A Comprehensive Alien: Isolation Walkthrough


In the haunting world of Alien: Isolation, fear is a constant companion. You play as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, desperately trying to unravel the mystery behind her mother’s disappearance on the space station Sevastopol. But you’re not alone.

A relentless Xenomorph stalks the station, and your only option is to survive. This walkthrough will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to navigate Sevastopol’s treacherous halls and outlast the deadly alien.

Gearing Up for Survival

Before diving into the heart of the station, let’s address some key points:

  • Difficulty: Alien: Isolation offers a variety of difficulty settings. Novice offers a more forgiving experience, while Nightmare cranks up the tension with a more aggressive Alien and limited resources. Choose the difficulty that best suits your playstyle.
  • Saving: The game utilizes a manual save system. Scattered terminals throughout the station allow you to record your progress. Save often, especially before entering new areas or attempting risky manoeuvres.
  • Crafting: Crafting is crucial for survival. You’ll find crafting materials throughout the station and can use them to create various tools and items, like noisemakers, flares, and medical supplies.
  • Objectives: Pay close attention to your objectives. They’ll guide you through the main story and often involve tasks like hacking terminals, retrieving key items, or reaching specific locations.

Mission by Grueling Mission

Alien: Isolation is divided into 19 story missions. Here’s a breakdown of some key objectives and challenges you’ll encounter in each:

  • Missions 1-4 (Closing In, Welcome to Sevastopol, Encounters, Seegson Communications): These introductory missions establish the atmosphere and introduce core mechanics. Your primary focus is finding clues about the Nostromo’s flight recorder and evading Working Joes, malfunctioning androids now hostile to humans.
  • Missions 5-8 (The Quarantine, The Outbreak, Seegson Synthetics, Haven): The threat escalates as you encounter the Xenomorph for the first time. These missions involve navigating restricted areas, evading the Alien, and finding a haven within Sevastopol.
  • Missions 9-12 (Beacon, The Trap, Hazard Containment, Synthetic Solution): The focus shifts towards finding a way to send a distress beacon and uncovering the truth about a hidden agenda within the station’s corporation. Outsmarting Working Joe’s and avoiding the Alien remain paramount.
  • Missions 13-16 (Consultation, The Descent, The Message, The Transmission): You delve deeper into Sevastopol’s underbelly, encountering mutated creatures and uncovering a hidden lab. Expect intense encounters with the Alien and a desperate bid to send a message for help.
  • Missions 17-19 (Desolation, Trauma, Tomorrow, Together): The final stretch throws everything at you. You’ll face a showdown with the Alien, make a heart-wrenching decision, and fight for your survival.

Enemy Encounters: How to Outsmart Sevastopol’s Threats

  • The Alien: This relentless predator is the ultimate threat. Here are some tactics to employ:
    • Stay Hidden: The Alien is attracted to sound and movement. Use lockers, crawlspaces, and vents to avoid detection.
    • Motion Tracker: The motion tracker helps you pinpoint the Alien’s location. Learn to interpret its beeps and vibrations.
    • Noisemakers: Use noisemakers to lure the Alien away from your location and create diversions.
    • Flamethrower (Later Game): This weapon can temporarily deter the Alien, but use it sparingly as fuel is scarce.
  • Working Joes: These malfunctioning androids are aggressive but predictable. Here’s how to handle them:
    • Melee Combat: If forced into close quarters, use the wrench for quick takedowns.
    • Flamethrower (Early Game): Working Joes are vulnerable to fire. However, this tactic becomes unavailable later in the game.
    • EMP Mines: These can stun Working Joes, allowing you to bypass them or perform a takedown.

Advanced Strategies for the Seasoned Survivor

  • Resource Management: Scavenge for supplies and craft essential items. Prioritize crafting medical supplies and ammo.
  • Environmental Puzzles: You’ll encounter various environmental puzzles that require manipulating levers, hacking terminals, and using specific tools. Observe your surroundings and experiment to solve them.
  • Exploration: While the main objective is to progress, exploration can be rewarding.


Q: What is the overall objective of Alien: Isolation?

  • A: You play as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, on a quest to find the truth behind her mother’s disappearance. This involves navigating the troubled space station Sevastopol while evading a deadly Xenomorph.

Q: Is there a combat system in Alien: Isolation?

  • A: While there are some limited weapons, Alien: Isolation is primarily a survival horror game. Focus on stealth, hiding, and resource management to avoid the Alien.

Q: How long is the Alien: Isolation campaign?

  • A: The main story can take between 15-45 hours to complete depending on your playstyle and exploration.

Q: Is there a map in Alien: Isolation?

  • A: No, there isn’t a traditional map. You’ll rely on your motion tracker and station schematics to navigate Sevastopol.

Q: How do I find specific items or objectives?

  • A: Look for quest markers and listen to audio logs for clues. You can also use the Sevastopol station computer to access mission details and objective locations.

Q: What are the coloured access panels and how do I get through them?

  • A: Colored panels require a corresponding coloured keycard for access. Explore the station and complete the objectives to find these keycards.

Q: How do I avoid the Alien?

  • A: Use your motion tracker to detect the Alien’s movement. Stay out of sight, crouch to move silently, and extinguish lights to avoid attracting its attention.

Q: What happens if the Alien finds me?

  • A: Run! Hide in lockers, under desks, or crawl through vents to escape the Alien. You can also use distractions like noisemakers or flares to temporarily divert it.

Q: Can I kill the Alien?

  • A: The Alien is an extremely resilient foe. While you can damage it with weapons like flamethrowers, they are primarily for deterring or slowing it down, not permanent solutions.

Q: What should I craft and how do I craft items?

  • A: Crafting is essential for survival. Look for crafting materials and blueprints scattered throughout the station. Prioritize crafting items like health kits, flares, and noisemakers.

Q: What are Working Joes and how do I deal with them?

  • A: Working Joes are androids that have malfunctioned and become hostile. You can use stealth or combat to eliminate them, but be cautious as they can be tough opponents.

Q: Should I collect all the collectables?

  • A: Collectibles are optional, but they offer bonus lore entries and can be rewarding for completionists.

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