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Bg3 auntie ethel, In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), a cast of unforgettable characters weave a narrative of peril and heroism. Auntie Ethel stands out as one such figure, shrouded in mystery and capable of both aid and menace. This guide delves into everything you need to know about Auntie Ethel, from her initial appearances to her hidden depths.

Bg3 auntie ethel

The Alluring Merchant: First Encounters with Auntie Ethel

Players first encounter Auntie Ethel in The Hollow, a hidden settlement within the Emerald Grove. Disguised as a kindly old woman, she runs a stall brimming with “Potions and Lotions.” Keen-eyed adventurers might notice a hint of something otherworldly about her. Her wares are indeed intriguing, offering a mix of helpful concoctions, peculiar quirks (personality traits with mechanical effects), and sundry goods.

Here’s where things get interesting: Auntie Ethel has a keen eye for the parasitic infection plaguing your party. She offers cryptic hints about a potential cure, piquing your interest and setting the stage for future interactions.

The Riverside Teahouse: Unveiling a Hidden Agenda

As you progress through Act One, Auntie Ethel relocates to her true home: the Riverside Teahouse nestled within the Sunlit Wetlands. Stepping inside reveals a stark contrast to her humble stall. The Teahouse is opulent and strangely unsettling, hinting at a life of luxury built on darker secrets.

Here, Auntie Ethel’s true nature can be revealed depending on your choices. If you haven’t crossed paths with Mayrina’s brothers earlier, she maintains her friendly facade. However, if you’ve thwarted their attempts to capture her, she transforms into her true form – a monstrous Hag, a powerful Fey creature with a taste for the macabre.

Unveiling the Hag Beneath: Auntie Ethel’s True Colors

Hags are notorious tricksters and devourers of life force. Auntie Ethel is no exception. Her initial kindness serves as a veil, masking her manipulative schemes. Here’s a breakdown of her motivations and potential encounters:

Preying on the Vulnerable: Auntie Ethel preys on the misfortune of others. She exploits the desperation of those infected with the parasite, offering dubious cures at a hefty price.

The Fate of Mayrina: Mayrina, a young woman captured by Auntie Ethel, serves as a crucial plot point. Depending on your choices, you can either save Mayrina or witness her gruesome transformation into a hag spawn within Ethel’s belly. Saving Mayrina requires a specific potion and a well-timed intervention during the final battle.

A Deceptive Bargain: Auntie Ethel might offer a bargain: a cure for the parasite in exchange for a favor. This “favor” often involves dark deeds, forcing you to confront the moral implications of accepting her help.

Confrontation: Taking Down Auntie Ethel

The inevitable showdown with Auntie Ethel is a multi-stage battle. Here’s what you need to know:

The Mirage: Initially, Ethel flees through a seemingly ordinary fireplace, leading you to a hidden passage. This fireplace is a cleverly disguised illusion.

The Lair: Following the passage leads to Auntie Ethel’s lair. Be prepared for a fierce battle. Ethel utilizes a combination of powerful spells, illusions, and monstrous summons.

Here are some key mechanics to remember during the fight:

Illusions: Ethel creates illusory duplicates of herself. Focus on attacking the real one, which can be identified by dealing damage.

Pearlspore Bell Mushrooms: These glowing mushrooms scattered around the lair empower Ethel. Destroying them weakens her significantly, but be warned – they explode on death, causing fire damage.

Hag’s Bane Potion: This potion, found in the Hag Survivors’ hideout, plays a crucial role in saving Mayrina. Throwing it at Ethel triggers a cutscene where she vomits the young woman out.

By strategizing and exploiting Ethel’s weaknesses, you can emerge victorious from this challenging encounter.

Beyond the Battle: The Legacy of Auntie Ethel

Defeating Auntie Ethel doesn’t necessarily mean she’s gone for good. There are hints that she possesses the ability to cheat death, potentially returning as a future antagonist. Whether she seeks revenge or a twisted form of redemption remains to be seen in future BG3 content.

Auntie Ethel’s enigmatic nature and the moral complexities she presents are what make her such a compelling character. She serves as a constant reminder that appearances can be deceiving, and the line between good and evil can be surprisingly blurry.


Who is Auntie Ethel in BG3?

Auntie Ethel is a traveling merchant who sells potions, lotions, and other wares. Initially, you’ll find her in The Hollow, a hidden settlement within the Emerald Grove. Later, she relocates to the Riverside Teahouse in the Sunlit Wetlands. However, beneath the surface, Auntie Ethel is a powerful Hag, a type of Fey creature with dark magic.

Can I trust Auntie Ethel?

That depends on your choices! Auntie Ethel can be a valuable ally, offering cryptic clues and potentially a cure for the parasite plaguing your character. However, she can also be a dangerous foe if you cross her or expose her true nature.

How do I get Auntie Ethel’s hair?

Auntie Ethel’s hair is a key ingredient in some quests. To obtain it, you’ll need to confront her at the Riverside Teahouse. The encounter can play out differently depending on your actions. Be prepared for a fight or a cunning negotiation!

Is Auntie Ethel really dead after the first fight?

Think again! Auntie Ethel is a cunning Hag with a talent for self-preservation. Even if you defeat her once, she can return later in Act 3, even stronger and more dangerous.

How do I beat Auntie Ethel in the second fight?

The second battle with Auntie Ethel is brutal. She creates illusions of herself and relies on magical mushrooms to bolster her power. Focus on destroying the mushrooms while using AoE spells to damage all Ethel illusions simultaneously. There’s also a special potion, Hag’s Bane, that can help turn the tide in your favor.

Can I save the child during the second fight?

Yes! If you have the Hag’s Bane potion, you can throw it at Auntie Ethel during the fight, forcing her to regurgitate the captured child. This is a critical moment, so be sure to have the potion crafted beforehand.

Is there a way to avoid fighting Auntie Ethel altogether?

There isn’t a guaranteed way to avoid conflict. However, by being respectful, completing her quests, and not exposing her secret, you can increase your chances of a peaceful outcome.

Is Auntie Ethel a good character or a bad character?

Auntie Ethel is morally ambiguous. She can be helpful but also has a self-serving agenda. Ultimately, your choices determine how her story unfolds.

Where can I find more information about Auntie Ethel?

Many online resources offer detailed guides about Auntie Ethel’s quests and combat strategies. You can search for “BG3 Auntie Ethel Guide” or “How to beat Auntie Ethel BG3” to find helpful walkthroughs.

Is Auntie Ethel based on any folklore or mythology?

Hags are a recurring creature type in many mythologies, often depicted as hideous beings with magical powers. Auntie Ethel embodies this archetype, with a twist of her seemingly harmless disguise.

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