Forge Your Legend: A Guide to Baldur’s Gate 3 Character Creation


Baldur’s Gate 3 throws you into the heart of the Forgotten Realms, a world teeming with magic, danger, and countless choices. But before you embark on this epic adventure, a crucial step awaits: crafting your hero. Here’s a comprehensive guide to navigate Baldur’s Gate 3 character creation, addressing the most common questions players ask and empowering you to build the perfect adventurer.

The Big Picture: Ancestry, Origin, and Class

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a dynamic character creation process. Unlike traditional linear approaches, you can approach these aspects in any order that suits your vision.

Ancestry: This defines your character’s race, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and visual customization options. Popular choices include humans (versatile and adaptable), tieflings (innate spellcasting and resistance to fire), and dwarves (tough and hardy with a bonus to Constitution).

Origin: This shapes your character’s backstory and starting abilities. For example, the “Soldier” origin grants proficiency in martial weapons and heavy armor, while the “Criminal” offers bonuses to stealth and deception. Choosing an origin also unlocks unique dialogue options throughout the game.

Baldur's Gate 3

Choosing Your Class: Champions of Steel and Spellcasters

The class you select determines your character’s primary role in combat and exploration. Here’s a breakdown of the core classes available:

Warriors: The frontline fighters, excelling in melee combat. Subclasses include the stalwart Fighter, the rage-fueled Barbarian, and the nimble Monk.

Rogues: Masters of stealth and trickery. They excel at dealing damage from the shadows or disarming traps.

Rangers: Skilled hunters who blend martial prowess with a connection to the wilderness.

Clerics: Divine spellcasters who channel divine energy to heal allies, smite foes, and support the party. Their subclass determines their domain (Trickery, Life, etc.).

Wizards: Masters of arcane magic, wielding powerful spells that can devastate enemies or manipulate the battlefield.

Warlocks: Strike bargains with otherworldly patrons for potent magic, often specializing in a specific damage type.

Sorcerers: Innate spellcasters fueled by their bloodline, unleashing devastating magic with minimal preparation.

Bards: Charismatic spellcasters who inspire allies and manipulate enemies with their music and wit.

Rolling the Dice: Ability Scores and Skill Selection

Ability Scores: These core attributes define your character’s strengths and weaknesses. You can either roll dice or manually distribute points across Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Each ability score influences different aspects of gameplay:

Strength: Melee damage, carrying capacity

Dexterity: Ranged accuracy, Armor Class (AC)

Constitution: Hit points, resilience against poisons and disease

Intelligence: Arcane magic ability for Wizards and Sorcerers

Wisdom: Divine magic ability for Clerics, Druids, and Rangers, also affects Perception and Lore skills.

Charisma: Affects dialogue options, social skills like Persuasion and Deception, and spellcasting for Bards and Sorcerers.

Skills: These represent your character’s learned abilities, impacting dialogue options, exploration, and specific actions. You can choose from a wide range of skills like Athletics (Strength-based) for climbing and jumping, Stealth (Dexterity) for sneaking, and Arcana (Intelligence) for knowledge of magic.

The Finishing Touches: Appearance, Voice, and Alignment

Appearance: Baldur’s Gate 3 offers extensive character customization options. You can tinker with your character’s race-specific features, hairstyles, facial features, body type, and even scars or tattoos.

Voice: Select a voice that suits your character’s personality from a range of options.

Alignment: Choose your character’s moral compass. Will they be a Lawful Good paladin, a Chaotic Neutral trickster rogue, or something entirely different? Alignment can influence dialogue options and certain quests.

Beyond the Basics: Tips and Tricks for Building Your Hero

Consider Party Composition: Think about how your character will complement the party you plan to build. Perhaps you need a tank to soak up damage, a healer to keep everyone alive, or a master of illusion to deceive enemies.

Don’t Forget Roleplay: While min-maxing for pure combat effectiveness is tempting, consider your character’s backstory and personality.


What’s the most important choice in character creation?

While tempting to jump to looks, your Class defines your combat style and abilities. Think about if you want to be a magical powerhouse (Wizard), a frontline fighter (Fighter), or a sneaky rogue (Thief).

Race or Class first? Does it matter?

The beauty is, it’s flexible! Some players pick their Class for the playstyle, then choose a Race that complements it. Others fall in love with a specific Race (like Tiefling!) and build a Class around them.

Help! I’m overwhelmed by ability scores!

These scores (Strength, Dexterity, etc.) determine your character’s strengths and weaknesses. Focus on the ones that benefit your Class most. For example, a Fighter thrives with high Strength, while a Wizard needs a strong Intelligence.

Should I just accept the ability score recommendations?

The suggested spread is a good starting point, but feel free to customize! Maybe you want a brawny Wizard who surprises enemies in close combat. It’s your hero, after all!

Background: Just fluff, or does it matter?

Your Background isn’t just backstory! It grants bonus skills and proficiencies that can shape your character’s approach. A Folk Hero might be skilled in Athletics and Persuasion, while a Criminal might be a master of Stealth and Deception.

Can I look however I want?

Absolutely! Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a deep character creator. From skin tone and hair to facial features and scars, you can craft a hero (or villain) that reflects your vision.

Help! I want to be good at talking my way out of trouble.

Charisma is your friend! This ability score boosts your persuasive powers. Choose a Class that leverages Charisma, like Bard, and select skills like Persuasion and Deception to become a silver-tongued hero.

Is there a way to reset my character if I mess up?

No worries! Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to respec your character (redistribute ability scores and skills) later in the game for a small fee. So, experiment and have fun!

Should I pick skills that complement my Class abilities?

Yes and no! While focusing on skills that benefit your Class is smart, consider well-roundedness too. Maybe your Fighter also has a knack for Stealth for surprise attacks.

Is there a “best” class or race?

The beauty of Baldur’s Gate 3 is there’s no single best choice. It depends on your playstyle and what kind of hero you want to be. There’s a perfect build out there waiting for you to discover it!

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