Survive the Outbreak: A Resident Evil 2 Remake Walkthrough


Resident Evil 2 Remake, a chilling reimagining of the 1998 classic, throws you headfirst into a nightmarish Raccoon City overrun by zombies. As either Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie cop, or Claire Redfield, a college student searching for her brother, you must navigate the decaying streets and a sprawling police station, all while conserving ammo and avoiding the relentless pursuers. This walkthrough will guide you through both Leon’s and Claire’s “A Story” campaigns, highlighting key puzzles, boss encounters, and valuable items to collect.

Resident Evil 2

Choosing Your Path: Leon vs. Claire

Resident Evil 2 boasts two distinct campaigns offering different perspectives on the outbreak. Leon’s campaign focuses more on action, while Claire’s leans towards puzzle-solving. Both campaigns feature unique bosses and unlock the “B Story” scenario upon completion, offering a fresh take on the events with rearranged items and puzzles. This guide will cover the A Story campaigns for both characters.

Gear Up and Survive: Essential Tips

Before diving in, here are some general tips to maximize your chances of survival:

Inventory Management: Inventory space is precious. Prioritize ammo, healing items (green herbs for healing, red herbs to combine with green for stronger healing), and key items required for puzzles. Utilize item boxes scattered throughout the game to store and access your stash.

Examine Everything: Examine every corpse and object you find. You might uncover ammo, hidden passages, or clues for puzzles.

The Art of Dodging: While some enemies demand a stand-your-ground approach, dodging is often a better option to conserve ammo. Learn enemy attack patterns and time your dodges for efficient evasion.

Save Wisely: Save points (typewriters) are scarce. Use them strategically, especially before entering boss fights or new areas.

Mr. X is Watching: In Leon’s campaign, you’ll encounter the imposing Mr. X. He relentlessly pursues you throughout the police station, forcing you to adapt your tactics. Utilize safe rooms and avoid unnecessary fights when he’s around.

Leon S. Kennedy: A Police Station in Peril

Gas Station and Arrival in Raccoon City:

The game opens with a tense escape from a zombie-infested gas station. Grab the items here, including a pistol and healing herbs. Once in Raccoon City, explore the Kendo Gun Shop for some early firepower (a shotgun is highly recommended).

Raccoon Police Station:

Head inside the station and navigate the halls, solving puzzles and collecting key items. You’ll encounter your first boss fight against the monstrous Birkin. Exploit its weak points and dodge its attacks for victory.

West Office and Solving Puzzles:

Progress through the West Office, using a keycard to access locked areas. Solve puzzles involving the Lion Statue and the Eagle Medallion to obtain valuable items.

The STARS Office and the Underground Facility:

Descend to the basement through a hidden passage. Explore the STARS office, finding clues about the outbreak and encountering a second boss, a mutated plant creature. Utilize fire to defeat it.

The Sewers and the Orphanage:

Navigate the claustrophobic sewers, avoiding giant alligator enemies. Reach the orphanage and use a lighter to solve a puzzle, gaining access to a hidden passage.

NEST (National Emergency Service Treatment):

Prepare for another boss fight against a heavily mutated Birkin. Utilize the powerful weapon you obtained earlier and dodge its attacks to bring it down.

Escape from Raccoon City:

After defeating Birkin, escape the collapsing facility using a train. Congratulations, you’ve completed Leon’s A Story campaign!

Claire Redfield: Uncovering the Truth

Raccoon City Streets and Arriving at the Station:

Claire’s story begins on the streets, where she encounters Sherry Birkin, a young girl separated from her parents. Seek shelter in a cafe and find clues about the police station.

Raccoon Police Station:

Similar to Leon’s campaign, explore the station, solving puzzles and collecting items. Claire encounters a different boss, a mutated dog called G-Mutant. Use a flamethrower acquired earlier to take it down.

The Kennel and the East Office:

Head towards the Kennel to find a keycard and solve puzzles involving dog tags. Explore the East Office, using a lighter to access a hidden passage.

The Clock Tower and Solving Puzzles:

Climb the clock tower, solving a series of challenging puzzles involving gears and bells. Defeat a boss here, a giant moth creature called Giant Moth [sic]. Use a submachine gun you acquired


Getting Started: Leon or Claire?

You get to choose your protagonist! Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie cop, and Claire Redfield, searching for her brother Chris, offer unique stories and slightly different paths through the game.

Wait, there are multiple paths?

Yes! Each character has two scenarios (A and B) to complete, offering a new perspective and slightly different puzzles and enemies.

I’m lost! Where do I go first?

Don’t worry, rookie. Head to the Raccoon City Police Department (RPD). Explore the halls, collect keycards, and solve puzzles to unlock new areas. This is where the real survival begins!

Speaking of puzzles, any hints?

The RPD is packed with puzzles! Look for clues in notes and examine objects closely. For example, a Lion Heart emblem might be the key to a locked door featuring a lion statue.

Inventory Tetris: How do I manage my stuff?

Hold onto essential items like healing herbs, strong weapons, and lockpicks. Combine herbs to create stronger healing items, and discard less useful items to free up space. There are item boxes scattered throughout the game to store your loot.

Lickers are freaking creepy! How do I deal with them?

These ceiling-crawling horrors have a nasty tongue attack. Fire is your friend! Molotov cocktails or your flamethrower (acquired later) can keep them at bay. Also, aim for their exposed brains for a quick kill.

Boss Battles: Any Tips?

Bosses are monstrous and relentless. Learn their attack patterns and dodge strategically. Use strong weapons and unload everything you have during openings. Don’t forget to heal when injured!

Exploring the Sewers: What awaits down there?

The sewers are dark, confusing, and crawling with enemies. Stay alert and conserve ammo. You’ll encounter puzzles and find valuable items hidden in this murky labyrinth.

Unlockables and Secrets: What can I find?

The game rewards exploration! Look for hidden Mr. Raccoon statues (collecting all 15 unlocks a special infinite ammo weapon). Examine files scattered around to piece together the story.

Second playthrough? Is it worth it?

Absolutely! The second scenario offers a fresh experience with new enemy placements, puzzles, and story reveals. Plus, you can unlock new weapons and crank up the difficulty for an extra challenge.

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