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WWE Backlash is a premium live event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), serving as one of the company’s marquee events in the wake of WrestleMania. Traditionally, it’s held in April or May, providing a platform for continuing or resolving storylines from WWE’s biggest annual show. In this article, we’ll explore the history, significance, and major talking points surrounding WWE Backlash, delving into its notable matches, superstar rivalries, and fan expectations.

The Origins of WWE Backlash

WWE Backlash made its debut in 1999 as the immediate follow-up to WrestleMania XV. It was designed to capitalize on the momentum generated by the biggest wrestling event of the year while allowing for continuity and new storylines to develop. Over the years, the event has become synonymous with high-energy matches, surprise returns, and intense rivalries.

Key Matches and Storylines

Since its inception, Backlash has featured some of WWE’s most memorable matches and angles. Notable moments from past events include:

  • The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (1999): This match was a continuation of their epic clash at WrestleMania XV. It became iconic due to the storyline build-up and the chemistry between the two megastars.
  • John Cena vs. Edge (2009): This Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship was a highlight, showcasing the intense rivalry between the two fan-favorite superstars.
  • Randy Orton vs. Mick Foley (2004): In a Hardcore Match, Orton and Foley brought brutal, hardcore wrestling back into the mainstream, with spots that left fans on the edge of their seats.

Backlash’s Role in WWE Storylines

WWE Backlash serves as a transitional event, allowing storylines to progress or conclude after WrestleMania. WrestleMania is often about grand spectacles and “feel-good” moments, but Backlash is where more intense rivalries take shape. Here, superstars can resolve conflicts or take their feuds to the next level. This focus on storyline continuity makes Backlash an integral part of WWE’s yearly calendar.

Recent Trends and Highlights

In recent years, Backlash has seen the rise of fresh talent and emerging storylines. It’s no longer just a continuation of WrestleMania but a significant event in its own right. Here are some of the trends that have defined the recent editions of Backlash:

  • Emerging Superstars: Backlash has become a platform for showcasing new talent. Superstars like Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair have had significant moments at Backlash, helping to elevate them into WWE’s top-tier ranks.
  • Title Changes: Backlash has also been a place where title changes occur, adding to the unpredictability of the event. This aspect keeps fans guessing and makes the event exciting to watch.
  • Expanded Women’s Division: In line with WWE’s broader push for women’s wrestling, Backlash has seen more prominent women’s matches and storylines. The event has featured some of the best female wrestlers showcasing their talent.

WWE Backlash and Fan Reactions

Fan reactions to Backlash are usually mixed but generally positive. Some fans appreciate the continuation of WrestleMania storylines, while others seek fresh, innovative angles. Backlash often caters to both preferences, balancing between resolving existing feuds and introducing new ones.

One of the most significant factors influencing fan reactions is the event’s location. WWE Backlash has been held in various cities, each with its unique crowd energy. The choice of location can significantly impact the atmosphere and reception of the matches.

The Impact of WWE Backlash on WWE’s Yearly Calendar

WWE Backlash holds a crucial place in WWE’s yearly event calendar. Its proximity to WrestleMania ensures that fans are still invested in the ongoing storylines, while its position ahead of other major events, like SummerSlam, allows for new rivalries to emerge. This balance makes Backlash a key stepping stone in WWE’s storytelling process.

What to Expect in Upcoming Editions

For upcoming editions of WWE Backlash, fans can expect a mix of established stars and emerging talent. The focus will likely be on creating compelling storylines that bridge the gap between WrestleMania and SummerSlam. Additionally, with WWE’s growing focus on international markets, Backlash could feature more international locations and globally recognized superstars.


Q. What is WWE Backlash?

WWE Backlash is a professional wrestling event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It’s traditionally a pay-per-view (PPV) event, also available via live streaming, featuring wrestlers from both the Raw and SmackDown brands.

Q. When is the next WWE Backlash?

The next WWE Backlash is happening soon! It’s scheduled for Saturday, May 4th, 2024.

Q. Where is WWE Backlash 2024 taking place?

This year’s Backlash is making history! WWE Backlash France will be held at the LDLC Arena in Décines-Charpieu, Lyon Metropolis, France. This marks the first time a WWE PPV and live-streaming event will take place outside North America.

Q. What is the concept behind WWE Backlash?

Originally established in 1999, Backlash was designed as a follow-up to WrestleMania, the company’s biggest event of the year. It served as a platform for continuing storylines and rivalries sparked at WrestleMania. The concept wasn’t always consistent, but in 2021, Backlash returned to its roots as a post-WrestleMania event.

Q. What can I expect at WWE Backlash 2024?

With WrestleMania 40 just behind us, expect Backlash France to feature the fallout from WWE’s biggest storylines. Championship matches, grudge matches, and the continuation of ongoing narratives are likely to be on the card. Some confirmed matches include:

  • Cody Rhodes defending the WWE Undisputed Championship
  • Damien Priest defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  • Bayley defending the WWE Undisputed Women’s Championship
  • A grudge match between Kevin Owens & Randy Orton vs. Solo Sikoa & Tama Tonga of The Bloodline

Q. How can I watch WWE Backlash 2024?

Backlash France will be available on traditional PPV broadcast and via WWE’s livestreaming service. Check your local cable or satellite provider for PPV details and the WWE website for information on live streaming options.

Q. Is there anything else to know about WWE Backlash?

This year’s Backlash is a significant event for WWE, marking their first major PPV outside of North America. It promises to be an exciting night with championship clashes and the continuation of the hottest rivalries in professional wrestling. Stay tuned for more updates and match announcements as we approach the event date!


WWE Backlash is more than just a post-WrestleMania event. It’s a dynamic, evolving show that plays a pivotal role in WWE’s yearly narrative structure. With its blend of intense rivalries, memorable matches, and emerging talent, Backlash continues to be a must-watch event for wrestling fans worldwide.

As WWE explores new storylines and expands its global reach, Backlash is poised to remain a staple in the wrestling calendar for years to come.

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