Annihilation-The Formidable Finale of Remnant 2


Standing tall as the final challenge in Remnant 2, Annihilation is the embodiment of the Root corruption, the primary antagonist of the game. This monstrous entity awaits you at the Blackened Citadel in Root Earth, ready to test your combat skills and resilience to the very limit.

Defeating Annihilation signifies the end of your arduous journey and the potential salvation of worlds. Buckle up, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge to confront and conquer this formidable foe.

The Root’s Heart of Darkness

Annihilation isn’t just another boss fight; it’s the culmination of your journey. This monstrous entity serves as the physical manifestation of the Root, the source of all corruption plaguing the worlds of Remnant. Annihilation’s very existence warps reality, twisting landscapes and birthing monstrous creatures. Defeating it is the only way to sever the Root’s hold and restore balance.

The encounter takes place within the Blackened Citadel, a desolate and twisted fortress at the heart of Root Earth. The fight itself is a gruelling test of your skills and resilience, demanding mastery of dodging, weapon selection, and strategic use of consumables.

Unveiling the Annihilation: Form and Function

Annihilation is a hulking creature clad in dark, corrupted armour, wielding a massive sword that crackles with corrupting energy. Its form represents the destructive nature of the Root, a constant threat to every realm it infects. As the final boss, Annihilation boasts immense strength, a diverse attack repertoire, and a multi-phased battle that demands tactical adaptation.

Annihilation’s Arena: A Shifting Battlefield

The battle against Annihilation takes place across two distinct environments. The first is a desolate wasteland mirroring the corrupted landscapes you’ve traversed throughout the game. The second is a futuristic, technological platform, a stark contrast to the organic decay of the Root. Annihilation freely shifts between these two arenas as the fight progresses, forcing you to adjust your strategies on the fly.

Deciphering the Annihilation: A Breakdown of Attacks

Annihilation possesses a vast array of attacks, each requiring specific responses to avoid devastating consequences. Here’s a breakdown of its key moves:

  • Slashing Fury: Annihilation unleashes a series of powerful sword swings. Learn to dodge these telegraphed attacks by rolling at the last moment.
  • Crushing Slam: The boss slams its sword onto the ground, creating a shockwave. Maintain distance or utilize the arena’s uneven terrain to avoid the brunt of the attack.
  • Corrupted Orbs: Annihilation spawns red orbs that home in on you, dealing significant damage on contact. Focus on destroying these orbs with a high-damage weapon like the Enigma pistol.
  • Corruption Blast: Annihilation fires a beam of corrupting energy. Move perpendicular to the beam to evade its path.
  • Dimensional Shift: This attack teleports Annihilation and the player to the alternate arena. Be prepared to adapt your approach based on the new environment.
  • Grid Attack (Futuristic Arena): Red lines appear on the platform, indicating safe and unsafe zones. Move strategically to avoid the damaging red areas.
  • Tendril Burst (Futuristic Arena): Six pulsating tendrils erupt from the ground, creating a limited movement space. Carefully navigate between the tendrils while focusing on Annihilation.

Strategies for Success: Conquering the Annihilation

Here are some crucial tips to emerge victorious from this epic encounter:

  • Weapon and Armor Selection: Equip gear with high damage output and strong resistance against physical and corruption damage. Consider using a turret or other deployable defences to distract the boss and deal consistent damage.
  • Dodge Timing is Key: Mastering the dodge mechanic is paramount. Learn the audio cues and visual indicators for each attack to ensure timely dodges.
  • Prioritize Corrupted Orbs: These orbs pose a significant threat, so prioritize destroying them immediately to avoid taking heavy damage.
  • Utilize the Environment: Both arenas offer opportunities for strategic advantage. Use pillars and uneven terrain in the wasteland to block attacks, and move strategically within the safe zones in the futuristic platform.
  • Cooperative Play: Remnant 2 shines in cooperative play. Team up with friends to share the damage burden and revive fallen comrades, significantly increasing your chances of success.
  • Learn from Your Mistakes: This fight is a gruelling test of skill and perseverance. Don’t get discouraged by failures; analyze your mistakes and adjust your tactics accordingly.

Beyond the Annihilation: Rewards and Secrets

Defeating Annihilation brings immense satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Here’s what awaits you after conquering the final boss:

  • The Undying King Trophy/Achievement: This prestigious reward recognizes your mastery over the ultimate challenge.
  • World’s End Armor Set: This powerful armour set offers exceptional protection against various damage types, a well-deserved reward for your triumph.
  • True Ending: Witnessing the true ending of Remnant 2 unlocks a deeper understanding of the game’s lore and the fate of the world.


Q. Who is Annihilation?

Annihilation is the final boss of Remnant 2, a formidable foe standing between you and completing the game. Prepare for a challenging fight that will test your dodging skills and combat strategy.

Q. How to Beat Annihilation

Annihilation has two distinct phases, each with its own set of attacks. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Phase 1: Annihilation focuses on close-range attacks with his massive sword and ranged assaults with homing orbs. Learn to dodge his sword slams, thrusts, and the shockwaves that follow some attacks. Prioritize destroying the red orbs quickly, a pistol like the Enigma is great for this task.
  • Phase 2: Annihilation gains new abilities like a ground-sweeping lightning attack and the ability to root you in place. Stay mobile, focus on dodging the telegraphed attacks, and continue to prioritize destroying the red orbs.

General Tips

  • Listen Closely: The audio cues in the fight are crucial for timing your dodges. Turn down the music if needed to focus on these sounds.
  • Choose Your Archetype Wisely: The Engineer with its Overclocked Turret (for damage and health regen) and the Invader with its Void Cloak (for extra dodges) are popular choices for this fight.
  • Defence is Key: Prioritize dodging and staying alive over constantly attacking. Focus on bursts of damage during safe openings.
  • Utilize Consumables: Stock up on health items and consumables that boost your damage or defence before the fight.

Q. Is Annihilation Difficult?

Yes, Annihilation is a significant difficulty spike compared to other bosses in the game. However, with patience, practice, and the right strategy, you can overcome this challenge.

Community Tips (from Reddit)

  • Players recommend turning down the background music to focus on audio cues for dodging.
  • Consider using the Leto armour set for extra survivability.
  • Don’t get greedy with your attacks; prioritize staying alive over maximizing damage output.

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