Unveiling the Shadows: A Guide to the Yiga Clan Hideout


Yiga Clan Hideout, Deep within the unforgiving Gerudo Desert lies a hidden lair – the Yiga Clan Hideout. This menacing location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild serves as the base of operations for the nefarious Yiga Clan, a band of ruthless Sheikah sworn to eliminate Link. Venturing into this den of villainy is no easy feat, but for those brave enough to face the dangers within, the hideout offers a thrilling challenge and valuable rewards.

Locating the Secretive Hideaway

The Yiga Clan Hideout can be found nestled within the Gerudo Highlands region, north of Gerudo Tower and southeast of Gerudo Summit. However, reaching the entrance is no simple task. The Gerudo Desert is a treacherous landscape, plagued by scorching heat, sandstorms, and the ever-present threat of Moblins.

One way to navigate the harsh desert is by completing the Divine Beast Vah Naboris main quest. Doing so calms the sandstorms, making traversal significantly easier. Alternatively, players with advanced gliding skills can attempt to paraglide from Gerudo Tower directly to the hideout entrance. This approach requires precise maneuvering and a healthy dose of courage, but it can save valuable time.

Yiga Clan Hideout

Unveiling the Hideout’s Secrets: A Step-by-Step Exploration

Upon reaching the entrance, marked by a lone Sheikah symbol on the cliff face, players will find themselves peering into a vast canyon. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what awaits you inside:

The Entry Passage: A watchful Yiga Blademaster guards the entrance. Newcomers can choose to confront him directly or use stealth to slip past. A well-placed bomb or a sneak attack can eliminate this initial obstacle.

The Main Hall: This cavernous space serves as the central hub of the hideout. Here, Link will encounter several Yiga Footsoldiers patrolling the area. Players can utilize stealth or combat to navigate this section. There’s also a hidden room containing Mighty Bananas (a favorite Yiga snack) and a Gerudo soldier held captive. Helping this soldier paves the way for a future side quest.

The Secret Passages: The hideout is riddled with secret passages disguised as walls. Keen observation is key to spotting these hidden pathways. One such passage leads to a room overflowing with Mighty Bananas, while another reveals a hidden corridor containing a treasure chest. A strategically placed Magnesis Rune can reveal a metal gate leading to a secluded chamber.

The Hidden Bazaar: This secret market is a haven for Yiga Footsoldiers to restock their supplies. Players can sneak through this area to avoid unwanted confrontations. However, exploring this section offers the opportunity to steal a Yiga Schematic, a valuable item for crafting powerful armor.

Master Kohga’s Waiting Room: Deep within the hideout lies a spacious room where Master Kohga, the flamboyant and deadly leader of the Yiga Clan, awaits Link. This room features a central platform surrounded by banana peels – a humorous yet unsettling reminder of the Yiga Clan’s bizarre obsession with the fruit.

The Master Kohga Battle Arena: Stepping onto the platform triggers a dramatic cutscene, initiating the epic showdown with Master Kohga. This battle is a unique test of reflexes and resourcefulness. Master Kohga utilizes a mix of teleportation, elemental attacks, and summoning Yiga Footsoldiers to overwhelm Link. Exploiting his weaknesses with well-timed arrows and strategic use of bombs is crucial for emerging victorious.

Beyond the Hideout: Consequences and Rewards

Defeating Master Kohga brings an end to the immediate threat posed by the Yiga Clan. However, the consequences of this victory linger. Yiga Footsoldiers will continue to relentlessly hunt Link throughout Hyrule, forever branding him as an enemy of the clan.

Despite the ongoing pursuit, conquering the Yiga Clan Hideout offers several significant rewards:

The Thunder Helm: This unique headgear protects Link from lightning strikes and enhances his attack power during thunderstorms.

Yiga Clan Weapons: Throughout the hideout, players can collect Yiga-themed weapons like the Yiga Blade and the Windcleaver. These weapons are powerful but degrade quickly, adding a strategic element to their use.

Monetary rewards: Defeated Yiga Footsoldiers drop Rupees, Hyrule’s primary currency. Exploring the hideout thoroughly can yield a decent amount of Rupees.

Sense of accomplishment: Overcoming the challenges within the hideout and defeating Master Kohga provides a significant sense of accomplishment for players. Conquering this perilous location marks a turning point in Link’s journey.


Where is the Yiga Clan Hideout?

The Hideout is located far north of Gerudo Town in a large canyon leading to the Gerudo Highlands. It’s the same spot as in Breath of the Wild.

How do I get to the Hideout?

Reaching the Hideout is easier after completing the Gerudo Region’s “Regional Phenomena.” Giant sandstorms make navigating the desert a nightmare before then.

Is there anything to find outside the Hideout?

Yes! You’ll encounter the arena where you battled Master Kohga in Breath of the Wild. The pit is now a chasm leading to the Depths, where you’ll find a new Yiga Base and a Rotsumamu Shrine.

What’s the deal with the entrance?

Sneaking in is key. A Gerudo soldier is imprisoned near the entrance, and Yiga Blademasters patrol the area. Be cautious and avoid detection!

Are there any cool tricks to get inside?

Absolutely! The Yiga have a weakness for bananas. Use them to distract guards and create openings to sneak past.

What awaits me inside the Hideout?

The Hideout is a maze of corridors, chambers, and hidden passages. Expect to battle Yiga Footsoldiers, Blademasters, and Masters throughout your exploration.

Is there a boss fight?

The answer depends on your goals. Infiltrating the Hideout itself doesn’t trigger a mandatory boss fight. However, you’ll likely face Master Kohga again if you seek revenge or specific rewards.

What kind of loot can I find?

The Hideout offers various treasures, including weapons, armor (including the Yiga Clan armor set), rupees, and other goodies!

Are there any secrets in the Hideout?

Keep your eyes peeled! The Hideout might hold hidden Koroks, treasure chests tucked away in corners, and environmental puzzles waiting to be solved.

Should I challenge the Yiga Clan Hideout?

If you crave a test of your combat skills and love a good treasure hunt, the Yiga Clan Hideout is a thrilling challenge. Just be prepared for a fight!

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