the Traitor Who Betrayed Soma in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


Betrayed Soma- In the captivating world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Eivor stumbles upon a web of deceit within a seemingly peaceful settlement. In the quest titled “The Stench of Treachery,” players find themselves embroiled in a mystery – who betrayed Soma, the leader of a small Norse clan seeking refuge in England?

This article dives deep into this captivating storyline, unravelling the clues, exploring the suspects, and revealing the true traitor.

A Tight Circle Fractured: The Plight of Soma’s Clan

Upon arriving in England, Eivor encounters Soma and her clan, desperate for a new home. They establish a temporary camp, but their sense of security is shattered when their location is compromised. An enemy attack leaves the clan vulnerable, and suspicion falls upon one of Soma’s closest allies.

Here’s where the true intrigue begins. Eivor is tasked with uncovering the traitor – a daunting task considering the limited number of suspects. Soma’s inner circle consists of three individuals: Birna, a skilled shieldmaiden; Lif, a stoic and watchful hunter; and Galinn, a seer plagued by cryptic visions.

The Suspects: Unveiling Hidden Agendas

The beauty of “The Stench of Treachery” lies in its well-crafted characters, each with their own motivations and potential reasons for betraying Soma. Let’s delve into each suspect’s background and the clues that might point towards their guilt (or innocence).

  • Birna, the Fierce Shieldmaiden: Birna is a formidable warrior, fiercely loyal to Soma. However, some players might suspect her due to a perceived rivalry with Eivor, another skilled fighter vying for Soma’s trust. Additionally, some might find her quiet demeanour unsettling, leading to unfounded suspicions.
  • Lif, the Stoic Hunter: Life is a man of few words, known for his keen senses and solitary nature. His stoicism could be misinterpreted as aloofness, raising questions about his true allegiance. However, his role as a hunter positions him far from the camp during the attack, potentially providing him with an alibi.
  • Galinn, the Troubled Seer: Galinn is an enigma wrapped in mystery. Plagued by visions and cryptic pronouncements, his erratic behavior might raise red flags. Perhaps his visions led him to believe betraying Soma was necessary for a greater purpose? However, his role as a seer also puts him in a position of potentially knowing too much, making him a valuable asset to the investigation.

Cracking the Case: Clues and Observations

While the game doesn’t explicitly point to a single culprit, observant players can gather clues to aid their investigation. Here are some key details to consider:

  • The Missing Yellow Paint: During the initial investigation, players learn about a pot of yellow paint missing from the camp’s supplies. This paint is traditionally used by Saxons to mark targets for raids.
  • Witness Statements: Speaking with the remaining clan members might reveal subtle inconsistencies in their stories. Did anyone see a particular suspect acting strangely before or during the attack?
  • Gut Feeling: While not always reliable, some players might simply have a hunch about who the traitor might be based on character interactions or subtle clues in their dialogue.

The Moment of Truth: Accusing the Traitor

After piecing together the available evidence, Eivor must confront Soma with their suspicions. Here, the game presents a pivotal choice: who will you accuse of betraying Soma?

The outcome of the quest hinges on this decision. Choosing the right suspect leads to a satisfying resolution, while a wrong accusation can have dire consequences.

  • Accusing the Traitor: If you’ve correctly identified the culprit, Soma will swiftly confront and punish the traitor. This earns you Soma’s trust and strengthens the bond between your clans.
  • Accusing the Innocent: Choosing the wrong suspect leads to a tragic turn of events. Soma executes the innocent individual, shattering her trust and leaving the true traitor free to strike again.

The Real Traitor Revealed: Galinn’s Deception

The true mastermind behind the betrayal is none other than Galinn, the enigmatic seer. Driven by his own interpretations of cryptic visions, Galinn believes betraying Soma is the only way to ensure a better future for the clan.

His actions highlight the dangers of unchecked zealotry and the difficulty of discerning truth from delusion. By exposing Galinn’s treachery, Eivor ensures the safety of Soma’s clan and fosters a stronger alliance between the two groups.


Who is the traitor in Soma’s camp?

The traitor in Soma’s camp is Galinn. He betrays Soma and her people by revealing their location to the enemy.

How do I find the traitor?

While the game offers clues to point you towards the culprit, you can choose to skip the investigation and learn the traitor’s identity here.

What are the consequences of accusing the wrong person?

If you accuse Birna or Lif, Soma will kill the innocent person and discover Galinn’s treachery later. This outcome leads to a fight with Galinn and the remaining soldiers, with Birna refusing to join your crew.

What happens if I accuse Galinn correctly?

Accusing Galinn correctly results in Soma confronting and executing him. This earns her trust and Birna will permanently join your crew at Ravensthorpe.

Are there any clues that point towards Galinn?

Yes, there are subtle clues. Galinn is suspiciously far away from the camp during the attack and lacks an alibi. He’s also quick to blame Lif, and his longship is painted yellow, possibly a signal to the enemy.

What if I don’t want to do the investigation?

You can skip the investigation and directly accuse Galinn. The outcome will be the same as correctly identifying him through clues.

Is there anything else to consider?

This quest plays a part in recruiting Birna. Accusing the wrong person means she won’t join your crew.

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