The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab-the Secrets of Sheikah Technology


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom throws a curveball at players familiar with Breath of the Wild. The once bustling Akkala Ancient Tech Lab has transformed. Gone are the days of trading rupees for powerful ancient weaponry; the lab now stands as a Yiga Clan hideout. But beneath the dust and danger lies a rich history of innovation, making the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab a fascinating location to explore.

A Haven for Sheikah Research (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

In Breath of the Wild, the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab serves as a crucial hub for Sheikah technology research. Led by the eccentric scientist Robbie, the lab plays a pivotal role in Link’s quest to reclaim his lost power. Here’s a deeper dive into what the lab offered in the previous game:

  • Sheikah Tech Revival: Robbie, alongside his wife Jerrin, dedicates his research to reviving ancient Sheikah technology. Players can witness their efforts firsthand, with a large deactivated Guardian towering over the lab.
  • Ancient Furnace: A key feature of the lab is the Ancient Oven, a repurposed Guidance Stone that plays a vital role in upgrading Link’s armor. To activate the furnace, Link needs to find a Blue Flame and ignite it, a task that adds a layer of challenge to accessing the lab’s true potential.
  • Trading with Cherry: Once operational, the lab becomes a valuable resource for players. Here, they can interact with Cherry, a friendly Sheikah-designed robot. Cherry allows players to trade their hard-earned rupees and collected Ancient Parts for powerful Ancient Weapons and Armor. These armaments boast superior durability and damage output, making them highly sought after throughout the game.
  • Story Significance: The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab plays a role in the main story. By aiding Robbie with his research, Link progresses the quest and unlocks the “Travel Medallion” upgrade for the Sheikah Slate. This invaluable tool allows for fast travel across Hyrule, significantly enhancing exploration and traversal.

A Yiga Clan Stronghold (The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom)

While details about Tears of the Kingdom remain scarce, available information suggests the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab has undergone a significant shift. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Yiga Clan Takeover: The once friendly lab has become a base for the treacherous Yiga Clan. This notorious group of assassins relentlessly pursues Link, adding a layer of danger to approaching the location.
  • Potential for Upgrades: Though details are limited, there’s a chance the lab might still hold some secrets. Perhaps players can find ways to navigate the Yiga presence and uncover hidden upgrades or lore related to the Sheikah and their technology.
  • Speculation and Theories: The internet is abuzz with speculation about the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in Tears of the Kingdom. Some theories suggest players might be able to liberate the lab from the Yiga Clan, potentially restoring its research function or unlocking new secrets. Others propose the Yiga Clan might have repurposed the Sheikah technology for their own nefarious ends.

These mysteries add intrigue to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab’s role in the upcoming sequel.

Beyond the Games: Inspiration from the Real World

The design of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab draws inspiration from real-world historical and technological advancements. Here are some possible influences:

  • Lighthouses: The lab’s tall, cylindrical structure resembles a lighthouse, a fitting symbol for guiding players through the treacherous world of Hyrule. Lighthouses have a long history of aiding navigation and exploration, potentially reflecting the lab’s role in unlocking the secrets of ancient technology.
  • Industrial Revolution: The lab’s focus on research and development evokes parallels to the Industrial Revolution. This period in history saw rapid technological advancements, mirroring the Sheikah’s efforts to revive their lost knowledge.
  • Ancient Civilizations: The Sheikah technology itself draws inspiration from various ancient civilizations known for their advanced engineering feats. Examples include the Egyptians with their pyramids and complex irrigation systems, or the Romans with their sophisticated aqueducts and roads.

By incorporating these real-world elements, the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab adds depth and realism to the world of Hyrule.


Q. What is the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab?

The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is a Sheikah research facility located in the remote northeast corner of Hyrule. Breath of the Wild, it’s run by Robbie, a researcher seeking to restore ancient Sheikah technology. In Tears of the Kingdom, it becomes a Yiga Clan hideout.

Q. Where is the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab?

You’ll find the Lab north of East Akkala Stable and Katosa Aug Shrine, overlooking Akkala Sea. It resembles a modified lighthouse.

Q. How do I activate the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in Breath of the Wild?

To activate the Lab, you’ll need to speak to Purah in Hateno Village. She’ll mention Robbie and his research, prompting you to visit him. Upon reaching the Lab, a short quest will ignite the furnace, allowing Robbie to conduct his research and sell you valuable items.

Q. What can I get from the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in Breath of the Wild?

Once activated, Robbie offers a variety of wares in exchange for Ancient Parts you collect throughout Hyrule. These include the coveted Ancient Armor Set with Guardian-resistant properties, powerful Ancient Weapons like Ancient Arrows, and even the unique Travel Medallion prototype.

Q. What happens to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Lab undergoes a dramatic change! It becomes occupied by the Yiga Clan, transforming it into an enemy base. You’ll need to defeat them to progress and likely gain a new Purah Pad ability.

Q. Are there any Korok Seeds near the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab?

You bet! The area boasts three cleverly hidden Korok Seeds. Look for the fairy lights at the Lab’s peak, a rock near a pile of Guardian husks, and a destructible wall revealing another rock. Use your keen eye and Sheikah Sensor to find them all!

Q. I need help finding the blue flame to light the furnace in Breath of the Wild!

The blue flame plays a crucial role in activating the Lab. Thankfully, it’s not far! You’ll find it within a small, enemy-guarded outpost situated slightly southeast of the Lab. Look for a torch sconce you can ignite with an arrow or fire weapon. Bring the lit torch back to the Lab’s furnace to get things rolling.

Q. Does the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab have any secrets?

Keep an eye out for Robbie’s wife, Jerrin, who resides within the Lab. There are also rumours of a hidden diary detailing Robbie’s research, but its existence remains unconfirmed.

With this knowledge, you’re well on your way to conquering the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and its treasures in Breath of the Wild or navigating its Yiga Clan occupation in Tears of the Kingdom. Good luck!


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