Survive the Horrors: A Resident Evil Village Walkthrough


Resident Evil Village, the latest installment in the long-running horror franchise, throws Ethan Winters into a terrifying new fight for survival. This sprawling gothic world is filled with monstrous creatures, challenging puzzles, and tense encounters. If you’re ready to face the horrors of the village, this walkthrough will guide you through the key areas, boss battles, and secrets the game has to offer.

Resident Evil Village

A Dark Welcome: The Village & Castle Dimitrescu

The game opens with Ethan and his wife Mia in a seemingly idyllic European village. However, things quickly take a nightmarish turn. Here’s how to navigate the initial chills:

Escape the burning house: Follow the prompts to escape the burning wreckage and make your way towards the village.

Explore the village: Search houses for healing items and ammo. Be cautious, as villagers have transformed into aggressive Lycans.

The Maiden of Iron: Locate the Maiden of Iron key hidden in a well (crank mechanism) and use it to access the locked house. Inside, a cutscene reveals a cryptic message and a map pointing towards Castle Dimitrescu.

Meeting Lady Dimitrescu: Navigate the snowy path towards the imposing castle. Solve the drawbridge puzzle using the emblems found on nearby statues. Inside, explore the castle, avoiding the watchful eyes of Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters. Collect key items like the Dimitrescu Key and the Iron Insignia Key.

Castle Dimitrescu: A Banquet of Blood

The castle is a labyrinth of opulent halls and chilling secrets. Here’s what awaits:

The Duke: In the main hall, you’ll encounter The Duke, a mysterious merchant who will buy and sell items, weapons, and upgrades throughout the game. Sell your treasures to stock up on supplies.

The Atelier: In Daniela’s room (use the Iron Insignia Key), locate a hidden passage leading to the Atelier. Solve a light puzzle using a film canister to open a secret compartment. Here, you’ll find the Dimitrescu Key Mold, allowing you to craft the Dimitrescu Key.

The Opera House: Use the crafted Dimitrescu Key to access the Opera House. Solve a music box puzzle to reveal a hidden passage. Beware of grotesque enemies and a boss encounter with one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters.

Confrontation with Lady Dimitrescu: After defeating her daughter, fight Lady Dimitrescu herself. Dodge her attacks and shoot her exposed weak points. Use Flame Rounds for maximum damage. Once defeated, escape the collapsing castle through a secret passage.

The Village Unveiled: House Beneviento and More

With the castle behind you, Ethan ventures deeper into the village, encountering new locations and terrifying foes:

House Beneviento: This seemingly abandoned house holds a warped reality. Solve a series of puzzles that test your perception. Be prepared for psychological horror in this unsettling section.

Moreau’s Reservoir: Locate a crank mechanism to drain the reservoir, revealing a hidden passage. Defeat Moreau, a grotesque creature residing in the flooded area. Use the Stanek Drone (found earlier) to target his weak points.

Return to the Village: With access to new areas, explore the previously locked windmill and well to find valuable items and upgrades.

The Factory of Horrors: Heisenberg’s Domain

The journey continues to Heisenberg’s Factory, a mechanical nightmare:

Braving the Factory: Navigate the factory using your newfound keycard and solve puzzles involving moving platforms and electricity.

Boss Battle: Heisenberg: This multi-phase boss battle requires quick reflexes and strategic use of your weapons. During the first stage, target the glowing core on Heisenberg’s body. In the second phase, dodge his attacks and use the giant hammer he throws back at him. Finally, in the final stage, use the nearby tank’s cannon to deliver the final blow.

The Stronghold & The Ceremony: A Race Against Time

The final act takes Ethan to the stronghold and a desperate attempt to save his daughter:

The Stronghold: Navigate the stronghold, solving puzzles and battling enemies. Locate a flask that needs to be filled with a special liquid.

The Ceremony: Stop Miranda from sacrificing Rose. A final boss fight ensues. Dodge her attacks and use the items scattered around the arena to deal damage.


Is there a recommended order to explore the Village?

While mostly linear, the Village offers some exploration freedom. The general recommended path takes you through Castle Dimitrescu, House Beneviento, Otto’s Mill (Reservoir), and finally Heisenberg’s Factory. However, some areas open up for backtracking later in the game.

How important is ammo conservation?

Ammo scarcity is a core element of Resident Evil. Aim for precise shots and prioritize taking down high-threat enemies first. Explore every nook and cranny for hidden ammo caches and craft ammo using acquired resources.

What are some good strategies for boss fights?

Boss fights require a combination of strategy and resource management. Learn boss attack patterns, dodge strategically, and exploit weak points whenever possible. Stock up on healing items and grenades before entering boss arenas.

Are there missable items in the game?

Yes, unfortunately. Several areas become inaccessible later in the story. Utilizing a walkthrough guide or online resources can help ensure you collect all treasures, files, and Goats of Warding (for permanent stat upgrades).

What difficulty should I choose for my first playthrough?

Resident Evil Village offers various difficulty settings. For a balanced horror experience with a decent challenge, “Standard” is a good starting point. Higher difficulties increase enemy health and damage, while lower difficulties offer a more relaxed experience.

How much playtime can I expect?

A typical playthrough of Resident Evil Village can take anywhere from 10 to 15 hours, depending on your exploration style and difficulty. Completionists aiming for 100% achievements or finding all secrets can expect a longer playtime.

Are there puzzles in the game?

Yes, Resident Evil Village incorporates puzzles throughout the campaign. These puzzles range from simple inventory management challenges to more complex environmental puzzles requiring exploration and observation.

Can I sell items in the game?

Absolutely! The Duke, a mysterious merchant, appears throughout the Village at specific locations. You can sell him treasures you find to earn Lei (currency) used to purchase weapons, ammo, and upgrades from him.

Are there multiple endings?

Resident Evil Village offers multiple endings depending on your choices throughout the game. While the main story remains mostly unchanged, specific actions can unlock a secret ending upon completion.

Are there any resources available to help me get through the game?

Several online resources can be immensely helpful. Walkthrough guides detail each area, puzzle solutions, and boss fight strategies. You can also find video walkthroughs offering a visual aid to accompany the text guides.

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