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Motherwell Football Club, affectionately known as the “Steelmen,” boasts a rich history in Scottish football. Founded in 1886, the club has carved its niche in the top tiers of Scottish football, challenging the dominance of the Old Firm (Celtic and Rangers). 

This article delves into Motherwell’s historical league standings, exploring their highs and lows, periods of dominance, and battles for survival.

Early Years (1890s-1910s): Building a Foundation

The early years of Motherwell were marked by steady progress. They joined the Scottish Football League (SFL) Division Two in 1893 and secured promotion to the top division (Division One) within four years. 

The following decades saw Motherwell establish themselves in the top flight, consistently finishing mid-table. Their first taste of silverware came in 1916 with a Scottish Cup victory, a major achievement for a club still finding its feet.

The Interwar Years (1920s-1930s): A Period of Fluctuation

The interwar period witnessed Motherwell’s standings fluctuate. They challenged for the league title in the early 1920s, finishing runners-up twice (1924-25, 1926-27) but ultimately falling short to Rangers’ dominance. 

Relegation followed in 1928, but Motherwell bounced back, securing promotion within a season. The 1930s were a mixed bag, with the club battling relegation on several occasions.

Post-War Success and the “Matt Busby Babes” Era (1940s-1950s)

The post-war years ushered in a golden era for Motherwell. Under the legendary manager, Bill Shankly, the club secured their first league title in 1949-50. This success coincided with the emergence of young talents like Ian St. John, who would later become a star for Liverpool.

However, tragedy struck in 1958 with the Munich air disaster, claiming the lives of eight “Busby Babes” – young Manchester United players, several of whom were former Motherwell players on loan.

The 1960s and 1970s: Maintaining Top-Flight Status

The 1960s and 1970s witnessed Motherwell consolidating their position in the top flight. They achieved respectable finishes, including a second-place finish in 1966-67. 

This period saw the rise of club legends like Willie McCulloch and Hugh Johnstone, who led Motherwell to another Scottish Cup victory in 1969. Despite some success, the shadow of Celtic’s dominance loomed large, making it difficult to challenge for the league title.

The 1980s and 1990s: Financial Struggles and Relegation

The 1980s marked a turbulent period for Motherwell. Financial difficulties hampered their on-field performances. Relegation followed in 1988, ending a 68-year spell in the top flight. Promotion arrived in 1991, but the club continued to struggle financially. 

Another relegation followed in 1993, marking a low point in Motherwell’s history. The 1990s saw Motherwell yo-yo between the top two divisions, battling to establish themselves financially and competitively.

The New Millennium (2000s-Present): Rebuilding and European Adventures

The turn of the millennium brought renewed hope for Motherwell. Under the leadership of manager Alex McLeish, the club secured promotion back to the top flight in 2002. The following years saw a period of stability, with Motherwell regularly challenging for European qualification. 

They achieved a third-place finish in 2007-08, their highest league position since the 1960s, and secured a place in the UEFA Champions League qualifiers.

The Recent Years (2010s-Present): Ups and Downs

The recent years have been a mixed bag for Motherwell. European qualification remained a target, but financial constraints limited their ability to compete consistently. Relegation threatened on a couple of occasions, but the club managed to survive. 

A Scottish Cup victory in 2018, their first in 39 years, brought a moment of joy for the fans. However, the 2020s began with another relegation, with Motherwell currently playing in the Scottish Championship (second tier).


How many times have Motherwell been relegated from the top division?

Motherwell have been relegated from the top division on three occasions. The first occurred in 1928, but they secured promotion back within a season. The second and third relegations happened in 1988 and 2020, respectively.

What is Motherwell’s most successful period in terms of league finishes?

Motherwell’s most successful period in terms of league finishes can be argued to be the late 1940s and early 1950s. They secured their first league title in 1949-50 and consistently challenged for top positions during this era.

Have Motherwell ever competed in European competitions?

Yes, Motherwell have participated in European competitions on several occasions. Their most notable qualification came after their third-place finish in the 2007-08 season, securing a place in the UEFA Champions League qualifiers.

How many Scottish Cup victories does Motherwell have?

Motherwell have won the Scottish Cup, a prestigious knockout tournament, on three occasions. Their first victory came in 1916, followed by wins in 1969 and most recently in 2018.

What are some of the challenges Motherwell have faced in maintaining good league positions?

Motherwell have faced several challenges in maintaining good league positions. These include:

Financial constraints: Compared to the dominance of Celtic and Rangers, Motherwell have often had limited financial resources to compete for top players and maintain a strong squad.

Relegation threats: The financial struggles have sometimes translated to relegation threats, forcing the club to prioritize survival over challenging for the title.

The dominance of the Old Firm: Celtic and Rangers have historically dominated Scottish football, making it difficult for other clubs, including Motherwell, to consistently challenge for the top spot.

What is the current mood surrounding Motherwell’s league position?

The current mood surrounding Motherwell’s league position is likely one of optimism with a touch of impatience. While being in the second tier isn’t ideal, their recent Scottish Cup victory in 2018 demonstrates their potential. Fans are likely hoping for a swift return to the Premiership and a period of sustained success.

Where can I find more information about Motherwell FC’s historical standings?

There are several resources available to learn more about Motherwell FC’s historical standings:

Official Motherwell FC website: The club’s website often features historical information, including past league finishes and cup victories.

Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) website: The SPFL website provides historical league tables and statistics for all member clubs, including Motherwell.

Online football databases: Websites like Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation (RSSSF) offer comprehensive databases with historical league standings for various leagues, including the Scottish Premiership and Championship.

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