current Sponsorships:

  • Limited Information: Finding details about Rooney’s current sponsorships is more challenging. Since retiring from playing and focusing on management, his media presence might have shifted, leading to less public information about current endorsement deals.

Here are some suggestions for finding more information:

  • Athlete Representation Agency: If Rooney has an agent or a company representing him for endorsements, their website or social media might mention current sponsorships.
  • Social Media: While not always definitive, Rooney’s social media accounts could offer clues about current partnerships. Look for posts featuring brands or products he might be endorsing.
  • News Articles: Occasionally, news articles might surface announcing new endorsement deals for retired athletes. Searching for recent news related to Rooney and sponsorships could be helpful.

How many social media followers does Wayne Rooney have?

Wayne Rooney has a combined social media following of over 63 million across a number of platforms. Clearly, Rooney’s fanbase have been keen to follow his adventures, as he boasts of 16.2 million followers on Instagram.

He also shares old throwback photos of himself and the old England team, as well as pictures of his wife Coleen and his children.

What businesses does Wayne Rooney have?

Limited Business Ownership:

  • No Major Businesses Reported: There aren’t any widely reported instances of Wayne Rooney currently owning or being directly involved in major businesses outside of football management.

Focus on Management Career:

  • Managerial Focus: It seems Rooney’s primary focus is currently on establishing himself as a successful football manager. His recent managerial positions at Derby County and Birmingham City suggest a dedication to this new chapter in his career.

Potential Areas of Involvement:

  • Investment Opportunities: It’s possible Rooney might be involved in some investment ventures, but details aren’t publicly available. Some footballers do invest in various businesses after retirement.
  • Endorsement Deals (Residual Income): While confirmed information about current sponsorships is limited, some of his past major endorsement deals, especially those like Nike (potentially a lifetime deal), might continue to generate income.

Finding More Information:

  • News & Interviews: Occasionally, news articles or interviews with Rooney might reveal details about his business ventures.
  • Public Records (Limited Scope): Public records might offer some insights, but these typically focus on registered businesses and wouldn’t necessarily reveal private investments.


While Wayne Rooney undoubtedly has financial security after a stellar playing career, concrete details about his current business ventures are scarce. The focus seems to be on building his managerial career in football.

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