Spawn of Oggdo: A Formidable Foe Returns in Star Wars Jedi


Spawn of oggdo, The harrowing creatures known as Oggdo made their debut in the 2019 action-adventure game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. These hulking amphibian predators with razor-sharp claws and a taste for Jedi flesh quickly became a fan favorite (or perhaps more accurately, a fan-feared) enemy. In the recently released sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the legacy of the Oggdo lives on through the intimidating Spawn of Oggdo. This article delves into everything you need to know about this formidable foe, including its location, combat strategies, and the coveted reward for defeating it.

Spawn of oggdo

A Legacy of Amphibian Terror: The Oggdo of Bogano

Before facing the Spawn, it’s helpful to understand its lineage. In Fallen Order, players encountered the Oggdo on the swamp planet of Bogano. These monstrous amphibians were ambush predators, lurking beneath the murky depths and erupting from the mud to attack unsuspecting Jedi. Their thick hide was resistant to lightsaber strikes, forcing players to utilize parries and well-timed dodges to take them down.

An even more fearsome variant, the Oggdo Bogdo, existed as an optional boss fight. This larger, more aggressive version of the Oggdo presented a significant challenge for late-game players. The Spawn of Oggdo in Jedi: Survivor seems to be a descendant or mutated form of this apex predator.

Location, Location, Location: Finding the Spawn of Oggdo

The Spawn of Oggdo is an optional boss fight, meaning you can progress through the main story of Jedi: Survivor without encountering it. However, for those seeking a test of their combat skills and a unique reward, hunting down this beast is well worth the effort.

The Spawn of Oggdo can be found relatively early in the game on the planet Koboh. Make your way to Fort Kah’lin, a location you’ll visit as part of the main storyline. Once inside the Bedlam Raiders base, locate the Meditation Point. From here, keep an eye out for a nearby grapple point close to the tower. Grapple up and follow the path until you reach a seemingly abandoned building. This unassuming structure is actually the lair of the Spawn of Oggdo. Be prepared for a fight!

Word of Caution: While technically accessible early on, the Spawn of Oggdo is a formidable opponent. Many players recommend waiting until later in the game when you’ve acquired more powerful abilities and upgrades before attempting this fight.

A Brutal Dance: Strategies for Conquering the Spawn of Oggdo

The Spawn of Oggdo inherits many of the deadly traits of its Oggdo ancestors, but with a few nightmarish twists. Here’s a breakdown of its attacks and how to counter them:

Powerful Swipes and Bites: The Spawn of Oggdo utilizes its claws and maw for devastating close-range attacks. Be ready to dodge or parry these strikes to avoid taking significant damage.

Unblockable Lunges: Watch out for the Spawn of Oggdo puffing up its chest and glowing red. This signals an unblockable lunge attack. Your best bet is to jump over or double-jump to avoid the brunt of the damage.

Adhesive Tongue: Similar to its Oggdo kin, the Spawn can launch a long, sticky tongue to ensnare you. If caught, you’ll be pulled towards the beast and take damage. Use your lightsaber to sever the tongue before it connects.

Area-of-Effect Attacks: The Spawn of Oggdo has several attacks that inflict damage in a wide area around it. These include a slamming attack with its entire body and a series of powerful stomps. Maintaining a healthy distance and utilizing well-timed dodges are crucial to avoid these attacks.

Here are some general combat tips that will prove invaluable in defeating the Spawn of Oggdo:

Learn its Patterns: Every enemy in Jedi: Survivor has a set of attack patterns. Observe the Spawn of Oggdo’s movements and learn to recognize the tells for each attack. This will allow you to react appropriately and counter its offense.

Parry Wisely: Parrying is a vital mechanic in Jedi: Survivor. A well-timed parry can not only block an attack but also leave the enemy momentarily stunned, opening them up for a counterattack. However, be cautious – some of the Spawn of Oggdo’s attacks, like the unblockable lunge, cannot be parried.

Force is With You: Utilize your Force abilities strategically. A well-timed Force Push can momentarily stun the Spawn of Oggdo, creating an opportunity to land some lightsaber strikes.


What is the Spawn of Oggdo?

The Spawn of Oggdo is a fearsome creature and an optional boss fight in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It’s the offspring of the monstrous Oggdo Bogdo from the previous game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Where can I find the Spawn of Oggdo?

This beasty lurks on the planet Koboh. Head to Fort Kah’lin, specifically near the Fort Kah’lin Meditation Point within the Bedlam Raiders base. Look for a grapple point by the tower close to the Meditation Point.

Is the Spawn of Oggdo a tough fight?

Yes! This is a challenging encounter, especially early in the game. It’s recommended to wait until you’ve leveled up a bit and acquired some health upgrades before taking it on.

What are some tips for defeating the Spawn of Oggdo?

Learn its moves: Pay close attention to the Spawn of Oggdo’s attack patterns. Dodge its unblockable attacks signaled by a red glow, especially the lunge and bite.

Utilize the Force: Use the Force to slow down time during critical moments to gain an advantage.

Parry and counter: When you can, parry its attacks to stun it and land some counterattacks.

What reward do I get for defeating the Spawn of Oggdo?

The spoils of victory are worth the struggle! You’ll be rewarded with the classic Poncho Outfit, a cool cosmetic addition for your character.

Can I cheese the fight?

There are some online discussions about exploiting the environment to gain an unfair advantage. This might be tempting, but it’s ultimately more rewarding to master the fight itself.

Is the Spawn of Oggdo missable?

No worries! Since it’s an optional boss, you can always come back later when you’re stronger to face it.

What are some similarities between the Spawn of Oggdo and Oggdo Bogdo?

Both creatures share a similar appearance and brutal fighting style. They’re both fast, aggressive, and have unblockable attacks.

Are there any differences between the Spawn of Oggdo and Oggdo Bogdo?

While similar, the Spawn of Oggdo might have some new attack patterns or variations on the existing ones.

Where can I find more information on the Spawn of Oggdo?

You can search online for guides and walkthroughs. There are also many helpful videos on YouTube showcasing strategies to defeat this boss YouTube.

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