A Guide to the Armored Core 6 LOGHUNT Program


Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon throws you into a world ravaged by war, where piloting your Armored Core (AC) is key to survival. But beyond the main story missions, there’s a hidden layer of challenge and reward waiting to be discovered: the LOGHUNT program. This mercenary initiative offers a chance to test your skills against unique enemies and score valuable upgrades for your AC.

This guide delves into everything you need to know about LOGHUNT, from its mechanics to those burning questions you’ve seen popping up in YouTube comments. So, buckle up, mercenary, and let’s get hunting!

Armored Core 6

What is LOGHUNT?

Unlocked after completing “Operation Wallclimber” in Chapter 1, LOGHUNT is a mercenary program offered by ALLMIND, the powerful corporation that governs much of the war effort. Essentially, you’re tasked with taking down designated enemy ACs scattered throughout various missions. These targets are no pushovers – they’re marked with special icons on your radar, ranging from bronze for weaker opponents to platinum for the most formidable foes.

Why Participate in LOGHUNT?

The primary reason to engage in LOGHUNT is the loot. By eliminating these marked enemies and collecting the corresponding Combat Logs they drop, you’ll rank up within the program. Each rank unlocks a new piece of powerful equipment for your AC, ranging from improved weaponry to enhanced armor components. These rewards can significantly boost your capabilities and give you an edge on the battlefield.

But LOGHUNT isn’t just about acquiring shiny new gadgets. It’s also a fantastic way to test your piloting skills. These marked enemies often present unique challenges. They might be heavily armored brutes, agile speedsters, or cunning ambushers. Defeating them requires strategic use of your AC’s weaponry, movement abilities, and a healthy dose of combat awareness.

Finding Your Targets: How to Identify LOGHUNT Enemies

LOGHUNT enemies are easy to spot on your radar. They’ll be marked with special icons that denote their difficulty:

Bronze: These are the easiest LOGHUNT targets, perfect for familiarizing yourself with the program.

Silver: Standard enemy ACs with a bit more punch. A good test of your basic combat skills.

Gold: These are tougher enemies that may require specific tactics or weapon loadouts.

Platinum: The cream of the crop. Expect a brutal fight against these elite ACs.

Remember, difficulty isn’t always tied to color. Some silver-marked enemies might be more challenging than their gold counterparts depending on their specific configuration.

Here’s a crucial tip: Don’t confuse LOGHUNT targets with story-critical enemies. While some missions have mandatory boss fights, LOGHUNT enemies are entirely optional. You can complete the mission objectives without engaging them.

Common LOGHUNT Questions Answered:

Based on what players have been asking online, here are some of the most common LOGHUNT queries addressed:

Can I miss LOGHUNT targets? Absolutely. These enemies are often hidden or situated off the beaten path. Using your radar diligently and exploring every nook and cranny of a mission is key to finding them.

Do I have to replay missions to find missed targets? Yes and no. Some LOGHUNT targets are exclusive to specific missions, requiring a replay if you miss them. However, others might reappear in later missions, offering a second chance.

Is LOGHUNT available in New Game Plus? Yes! New Game Plus carries over your LOGHUNT progress, allowing you to continue collecting Combat Logs and unlocking rewards. Additionally, some LOGHUNT targets might only be accessible in New Game Plus, adding a layer of replayability.

Are there any guides to LOGHUNT target locations? The internet is a treasure trove of information. A quick search for “Armored Core 6 LOGHUNT guide” or “Combat Log locations AC6” should yield detailed walkthroughs with specific enemy locations for each mission.

Tips and Tricks for LOGHUNT Success

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge, here are some helpful pointers to dominate the LOGHUNT program:

Recon is Key: Before diving headfirst into battle, spend some time analyzing the mission map and familiarizing yourself with the terrain. This can help you predict where LOGHUNT enemies might be hiding.

Adapt Your Approach: Don’t fight every enemy the same way. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your target and adjust your tactics accordingly. For heavily armored foes, pack piercing weapons, while agile opponents might require fast-firing weaponry for consistent damage.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment: LOGHUNT is a great opportunity to experiment with different weapon.


What is LOGHUNT?

LOGHUNT is a program by ALLMIND that tasks you with eliminating designated enemy mechs. These targets are marked in the upper left corner of your screen with a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum emblem.

How do I start LOGHUNT?

You’ll be automatically enrolled in LOGHUNT after completing “Operation Wallclimber” in Chapter 1.

How do I find LOGHUNT targets?

Look for the emblem markers on enemy mechs. Bronze and silver markings are typically for optional enemies you might miss on your first playthrough. Gold and platinum targets are usually Armored Cores (ACs) themselves.

What are Combat Logs?

These are earned by defeating LOGHUNT targets. They count towards your LOGHUNT rank and unlock new parts.

How do I rank up in LOGHUNT?

The more Combat Logs you collect, the higher your LOGHUNT rank goes. Each rank unlocks new parts for you to customize your AC.

Are there any special LOGHUNT targets?

Some LOGHUNT targets are only available on New Game Plus or by replaying missions with alternate objectives.

Can I miss LOGHUNT targets?

Yes. If you don’t destroy the marked enemy before completing the mission, you won’t get the Combat Log. You’ll need to replay the mission to try again.

What kind of rewards do I get from LOGHUNT?

By ranking up in LOGHUNT, you unlock various parts for your AC, including new weapons, legs, arms, and cores.

Is LOGHUNT the only way to get new parts?

No, you can also acquire parts through the normal story progression and by purchasing them in shops.

Where can I find a complete list of LOGHUNT targets?

Several online resources like strategy guides and forums have compiled lists of LOGHUNT targets per mission. A quick web search for “AC6 LOGHUNT guide” should do the trick!

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