All About Mallowsweet: Your Guide to Obtaining this Magical Ingredient


Mallowsweet, a whimsical-sounding herb with unknown magical properties, has captured the attention of witches and wizards in Hogwarts Legacy. This elusive ingredient plays a role in Herbology class and is used in some potion recipes. But where exactly do you get your hands on this mysterious plant? Fear not, fellow students, for this guide will delve into everything you need to know about acquiring Mallowsweet!

Unveiling Mallowsweet: A Plant Steeped in Mystery

Mallowsweet’s exact magical properties remain shrouded in secrecy. Professor Garlick, during Herbology classes, mentions its uses in potions but refrains from elaborating on its specific effects. However, players have discovered that mallow sweet is an essential ingredient for concocting the Wiggenweld Potion, a restorative draught that replenishes lost health.

Interestingly, researcher Nora Treadwell theorizes a connection between Mallowsweet and the Merlin Trials scattered throughout the wizarding world. While the exact nature of this link remains unclear, it adds another layer of intrigue to this curious plant.

Acquiring Mallowsweet: Two Reliable Methods

There are two primary ways to obtain mallow sweet in Hogwarts Legacy: purchasing it directly or cultivating it yourself. Let’s explore both methods in detail:

1. Purchasing Mallowsweet: A Quick Fix

For those wizards and witches in need of a quick mallow sweet fix, Hogsmeade offers a convenient solution. Head over to the charming shop known as “The Magic Neep,” located across the bridge in the northwestern corner of the village. Here, you’ll encounter Timothy Teasdale, the proprietor with a knack for all things botanical.

Timothy offers mallowsweet leaves for a price of 100 Galleons each. This option provides immediate access to the ingredients but can be quite expensive, especially if you require a large quantity for potion-making. Additionally, Timothy’s stock might be limited, so relying solely on this method isn’t ideal.

2. Cultivating Mallowsweet: A Sustainable Solution

The true magic lies in cultivating your own mallowsweet supply. This method offers a sustainable and cost-effective approach to acquiring this essential ingredient. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Mallowsweet Seeds: Thankfully, Timothy Teasdale at The Magic Neep also sells mallowsweet seeds. These seeds cost 200 Galleons each, making them a slightly more expensive upfront investment compared to individual leaves. However, the long-term benefits outweigh the initial cost.
  • The Room of Requirement: This marvellous space becomes accessible after progressing through the main story quests. The Room of Requirement allows you to customize your own space within Hogwarts, and most importantly for our purposes, it provides the perfect environment for growing magical plants.
  • Potting Tables: Once you have access to the Room of Requirement, you can conjure Potting Tables using the Conjuration spell. These tables will serve as the foundation for cultivating your mallowsweet.

Planting and Harvesting Mallowsweet: A Step-by-Step Guide

With the necessary tools at your disposal, here’s a step-by-step guide to planting and harvesting your own mallow sweet:

  1. Head to The Magic Neep: Visit Timothy Teasdale and purchase some mallowsweet seeds.
  2. Unlock the Room of Requirement: Progress through the main story quests until you gain access to this versatile space.
  3. Conjure Potting Tables: Use the Conjuration spell to create as many Potting Tables as you require for your mallow sweet needs.
  4. Plant the Seeds: Approach a Potting Table and interact with it. Select the “Plant” option and choose the mallow sweet seeds from your inventory.
  5. Nurture Your Plants: Like any magical plant, mallow sweet requires care to flourish. Cast the “Aqua Vitae” spell on your mallow sweet regularly to water them.
  6. Harvesting the Rewards: Once your mallow sweet has fully matured, you’ll be able to harvest its leaves. Interact with the plant and select the “Harvest” option.

By following these steps, you’ll establish your own personal mallowsweet haven, ensuring a steady supply of this valuable ingredient for your potion-crafting endeavours and Herbology class needs.


Q. Where can I buy Mallowsweet?

There’s one place to buy Mallowsweet in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade: This shop run by Timothy Teasdale sells various magical plants and ingredients. You can purchase Mallowsweet in two forms:
    • Mallowsweet Leaves (100 Galleons each): This is a quick and easy option, but the stock is limited.
    • Mallowsweet Seeds (200 Galleons): While more expensive upfront, buying seeds allows you to grow your own Mallowsweet supply in the Room of Requirement, making it a cost-effective option in the long run.

Q. Is there a way to get Mallowsweet for free?

There’s a limited amount of free Mallowsweet available early in the game:

  • Herbology Classroom: After unlocking the “Trials of Merlin” quest, you’ll find two Mallow sweet plants on the floor above the main classroom and one pot in the Chinese Chomping Cabbage Room. However, these cannot be replanted, so they’re not a sustainable source.

Q. What’s the best way to get Mallow sweet?

The best method depends on your progress and playing style:

  • Early Game (Limited Funds): If you’re tight on Galleons early on, grab the free Mallow sweet from the Herbology classroom and purchase a few leaves from The Magic Neep as needed.
  • Long-Term Play (Sustainable Source): Buying Mallow sweet Seeds is the most cost-effective option in the long run. Once you have them, you can grow a steady supply in the Room of Requirement.

Q. How do I grow Mallowsweet?

Here’s how to cultivate your own Mallowsweet supply:

  1. Unlock the Room of Requirement: Progress through the main story until you gain access to this customizable space.
  2. Place Potting Tables: Use the conjuring spell to create Potting Tables in the Room of Requirement.
  3. Plant the Mallow sweet Seeds: Select the seeds from your inventory and plant them in any small-sized pot.
  4. Wait and Harvest: Mallow sweet takes only 10 minutes to grow. Once mature, you can harvest the leaves for potion-making.

Q. Are there any other ways to get Mallow sweet?

Currently, there are no other known methods for acquiring Mallow sweet in Hogwarts Legacy besides purchasing it or growing your own.

Q. Mallowsweet – More Than Just a Potion Ingredient?

Some theories are floating around about Mallow sweet having a connection to Merlin Trials due to a conversation with Nora Treadwell. However, this is not confirmed, and its role seems limited to potion-crafting at this point in the game.

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