Unveiling the Chamber of Connection: A Jedi Survivor’s Trial


Chamber of connection, Deep within the treacherous Viscid Bog of Koboh lies a hidden chamber, whispering of a forgotten past. This is the Chamber of Connection, a secret Jedi meditation chamber that tests the skills and resolve of any who dare enter. Appearing in the video game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the chamber offers not only a challenging puzzle but also valuable rewards for those who emerge victorious.

Chamber of connection

Locating the Chamber: A Boggy Trek

Reaching the Chamber of Connection requires navigating the perilous Viscid Bog. For seasoned players, this shouldn’t be an issue after completing the “Koboh – Research Tanalorr” objective. This ensures you have BD-1 equipped with the essential Koboh Grinder, a vital tool for the chamber’s puzzles.

Here’s a breakdown of how to find the entrance:

Fast Travel: Utilize the nearest Viscid Bog meditation point to quickly reach the starting point.

Zipline Maneuver: Locate the zipline directly in front of the meditation point. Take a leap of faith and zip across.

Mid-Air Transfer: Crucially, don’t reach the end of the first zipline! While in mid-air, look for a second zipline branching off to the left, leading towards a cliff face. Aim for this and grapple onto the rocks before sinking into the treacherous bog.

Remember, the tar can be deadly, so make this transfer swiftly. Once you’ve secured yourself on the rocks, climb your way up to the chamber’s entrance.

Deciphering the Enigma: A Puzzle Worthy of a Jedi

Unlike other Jedi chambers that rely on Cal Kestis’ Force abilities, the Chamber of Connection presents a unique challenge solved primarily through BD-1’s functionalities. Here’s a step-by-step guide to conquer the puzzle:

Descending the Elevator: Enter the chamber and activate the elevator to descend into the heart of the challenge.

Guiding the Flame: Your objective is to navigate a flickering flame across the chamber to a designated endpoint. This flame acts as a key to unlocking the exit.

Pressure Plates and Shifting Panels: The chamber is filled with pressure plates and movable panels. Stepping on a pressure plate activates and shifts the panel in front of you. The key is to strategically utilize these plates to create a path for the flame to reach its destination.

A Two-Part Challenge: The puzzle is divided into two sections. The first involves maneuvering the flame across several pressure plates, eventually reaching a central platform. The second part mirrors the first but on the opposite side of the chamber.

Patience and Precision: This puzzle requires patience and a keen eye. Observe the layout and plan your moves before activating pressure plates. Remember, some plates might shift multiple panels at once, so strategize accordingly.

The Grand Reveal: Once the flame reaches the designated endpoint on both sides, a hidden passage will open at the back corner of the chamber. This leads to the chamber’s rewards.

Reaping the Rewards: A Jedi’s Spoils

Successfully navigating the Chamber of Connection bestows upon you valuable rewards that enhance your Jedi experience:

Perk: You’ll earn a valuable perk that can give Cal an edge in combat or exploration. The specific perk may vary depending on your playthrough.

Force Echo: Uncover a Force Echo, offering a glimpse into the past and the history of the Jedi on Koboh.

Databank Entries: Expand your knowledge of the Star Wars universe with new entries added to your personal Databank.

Collectibles: Keep your eyes peeled for hidden cosmetic chests scattered throughout the chamber. These chests contain new lightsaber parts and ponchos for Cal to customize his look.

These rewards serve as a testament to your skills and perseverance, proving your worthiness to connect with the legacy of the Jedi.

Beyond the Game: Exploring the Chamber’s Inspiration

The Chamber of Connection serves a larger purpose within the narrative of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It represents a hidden sanctuary where Jedi could hone their connection to the Force and commune with the spirits of their fallen comrades.

While the game doesn’t delve deep into the chamber’s history, it sparks the imagination. One can envision Jedi Masters using the chamber for meditation and training, or as a repository of lost knowledge. Perhaps the chamber was a place of solace, allowing Jedi to find peace and guidance during times of turmoil.

The puzzle design itself might be inspired by real-world labyrinths or logic puzzles used for meditation and self-reflection. The concept of navigating a path to enlightenment resonates with the core themes of the Jedi Order, emphasizing focus, discipline, and problem-solving skills.


Where is the Chamber of Connection?

You’ll find this chamber in the Viscid Bog on the planet Koboh. Look for the meditation point – the Chamber is accessible from there.

How do I reach the Chamber of Connection?

Fast travel to the Viscid Bog meditation point. You’ll need to use two ziplines to reach the chamber’s entrance. Be mindful of the tar pits and use your grappling hook to avoid getting stuck!

What’s the deal with the puzzle?

Unlike other chambers, the Chamber of Connection relies on BD-1’s abilities for puzzle-solving. You’ll need to use pressure plates and movable panels to guide a flame to a specific point.

What rewards can I expect?

Conquering the Chamber of Connection grants you a well-deserved perk! You’ll also find several collectibles scattered throughout, including Databank entries, cosmetic chests, and Force echoes.

Is there anything special I need to access the chamber?

It’s recommended to complete the “Koboh – Research Tanalorr” objective first. This ensures you have BD-1’s Koboh Grinder, a crucial tool for the puzzle.

Can I explore the chamber freely?

Yes! Once you solve the puzzle and gain access to the main chamber, you can explore freely to find all the hidden collectibles.

What difficulty level is the Chamber of Connection?

The puzzle can be tricky, so be prepared to spend some time solving it. Don’t get discouraged – consult those walkthroughs if needed!

Are there any secrets hidden in the chamber?

While there aren’t any hidden areas per se, some collectibles might be cleverly concealed. Keep an eye out for every nook and cranny!

Is the Chamber of Connection worth the effort?

Definitely! The satisfaction of solving the puzzle, the bonus perk, and the cool collectibles make it a rewarding experience for any Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player.

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