the Hylian Shield Continues: How to Find It in Tears of the Kingdom


The Hylian Shield, a legendary symbol of resilience and defense, makes its triumphant return in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). This iconic shield boasts unparalleled protection, making it a coveted item for any adventurer. Whether you’re a seasoned Zelda veteran or a newcomer to Hyrule, here’s everything you need to know about acquiring the Hylian Shield in TOTK.

The Hylian Shield

Location, Location, Location: Where to Find the Hylian Shield

Unlike Breath of the Wild, where the shield resided deep within Hyrule Castle, TOTK offers a more accessible location. The Hylian Shield can be found nestled within the Hyrule Castle Docks. Thankfully, these docks remain on the surface world, even with Hyrule Castle partially lifted into the sky.

Here’s how to pinpoint the exact location:

Head to the North side of Hyrule Castle. You can either approach by land or water. If traveling by water, start your journey at the northeasternmost point of Castle Town, near the prison. Look for a wooden dock with a small log raft waiting – this is your starting point.

Navigate North around Hyrule Castle until you encounter another dock with a cave entrance. Pass this dock and enter the cave. This will lead you directly to the Hyrule Field Docks.

Once inside the docks, locate the inner docks area. Look for stairs leading upwards, which will take you closer to the shield.

Be cautious! This area might be crawling with Gloom Spawn hands, and potentially even Phantom Ganon. Prepare for a fight or consider alternative routes to avoid them if you’re not well-equipped.

Claiming Your Prize: Solving the Torch Puzzle

Reaching the shield isn’t enough; you’ll need to solve a simple puzzle to claim it. Here’s what you need to do:

Locate a cluster of braziers near the stairs leading to the shield’s location.

Light all the braziers. You can use fire arrows, a flaming weapon, or even a Fire Fruit to ignite them.

Once all the braziers are lit, a large torch in the center will activate. Light this central torch as well.

Completing this puzzle will cause a chest to appear, containing the glorious Hylian Shield!

Optional Tip: Some players have reported success by simply lighting the central torch without bothering with the individual braziers. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Multiple Attempts? Here’s What You Need to Know

The Hylian Shield, unfortunately, isn’t indestructible. Just like other weapons and shields in TOTK, it can break after taking too much damage. Here’s what you need to know if your Hylian Shield breaks:

The shield can respawn! Thankfully, the Hylian Shield respawns in the same chest after a Blood Moon event (similar to the mechanic in Breath of the Wild).

Consider alternatives. While the Hylian Shield reigns supreme in defense, there might be other shields available in the game with varying degrees of durability and special effects. Explore your options and experiment!

The Hylian Shield’s Legacy: Why It Matters

The Hylian Shield transcends its function as a defensive tool; it’s a symbol of Link’s unwavering courage and a testament to Hyrule’s rich history. Here’s why the shield holds such significance:

A Beacon of Defense: Boasting the highest defense rating in the game (currently at 90), the Hylian Shield offers unmatched protection against enemy attacks.

A Piece of Hylian History: The shield’s design, featuring the iconic Triforce symbol, connects Link to generations of heroes who have wielded it before him.

A Test of Skill: While the location is more accessible in TOTK, acquiring the shield might still require defeating enemies or solving puzzles, adding a layer of challenge and accomplishment.

Finding the Hylian Shield is an essential step for any adventurer seeking to bolster their defenses and immerse themselves deeper into the lore of Hyrule. So, gear up, Link! The legendary shield awaits.

About the Hylian Shield in TOTK

Here are some additional questions players have been asking about the Hylian Shield in TOTK, along with answers based on current information:

Is the Hylian Shield the only good shield in TOTK? While the Hylian Shield boasts the highest defense, other shields might offer unique functionalities or special effects. Experiment and see what best suits your playstyle.

Can I upgrade the Hylian Shield? There is no current information suggesting the Hylian Shield can be upgraded in TOTK. However, future updates or DLC might introduce such mechanics.


Where do I find the Hylian Shield?

The Hylian Shield rests within the Hyrule Castle Docks, which are still on the ground beneath the floating castle. Look north of Lookout Landing for these docks.

How do I get to the Hyrule Castle Docks?

You have two options:

By Water: Sail there using a raft or your own boat. Head north from the easternmost point of Castle Town Prison (by the wooden dock) until you find another dock near a cave. Enter the cave to reach the inner docks.

By Climbing: Descend from the floating Hyrule Castle using the Revalis Gale ability or by climbing down. Be mindful of enemies!

Is it hard to get the Hylian Shield?

Compared to Breath of the Wild, obtaining the Hylian Shield is easier. You might encounter some Gloom Spawn enemies, but you can avoid them or fight your way past.

What’s the trick to getting the Shield?

There’s a simple puzzle! Locate a large unlit torch in the docks. Light it with a Fire Arrow, Torch, or flammable item. This reveals a treasure chest containing the Hylian Shield.

Is the Hylian Shield still the best shield?

Absolutely! It boasts the highest defense rating (90) in Tears of the Kingdom, making it ideal for taking on powerful enemies.

What happens if the Hylian Shield breaks?

Unlike Breath of the Wild, the Hylian Shield isn’t indestructible. But fear not! You can repurchase it from Cece in Hateno Village after completing “The Mayoral Election” side quest. Each purchase will cost 3,000 Rupees.

Are there any other ways to get the Hylian Shield?

No, currently there are no known alternative methods to obtain the Hylian Shield.

Is it worth getting the Hylian Shield early?

Yes! The high defense makes it a valuable asset, especially for early-game challenges.

Can I miss the Hylian Shield?

No, the Hyrule Castle Docks and the Shield are accessible throughout the game.

Are there any cool secrets about the Hylian Shield?

Some fans believe the placement (underneath the floating castle) might hint at a connection to the story or lore, but nothing is confirmed yet!

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