The Tigers of Jeddah: A Look Back at Al-Ittihad’s League Standings


Al-Ittihad Club, also known as the “Tigers of Jeddah,” is a force to be reckoned with in Saudi Arabian football. Founded in 1929, the club boasts a rich history filled with league titles, cup victories, and continental success. 

This article delves into Al-Ittihad’s league standings over the years, highlighting their periods of dominance, battles for supremacy, and the ever-evolving landscape of Saudi football.

Early Years (1930s-1950s): Laying the Foundation

The early years of Saudi Arabian football were far less structured than today. Al-Ittihad, along with other regional clubs, participated in local competitions and friendly matches.  

Formal league structures weren’t established until the 1960s. Despite this, Al-Ittihad established themselves as a prominent team in the region, laying the groundwork for future success.

The Dawn of League Football (1960s-1970s): First Titles and Growing Rivalry

The 1960s marked the dawn of organized league football in Saudi Arabia. The inception of the Saudi First Division (now known as the Saudi Professional League) in 1964 provided a platform for Al-Ittihad to showcase their talents on a national stage. 

Their hunger for success was evident as they secured their first league title in the 1967-68 season. This period also saw the rise of a fierce rivalry with Al-Hilal, another dominant club in Jeddah. These two teams would go on to shape the future of Saudi football.

The Golden Era (1980s-1990s): A Dynasty Takes Shape

The 1980s and 1990s were undeniably Al-Ittihad’s golden era. Under the leadership of visionary managers and the emergence of legendary players like Khalid Al-Shafi and Mahmoud Abdulrahman, the club established a dynasty. 

They secured a staggering eight league titles, solidifying their position as one of the most successful clubs in Saudi Arabia. This period also saw Al-Ittihad reach the finals of the prestigious Asian Club Championship (now known as the AFC Champions League) on two occasions (1986 and 1999), showcasing their continental prowess.

The New Millennium (2000s-Present): Maintaining Relevance in a Changing Landscape

The turn of the millennium brought about a period of transition for Al-Ittihad. While they remained a major force, the domestic landscape began to evolve. The emergence of other financially powerful clubs like Al-Shabab and Al-Ettifaq presented stiffer competition. 

Despite this, Al-Ittihad continued to challenge for titles, adding three more league titles to their collection (2001, 2007, 2009). The club also continued their participation in continental competitions, reaching the AFC Champions League semi-finals on multiple occasions.

Recent Years (2010s-Present): Rebuilding and New Aspirations

The recent years have seen Al-Ittihad navigating the ever-changing landscape of Saudi football. While they haven’t been as dominant as in previous decades, they have shown signs of a resurgence. 

The club has invested in young talent and experienced managers, striving to reclaim their position at the top. Their most recent league title came in the 2016-17 season, demonstrating their continued ambition.

A Look at Al-Ittihad’s Standings in Key Competitions:

Saudi Professional League: Al-Ittihad boasts the second-highest number of league titles (18) in Saudi Arabia, only behind their arch-rivals Al-Hilal.

King’s Cup: They have also been successful in the King’s Cup, the top domestic cup competition, winning it on eight occasions.

Crown Prince Cup: They have lifted the Crown Prince Cup (now known as the Saudi Crown Prince Cup) a record nine times.

AFC Champions League: While they haven’t secured the elusive continental title, they have reached the final of the AFC Champions League twice and remain a force to be reckoned with in Asian competitions.


What is the significance of their rivalry with Al-Hilal in terms of standings?

The rivalry between Al-Ittihad and Al-Hilal is a defining feature of Saudi Arabian football. Both clubs have battled for dominance for decades, pushing each other to achieve higher standings. This competitive spirit has elevated the overall standard of the league and continues to be a captivating aspect for fans.

How have they fared in cup competitions compared to league standings?

Al-Ittihad’s success extends beyond league titles. They have been remarkably triumphant in domestic cup competitions as well. They have won the King’s Cup, the top cup tournament, on eight occasions, showcasing their ability to perform well in both league and cup formats. Additionally, they hold the record for most wins (nine) in the Crown Prince Cup (now known as the Saudi Crown Prince Cup).

How do their standings compare to other clubs in the region?

Al-Ittihad stands amongst the most successful clubs in the Arabian Peninsula. Their collection of trophies positions them favorably against regional rivals. However, the rise of other wealthy clubs in the region presents a growing challenge to their dominance.

What are some of the challenges Al-Ittihad has faced in maintaining their league position?

The Saudi Arabian football landscape has undergone significant changes. Here are some challenges Al-Ittihad has faced:

Emergence of new challengers: Clubs like Al-Shabab and Al-Ettifaq, backed by strong finances, have become serious contenders for titles.

Shifting transfer market: The global transfer market can make it difficult for Al-Ittihad to compete with wealthier clubs for top talents.

Maintaining consistency: Maintaining the high standards set during their golden era can be a challenge, especially with the evolving football scene.

What is the current mood surrounding Al-Ittihad’s league position?

The current mood surrounding Al-Ittihad’s league position is likely a mix of optimism and a touch of impatience. While recent years haven’t yielded league titles, their fighting spirit and investment in young talents suggest a potential resurgence. Fans are likely hopeful for a return to the top and a renewed era of dominance.

Where can I find more information about Al-Ittihad’s historical standings?

Several resources can quench your thirst for knowledge on Al-Ittihad’s historical standings:

Official Al-Ittihad Club Website: The club website often features a club history section with details on past league finishes and cup victories.

Saudi Professional League Website: The official league website provides historical league tables and data, allowing you to see Al-Ittihad’s performance compared to other clubs.

Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Website: The AFC website provides historical data on continental competitions, including the AFC Champions League, where you can see Al-Ittihad’s past performances.

Al-Ittihad’s league standings paint a picture of a club that has consistently strived for excellence. They have endured periods of dominance, faced challenges from rivals, and adapted to the evolving football scene. 

The “Tigers of Jeddah” remain a major force in Saudi Arabian football, with their passionate fanbase and hunger for success ensuring their continued fight for glory.

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