A Guide to Cougar Locations in RDR2


The vast landscapes of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) offer a plethora of challenges and experiences for players. Among them is the thrilling hunt for cougars, majestic predators that lurk within the game‘s wilderness. But encountering these ferocious felines can be a test of both skill and strategy. This guide delves into the world of cougars in RDR2, uncovering their preferred habitats, and prime hunting grounds, and offering valuable tips for a successful (and hopefully less bloody) cougar encounter.

Where Do Cougars Roam in RDR2?

Cougars are solitary creatures in RDR2, mirroring their real-life counterparts. They primarily inhabit forested regions across three of the game’s states: New Austin, West Elizabeth, and remote forested areas of New Hanover.

Here’s a breakdown of their preferred territories:

  • New Austin: The arid plains of New Austin might seem an unlikely habitat, but cougars can be found south of Benedict Point, which lies west of Tumbleweed. This area offers decent chances of a cougar encounter.
  • West Elizabeth: This state boasts the most frequent cougar sightings. The dense forests west of Black Bone Forest (north of Owanjila Lake) are a prime cougar hotspot. Additionally, players have reported cougar spawns near the crossroads north of Manzanita Post and occasionally prowling Bear Claw Camp in the southern Tall Trees region.
  • New Hanover: Cougars are less common in New Hanover, but sightings have been documented. The best chance of encountering one might be in the remote forested regions bordering Big Valley.

Important Note: These are general locations with a higher probability of cougar spawns. Cougars are known for their unpredictable movements, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t find one immediately.

Beyond the Map: Tips for Tracking Cougars

While the map provides a starting point, seasoned RDR2 players know there are additional factors to consider when hunting cougars. Here are some valuable tips to enhance your cougar-tracking skills:

  • Time of Day: Cougars are most active at dusk and dawn, so plan your hunting trips accordingly. These twilight hours offer better visibility for you while potentially catching the cougar on the prowl.
  • Listen Up: Cougars have a distinct growl that can be heard from a distance. Pay close attention to the sounds of the environment, especially when approaching dense foliage where a cougar might be lurking. Equipping headphones can further enhance your ability to detect these warning growls.
  • Eagle Eye: This ability is a hunter’s best friend. Eagle Eye highlights animal tracks and other clues in yellow. While scouting potential cougar territories, activate Eagle Eye to scan for tracks, which can lead you to their location.
  • The Bait Game: While there’s no specific bait for cougars, you can use their predatory instincts to your advantage. If you find a deer carcass (or any other animal carcass) in the wild, set up camp nearby. Cougars are scavengers and might be drawn to the easy meal, presenting a potential hunting opportunity.

Prime Cougar Hunting Grounds (Based on Player Experience)

While the beauty of RDR2 lies in its open-world exploration, some locations have emerged as popular cougar hunting grounds due to a higher frequency of spawns. Here are a few community-favored areas to consider:

  • Brandywine Drop (West Elizabeth): The area north of Annesburg, particularly near the waterfall, is known for multiple cougar spawns. Try riding your horse slowly along the northern road between Doverhill and Willard’s Rest, or explore the area around the Old Tomb to the southwest.
  • Big Valley (New Hanover): While cougar sightings are less frequent here, the Little Creek River southeast of Hanging Dog Ranch and the area up the river from Lake Owanjila (southeast of the Trapper’s shop) have yielded results for some players.
  • Tall Trees (West Elizabeth): The dense forests throughout Tall Trees offer a good chance of encountering a cougar. The narrow valley northwest of the Upper Montana River and the Aurora Basin is a frequently mentioned cougar hotspot. Additionally, be cautious around Bear Claw Camp in the southern region.

Remember, these are just starting points. The thrill of the hunt often lies in the exploration itself. Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path and explore remote forested areas, especially at dusk and dawn.


Where can I find Cougars in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Cougars prowl the wild in three regions: New Austin, West Elizabeth, and the remote forested areas of New Hanover. They prefer dense forests and hilly terrains, offering them good cover to stalk prey.

Here are some specific locations known for cougar spawns:

  • West Elizabeth:
    • Tall Trees: The northwestern region, particularly the narrow valley along the border, is a common cougar haunt.
    • Brandywine Drop: North of Annesburg, this area has multiple cougar spawns, especially near the waterfall and the path leading to the Meteor House.
    • Big Valley: Sightings are less frequent here, but cougars can be found roaming anywhere between the river and the forests. Look near the path south of Pronghorn Ranch.
  • New Austin:
    • Plains south of Benedict Point: This area offers a good chance of encountering a cougar.
  • New Hanover:
    • West of Black Bone Forest: North of Owanjila Lake, this forested area can be a cougar’s den.

What’s the best way to find a cougar?

There’s no guaranteed method, but these tips can increase your odds:

  • Explore at night: Cougars are more active after dark, so night hunts are more productive.
  • Use Eagle Eye: This ability highlights nearby animals, including cougars, in yellow.
  • Listen for growls: Cougars often growl before attacking, so keep your ears peeled.
  • Travel by foot: While on horseback, you might miss a camouflaged cougar. Traverse cougar territory on foot for a closer look.

Are there any specific challenges related to hunting cougars?

Yes! The Master Hunter Challenge 6 requires you to kill a cougar with a bow.

How can I get a perfect cougar pelt?

A perfect pelt is essential for crafting the Legend of the East Satchel. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Use the right weapon: A bow with improved arrows or a rifle with a headshot are ideal for a clean kill.
  • Maintain a pristine condition: Avoid using shotguns or explosive weapons that damage the pelt.

Bonus Tip: Always check the minimap for red dots. While these often represent smaller predators, a nearby cougar might trigger a red dot too, especially if it’s charging towards you!

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