A Bird in the Hand: Unveiling the Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy


Hogwarts legacy, Nestled amongst the many exciting quests in Hogwarts Legacy, “A Bird in the Hand” stands out for its intriguing puzzle and connection to Poppy Sweeting’s storyline. This guide delves deep into everything you need to know to conquer this quest, from deciphering the Moonstone door to uncovering the hidden creatures Poppy seeks.

Hogwarts legacy

The Questgiver and the Cause: Reuniting with Poppy

“A Bird in the Hand” picks up after completing Poppy Sweeting’s previous quest, “It’s In The Stars.” Having formed a bond over shared interests in magical creatures, you’ll find Poppy south of Brocburrow Floo Flame in the Hogwarts Valley region. Here, she reveals her true purpose: locating a rare and near-extinct species called Snidgets.

The quest takes a thrilling turn when you encounter Dorran, a wise centaur guarding the ruins rumored to be a Snidget haven. Dorran, initially skeptical of your intentions, allows you to proceed only if you can solve the ancient Moonstone puzzle guarding the entrance.

Deciphering the Moonstone Door: A Puzzle for the Witty Witch or Wizard

The Moonstone door stands imposingly within the ruins. To unlock its secrets, you’ll need to utilize your problem-solving skills and knowledge of spells. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the puzzle:

Unearthing the Moonstone: Before approaching the door, explore the surrounding area. You’ll find a cracked pedestal with a faint magical glow. Interact with it to obtain the Moonstone, a crucial key to opening the door.

Positioning the Moonstone: Approach the central structure in front of the door. You’ll see a circular platform with intricate carvings. Place the Moonstone on this platform to activate the puzzle.

Manipulating the Pillars: Two movable pillars flank the central structure. These pillars cast shadows upon the symbols etched onto the door’s archway. Your objective is to use the spells learned throughout your Hogwarts education to manipulate these pillars and cast the correct shadows on the symbols.

Here’s the key:

Identify the illuminated symbols on the door’s archway. These represent the target shadows you need to create.

One symbol typically resembles a sun, while the other might look like a key with a circle in the middle.

Utilize the spell “Accio” (the summoning charm) to move the pillars around the circular platform.

The outer ring and inner ring on the platform might not necessarily matter. Focus on positioning the pillars to cast the desired shadows on the symbols.

For the sun symbol, move the pillar so its shadow falls directly on the symbol on the archway.

The key symbol requires a slightly different approach. Move the other pillar such that its shadow aligns with the circle in the middle of the key symbol.

Witnessing the Magic Unfold: Once you’ve cast the correct shadows on both symbols, the Moonstone door will emit a magical glow and slowly grind open, revealing the hidden passage beyond.

Tips for Puzzle Success:

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Move the pillars around and observe how the shadows change.

If you’re struggling, take a break and come back later with fresh eyes.

Several helpful walkthrough videos can be found online for visual guidance [YouTube walkthroughs for A Bird in the Hand Hogwarts Legacy].

Into the Depths: Exploring the Gilded Perch

Having conquered the Moonstone door, you and Poppy enter a hidden cavern known as the Gilded Perch. This section of the quest focuses on exploration, combat, and uncovering the Snidgets’ whereabouts.

Navigating the Cavern: The Gilded Perch is a labyrinthine network of tunnels. Utilize your map to stay oriented and avoid getting lost.

Encountering the Poachers: As you delve deeper, you’ll encounter poachers who threaten the Snidget population. Engage in combat to defend the creatures and ensure their safety.

Uncovering the Snidgets: Keep your eyes peeled for small, golden, bird-like creatures flitting through the caverns. These are the Snidgets! However, they’re extremely skittish and will fly away if you approach them directly.

Following the Snidget Trail: Look for shimmering blue feathers scattered throughout the caverns. These are clues left behind by the Snidgets. Following this trail will lead you closer to their location.

Reaching the Snidget Hideout: The trail of feathers eventually leads you to a hidden chamber where the Snidgets have taken refuge. This marks a significant point in the quest, bringing you closer to Poppy’s goal.


What is “A Bird in the Hand” in Hogwarts Legacy?

A Bird in the Hand is a side quest in Hogwarts Legacy given by your Hufflepuff classmate, Poppy Sweeting. It’s one of the later quests in her chain, following “It’s In The Stars.”

How do I activate the quest?

Head to the southern area of the Hogwarts Valley region on the world map. Look for the Brocburrow Floo Flame fast travel point and then travel southeast into the forest to find the quest starting point.

What’s the objective of the quest?

Poppy is searching for some hidden creatures. You’ll need to solve a magical Moonstone door puzzle to access the location where they might be.

How do I solve the Moonstone door puzzle?

First, speak with Dorran the centaur near the ruins.

Place the Moonstone on the stone pedestal in the center of the circular structure.

There are two movable pillars around the circle. Use the spell Accio to pull them around the outer and inner rings.

Your goal is to cast shadows of the pillars onto two lit-up symbols on the door’s archway.

One symbol resembles a sun, and the other looks like a key with a circle in the middle.

Experiment by moving the pillars until their shadows perfectly match the symbols on the door.

Once the shadows align correctly, the door will unlock.

Are there any tricks to solving the puzzle?

The exact positioning of the pillars might differ slightly in your game. Focus on matching the shadows to the symbols, and don’t worry about which ring (inner or outer) each pillar is on.

What happens after I solve the puzzle?

The door will open, allowing you to enter a hidden area called The Gilded Perch. Explore the area to find Poppy and continue the quest.

What kind of creatures am I looking for?

Poppy is searching for Snidgets, which are rare, fast-flying magical birds nearly extinct in the wizarding world.

Are there any rewards for completing the quest?

Yes, you’ll receive some experience points and potentially some helpful gear or items.

Is this quest difficult?

The main challenge lies in solving the Moonstone door puzzle. It requires some observation and experimentation, but it’s not overly complex.

Can I find a video guide to help me with the quest?

Yes, there are several video guides available online (avoiding spoilers here) that show you the quest steps and the solution to the Moonstone door puzzle. Search for “A Bird in the Hand Hogwarts Legacy puzzle solution” to find them.

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