Power Up Your Pals: Where to Get High-Quality Pal Oil in Palworld


Pal oil palworld, High-Quality Pal Oil is a vital resource in Palworld, the creature capture and companionship sim with a crafting twist. Needed for crafting firearms and other advanced gear, this oil fuels your journey from taming adorable fuzzballs to becoming a Pal-wielding powerhouse. But where do you get this precious lubricant? Fear not, aspiring Palwrlders, for this guide will unveil the multiple ways to secure your supply of High-Quality Pal Oil.

Pal oil palworld

Farming for High-Quality Pal Oil: Befriend or Battle?

The most common way to acquire High-Quality Pal Oil is by interacting with specific Pals in the wild. Here’s the breakdown on which cuddly (or not-so-cuddly) creatures can be your oily benefactors:

Early-Game Options:

Woolipop: These lollipop-loving Pals roam the Bamboo Groves east of the starting area. They’re neutral-type and can be found at Level 14 or higher. Their proximity to the “Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster” Fast Travel point makes them a convenient early-game source.

Dumud: These industrious armadillo-like Pals can be found in desert regions, particularly south of Mount Obsidian and west of Mount Flopie. While they can be encountered at higher levels, they’re a solid choice for mid-game farming. Bonus: Assigning a Dumud with a work-boosting trait to your farm can yield additional High-Quality Pal Oil.

Grintale: Keep an eye out for these boar-like Pals roaming around Palpagos Island. They’re another good mid-game option, offering a decent chance of dropping High-Quality Pal Oil.

Mid-Game and Beyond:

Mammorest: These lumbering, leafy elephants pack a punch and drop a good amount of High-Quality Pal Oil (up to six per kill!). However, they’re also high-level foes, so be prepared for a fight.

Flambelle: Fire-breathing felines? Yes, please! These fiery felines can be found later in the game and have a chance of dropping High-Quality Pal Oil.

Digtoise: These robotic diggers are at home in desert areas and can be a source of the oil you seek.

Quivern: Keep your eyes peeled for these agile, bow-wielding rabbit Pals. They can be encountered in later areas and have a chance of dropping High-Quality Pal Oil.

Relaxaurus: These docile, dinosaur-like Pals are relatively easy to take down and offer a decent chance of providing High-Quality Pal Oil.

Catching vs. Killing: The choice is yours! Catching a Pal allows you to befriend them and potentially gain a valuable companion. However, killing a Pal guarantees a drop (although the amount may vary). Consider your needs and the specific Pal you’re dealing with when making this decision.

Farming Tips: Once you’ve identified your target Pal, remember these pointers to maximize your oil-gathering efficiency:

Research their habitat: Knowing where specific Pals spawn will save you time and frustration.

Bring the right tools: Gear up with weapons that exploit your target Pal’s weaknesses.

Form a team: Utilize Pals with complementary skills to overpower stronger foes.

Save before battles: This allows you to reload if the battle doesn’t yield the desired oil drop.

The Merchant’s Stash: Buying High-Quality Pal Oil

If battling Pals isn’t your style, fret not! Wandering Merchants throughout Palworld offer a more peaceful (and potentially pricier) way to acquire High-Quality Pal Oil. Here’s what you need to know:

Location, Location, Location: Not all Wandering Merchants stock High-Quality Pal Oil. The one found in Duneshelter (coordinates 357,346) has been confirmed to sell it. However, this location is in the Dessicated Desert, a high-level area with formidable foes. Be prepared for a challenging journey (or stock up on supplies beforehand) if you choose this route.

Price Check: The cost of High-Quality Pal Oil from Wandering Merchants can fluctuate, so be sure to check the price before committing to a purchase.

Beyond the Basics: Additional Considerations

Here are some additional factors to keep in mind when seeking High-Quality Pal Oil:

Level Up Your Research: Investing in research at the Technology Tree can unlock perks that increase the amount of resources you gather from fallen Pals.

Befriend Breeders: Certain breeders specialize in breeding Pals with increased drop rates for specific resources.


Can I buy High Quality Pal Oil?

Yes! A single Wandering Merchant in Duneshelter (coordinates 357,346) sells High Quality Pal Oil. However, Duneshelter is a high-level area (think Level 30+ Pals and human enemies). Be prepared for a fight if you choose this route.

Are there any easier ways to get High Quality Pal Oil?

Absolutely! Several Pals drop High Quality Pal Oil when caught, defeated, or assigned to farm duty.

Which Pals should I target for High Quality Pal Oil?

Early-game friendly options include:

Woolipop: Found east of the starting area in Bamboo Groves (Level 14+).

Dumud: Look for them in desert regions, particularly south of Mount Obsidian and west of Mount Flopie.

Grintale: These roam around Palpagos Island from the beginning.

Are there any high-yield options?

Yes! Mammorest, the giant leafy elephant, can drop a significant amount of High Quality Pal Oil (up to half a dozen!). But be warned, taking them down is a challenge.

Where can I find Mammorest?

Head roughly northwest from the Plateau of Beginnings.

Are there other Pals that drop High Quality Pal Oil?

Possibly! While Woolipop, Dumud, and Grintale are confirmed, others like Flambelle, Digtoise, Quivern, and Relaxaurus might also be oil producers. Experiment and see what works!

Should I catch or defeat Pals for High Quality Pal Oil?

It depends! Catching a Pal allows you to farm it later, potentially generating more oil in the long run. But defeating a Pal might give you a larger immediate amount.

Is there a way to farm High Quality Pal Oil without fighting?

Yes! Once you reach Player Level 33 and spend 2 Technology Points, you can unlock the Polymer recipe. Assigning a Dumud with a work-boosting trait to a farm that produces Polymer can also yield High Quality Pal Oil.

What if I’m still early in the game and can’t fight strong Pals?

Focus on Woolipop and Grintale. They’re relatively weak and can be found in lower-level areas.

Any final tips for getting High Quality Pal Oil?

Keep an eye out for Wandering Merchants in other locations. They might have some in stock! Remember, crafting firearms is a mid-game pursuit, so focus on exploration and building your Pal team in the early stages.

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