The Thrilling World of Lethal Company’s Mods


Lethal Company’s, the space station crew simulation with a heavy dose of betrayal, has captivated players with its unique blend of cooperation and competition. But what if you crave a fresh experience on the desolate station? Enter the exciting realm of Lethal Company mods!

This article delves into the ever-expanding world of Lethal Company mods, addressing the most common questions players ask and providing a roadmap to enhance your gameplay.

Why Mod Lethal Company?

The beauty of mods lies in their ability to cater to diverse preferences. Here are some reasons why players choose to mod Lethal Company:

  • Ramp Up the Difficulty: Feel like the base game is a bit too tame? Difficulty mods can throw in tougher enemies, crank up the scarcity of resources, or even limit revives to create a truly unforgiving experience.
  • Embrace the Absurd: Want to spice things up with a touch of the ridiculous? Mods can introduce wacky elements like sentient slime creatures or replace crewmates with iconic characters from other games.
  • Enhance the Experience: Some mods focus on refining the existing gameplay. These could include improved camera systems for the Operator role, increased player capacity for a more chaotic experience, or even visual tweaks to personalize your station.

How to Install Lethal Company Mods

There are two primary methods for installing Lethal Company mods: manual installation and using a mod manager.

Manual Installation:

  1. Download the mod: Find the mod you want from a reputable source like Thunderstorm
  2. Locate the game folder: Right-click on Lethal Company in your Steam library, select “Properties” and navigate to the “Local Files” tab. Click on “Browse Local Files” to open the game directory.
  3. Extract the mod: Extract the downloaded mod folder into the Lethal Company game directory.
  4. Install BepInEx (if required): Many mods require BepInEx, a plugin that helps manage mods for Unity games. If the mod mentions this dependency, download BepInEx from the developer’s website and place its contents within the Lethal Company game directory.

Using a Mod Manager:

A mod manager simplifies the process considerably. Here’s how to use Thunderstorm:

  1. Download and Install Thunderstore: Download and install the Thunderstore application from
  2. Search for Lethal Company: Launch Thunderstorm and search for “Lethal Company’s” in the application.
  3. Create a Profile: Click on “Lethal Company’s” and create a profile for your modded game. This allows you to manage mods specifically for Lethal Company.
  4. Browse and Install Mods: Thunderstore displays available mods for Lethal Company’s. Browse the selection, read descriptions to understand functionality, and click “Install” on the mods you want.

Important Notes:

  • Always ensure compatibility: Make sure the mods you install are compatible with your current game version. Outdated mods can cause crashes or unexpected behaviour.
  • Start with a few mods: When venturing into modded territory, it’s wise to start with a few mods at first. This helps identify any conflicts or compatibility issues that might arise.
  • Back up your saved files: Modding can sometimes lead to unforeseen consequences. It’s a good practice to back up your saved files before installing mods.

Popular Lethal Company’s Mods

The Lethal Company modding community is constantly churning out new and exciting content. Here’s a glimpse into some popular mod categories:

  • Difficulty Mods: For the hardcore players, mods like “Cataclysm” and “Super Hard Lethal” introduce brutal challenges, resource scarcity, and deadlier enemies.
  • New Enemies: Spice things up with “SCP-106 Containment Breach” which pits you against the terrifying SCP-106 creature, or “The Thing” mod that injects paranoia into your crew with its shapeshifting horror.
  • Gameplay Overhauls: “MoreCompany” allows for a larger crew size, perfect for those who crave utter chaos. “Infinite Sprint” removes the stamina limitations, while “Emote Wheel” adds a layer of expressiveness to your crew interactions.
  • Visual and Audio Mods: “Improved Camera System” provides better control for the Operator role, while “Custom Music” lets you personalize the station’s atmosphere with your tunes.

These are just a few examples, and the modding scene is constantly evolving. Explore the various repositories and forums to discover a treasure trove of mods that cater to your specific preferences.


Q: Where do I find Lethal Company mods?

  • A: There are two main repositories for Lethal Company’s mods:
    • Thunderstorm:
    • Nexus Mods:
  • Both offer a wide variety of mods with descriptions and reviews.

Q: How do I install mods?

  • A: Lethal Company uses a mod loader called BepInEx. You’ll typically need to download this first and follow the mod-specific instructions for installation. Many mods will also recommend using a mod manager like R2ModMan to simplify the process. There are plenty of tutorials online that can walk you through the steps, including:
    • How to Install Mods: [YouTube lethal company install mods]

Q: Are mods safe?

  • A: Generally, yes, but it’s important to stick with reputable mod sources and read reviews before installing anything. Be wary of mods that seem too powerful or intrusive, and always back up your game saves before trying anything new.

Q: What are some good mods for beginners?

  • A: Here are a few mods that can enhance your gameplay without drastically changing the experience:
    • Minimap: Adds a minimap to the game for easier navigation.
    • Higher Resolution: Improves the game’s resolution for a sharper look.
    • More Company (Co-op): Allows for more players in a co-op game.

Q: What are some mods that make the game harder?

  • A: If you’re looking for a real challenge, try these:
    • Mimics: Turns random objects into deadly monsters.
    • Increased Enemy Spawns: Ups the ante with more enemies to contend with.
    • Less Light: Makes the station darker and more atmospheric (and terrifying).

Q: Are there any cheat mods?

A: There are, but using them can ruin the experience for yourself and others (if playing co-op). It’s generally recommended to avoid them.

Q: My mods aren’t working! What do I do?

  • A: First, make sure you’ve installed BepInEx correctly. Double-check that you’re using the right version for your game and that the mod files are in the correct location. Consult the mod’s documentation or the Lethal Company modding community for help.

Q: Is it safe to play online with mods?

  • A: Only play online with mods if everyone in the lobby has the same mods installed. Otherwise, you may encounter connection issues or crashes.

With a little exploration, you can find mods that will completely transform your Lethal Company’s experience. So, grab your trusty wrench, download some mods, and get ready to brave the horrors (or perhaps conquer them with a little extra firepower) of space!

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