Your Guide to White Iron Chunk Locations in Genshin Impact


White iron chunk location, For Travelers seeking to bolster their blacksmithing prowess in Genshin Impact, White Iron Chunks are a fundamental resource. These ubiquitous minerals are crucial for crafting a variety of weapons, furnishings, and even wood conversion. But where exactly can you unearth these metallic treasures? This comprehensive guide delves into all known White Iron Chunk locations across Teyvat, equipping you for efficient farming and crafting dominance.

White iron chunk location

Where to Find White Iron Chunks: A Regional Rundown

White Iron Chunks are scattered generously throughout Teyvat, with the exception of the frigid Dragonspine region. However, their abundance varies across the different nations. Let’s embark on a geographical expedition to pinpoint the prime locations:


Starsnatch Cliff: This iconic landmark offers a decent yield of White Iron Chunks, particularly along its southern and eastern cliffs.

Stormbearer Mountains: Keep an eye out for deposits nestled amidst the rocky terrain, especially near the southeastern waypoint.

Springvale: This quaint village harbors a few hidden chunks near the blacksmith’s shop and around Wolvendom.


Mingyun Village: The surrounding hills and mines are teeming with White Iron Chunks. Don’t miss the clusters near the crafting table and the southern waypoint.

Cuijue Slope: Explore the winding paths and caverns for a bountiful harvest.

Guili Plains: While less concentrated compared to other regions, you’ll find scattered deposits near the teleporters and throughout the plains.


Narukami Island: The jagged peaks surrounding Kannazuka hold a wealth of White Iron Chunks.

Yashiori Island: Despite its perilous landscape, the northern and eastern areas boast a significant quantity of these minerals.

Seirai Island: Similar to Yashiori, the unforgiving terrain conceals a good amount of White Iron Chunks, especially near Amakura.

The Chasm:

The Glowing Narrows: This subterranean labyrinth offers a surprising number of White Iron Chunk deposits, particularly in the southern and eastern sections.

Underground Chasm: As you delve deeper, keep an eye out for clusters near mining points and bodies of water.

Sumeru (Current Information):

With Sumeru being the latest addition to Teyvat, specific White Iron Chunk locations are still being discovered. However, based on initial exploration, these areas appear promising:

Vanarana: The lush rainforests might harbor deposits near rocky outcrops and caves.

The Chasm: Underground Mines (Sumeru Section): As an extension of The Chasm, expect similar mineral distribution patterns here.

Important Tips for Efficient Farming:

Utilize Teleport Waypoints: Strategically teleport between known locations to maximize your farming route.

Keep an Eye Out for Clusters: White Iron Chunks often appear in groups of 2 or more, making them easier to spot.

Break Investigation Points: Some mining carts and baskets near deposits yield additional White Iron Chunks.

Team Composition Matters: Characters like Geo users like Zhongli or Ningguang can help with breaking rocks faster.

Beyond Basic Locations: Advanced Farming Techniques

For truly dedicated blacksmiths, here are some advanced strategies to supercharge your White Iron Chunk collection:

Interactive Map Resources: Utilize online interactive maps like to pinpoint exact White Iron Chunk locations across Teyvat.

Daily Commissions: Some daily commissions reward you with White Iron Chunks, so don’t neglect them.

Expeditions: Send characters on expeditions in Liyue (Stone Gate) or Mondstadt (Starsnatch Cliff) for a chance to gather White Iron Chunks.

Conclusion: Mastering the Art of the Forge

With this comprehensive guide and a dash of exploration enthusiasm, you’ll be well on your way to stockpiling White Iron Chunks. Remember, consistent farming and resource management are key to crafting mastery in Genshin Impact. So, arm yourself with a trusty pickaxe, explore the diverse regions of Teyvat, and unearth the potential within these essential metallic treasures!


What are White Iron Chunks?

In the world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact, White Iron Chunks are a vital resource used for weapon forging and crafting certain furnishings. These appear as shiny white rocks scattered throughout the world. As a common material, they’re essential for upgrading your gear and building your base!

Where can I find White Iron Chunks?

White Iron Chunks can be found in various locations across Teyvat, with the exception of the Dragonspine region. However, their abundance varies depending on the area. Here’s a breakdown by region:

Mondstadt: Look for them near mountains and caves, particularly in areas like Starsnatch Cliff, Stormbearer Mountains, and around the Dawn Winery.

Liyue: Liyue offers a good amount of White Iron Chunks. Check near cliffs, mines, and mountainous areas like Mingyun Village, Cuijue Slope, and Yaoguang Shoal.

Inazuma: While not as plentiful as other regions, Inazuma still has White Iron Chunks. Search near mountains and cliffs on islands like Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Tsurumi Island.

What are the best ways to farm White Iron Chunks?

While White Iron Chunks are scattered throughout the world, there are efficient ways to farm them:

Follow established farming routes: Many online resources like interactive maps [refer to online resources for Genshin Impact interactive map] and video guides [search YouTube for Genshin Impact White Iron Chunk farming route] showcase optimized routes to collect a large number of White Iron Chunks in a short time.

Explore caves and mines: These locations often have clusters of White Iron Chunks waiting to be mined.

Utilize Expeditions: Sending characters on expeditions in Liyue (Stone Gate) or Mondstadt (Starsnatch Cliff) can yield White Iron Chunks without actively playing.

Are there any specific areas with a high concentration of White Iron Chunks?

Here are some specific locations known for having a good amount of White Iron Chunks:


Brightcrown Canyon (near the Teleport Waypoint, you’ll find around 12 chunks)

East of Stone Gate

Southwest of Dawn Winery


Cuijue Slope (around the mining area)

Yaoguang Shoal (eastern coast)

Minyun Village (surrounding mountains)

Tips for Efficient White Iron Chunk Collection:

Use a Claymore character: Claymore users like Noelle or Chongyun have wider attack ranges, making it easier to break multiple White Iron Chunks at once.

Prioritize rich clusters: When exploring, focus on areas with multiple White Iron Chunks grouped together for faster collection.

Mark locations on your map: As you discover good farming spots, mark them on your Teyvat map for future reference.

Mine Daily: White Iron Chunks respawn after 24 real-world hours, so incorporate mining into your daily routine to maintain a steady supply.

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