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Alohomora! The iconic charm that unlocks doors and grants access to forbidden areas. Just like in the Harry Potter universe, the Alohomora spell plays a vital role in Hogwarts Legacy, the immersive open-world RPG set in the wizarding world. Here’s a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy, including how to acquire it, use it effectively, and the secrets it can help you uncover.


Learning the Art of Unlocking: How to Get Alohomora

Unlike many spells you learn in Hogwarts Legacy through Charms class, Alohomora isn’t readily available at the beginning of your journey. You’ll need to progress through the main story a bit to unlock it. Here’s the breakdown:

Percival Rackham’s Trial: The key to acquiring Alohomora lies in completing one of Professor Rackham’s ancient magic trials. These trials test your understanding and control of powerful magic. After uncovering the location of the “Tap to Reveal” secret beneath Hogwarts, you’ll be prompted to embark on Percival Rackham’s Trial.

The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament: This specific trial, titled “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament,” tasks you with retrieving specific Demiguise Statues scattered throughout the castle grounds. These statues, however, are only visible at night under the full moon. Once you’ve collected enough statues (usually three), return them to Mr. Moon, the caretaker.

Unlocking the Charm: As a reward for completing the trial, Mr. Moon will finally teach you the Alohomora charm. Congratulations! You can now attempt to unlock those previously inaccessible doors.

Important Note: While you can technically access the areas with Demiguise Statues before getting Alohomora, you won’t be able to collect them until you learn the spell.

Mastering the Mechanism: How to Use Alohomora

Using Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy involves a mini-game that requires focus and a steady hand. Here’s how it works:

Interact with the Lock: Approach a locked door and cast Alohomora. This will initiate the lockpicking mini-game.

The Gear Puzzle: You’ll see a circular interface with two rotating gears: an outer green one and an inner red one. There’s also a central sparking element that plays a crucial role.

Guiding the Sparks: The green spark initially appears in the central element. Your goal is to guide this spark towards the gear in the bottom right corner of the interface.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Rotate the outer green dial slowly and carefully. The key is to maintain a steady pace to keep the spark engaged with the gear. Going too fast will cause the spark to dissipate, forcing you to restart.

Inner Gear, Red Spark: Once the green spark is successfully attached to the bottom right gear and starts rotating it, focus on the red spark in the center. Repeat the same process – carefully rotate the inner red dial until the red spark connects with the gear in the middle and starts its rotation.

The Moment of Truth: If you’ve managed to keep both gears spinning simultaneously, the lock will click open, granting you access.

Tips and Tricks:

Practice Makes Perfect: The Alohomora mini-game can be a bit tricky at first.Practice on lower-level locks to get the hang of it.

Listen for the Clicks: As you rotate the dials, listen for a subtle clicking sound. This indicates you’re on the right track and close to engaging the sparks with the gears.

Patience is Key: Rushing through the mini-game will only lead to frustration. Take your time, focus on smooth and controlled movements, and success will follow.

Beyond Locked Doors: The Secrets Alohomora Unlocks

Acquiring Alohomora opens a treasure trove of possibilities within Hogwarts and beyond. Here’s what you can expect to discover:

Hidden Chambers and Secret Passages: The castle is brimming with hidden nooks and crannies accessible only through locked doors. Alohomora grants you access to these secret areas, potentially revealing hidden loot, lore entries, and even new quests.

Collectibles and Gear: Many locked chests contain valuable resources, rare equipment pieces, and crafting materials. Alohomora becomes essential for accumulating these treasures and enhancing your character’s power.

Restricted Areas and Forbidden Knowledge: Certain areas within Hogwarts, such as restricted sections of the library or teachers’ offices, may be locked.


How do I learn Alohomora?

Alohomora isn’t available right from the start. You’ll need to progress through the main story until you reach a quest called “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament.” Here, the helpful (and slightly scared) caretaker, Gladwin Moon, will teach you the spell in exchange for retrieving some Demiguise statues.

What are Demiguise statues, and why does the caretaker want them?

Demiguise statues are these winged monkey-like creatures scattered throughout the game world. They’re shy and turn invisible when you approach. Retrieving them for Gladwin strengthens your Alohomora skills.

How do I find Demiguise statues?

These little guys love to hide in dark corners and behind objects. Keep an eye out for a shimmering blue glow – that’s your cue! You’ll also unlock a special Revelio spell later that can help reveal hidden things, including Demiguise statues.

How do I use Alohomora?

Once you’ve learned the spell, approach a locked door or chest and interact with it. This triggers a lockpicking minigame. You’ll see two circles – an inner one and an outer one. Rotate them slowly until the gears in the designated spots (usually green and red) start spinning. When they do, press the button to unlock!

Are there different levels of difficulty for locks?

Yes! There are three levels of locks (Level 1, 2, and 3). You’ll start with Level 1 locks after learning Alohomora. To unlock higher-level locks, you’ll need to find more Demiguise statues and upgrade your Alohomora skill with Gladwin Moon.

Can I fail the lockpicking minigame?

Technically, no. But if you move the circles too fast, they’ll stop spinning, and you’ll have to start over. Take your time and focus on getting those gears moving!

Does Alohomora work on all doors and chests?

Alohomora is powerful, but it has its limits. It won’t open puzzle doors (those require specific solutions) or special eye-shaped chests (you’ll need a different spell for those!).

Is Alohomora important?

Absolutely! Alohomora grants access to a ton of hidden goodies, including new areas, loot, and secrets. It’s a must-have spell for any aspiring Hogwarts hero!

Are there any tips for using Alohomora?

Listen closely! The lockpicking minigame has a distinct audio cue when you’re close to getting the gears to spin.

Don’t get discouraged by higher-level locks. Just keep collecting Demiguise statues and upgrading your Alohomora skill.

Is there a way to make lockpicking faster?

While there’s no way to skip the minigame entirely, some players find it helpful to focus on moving just one circle at a time (usually the outer one) until the gears start to turn. Experiment and find what works best for you!

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