Unveiling the Mysteries of the South Lomei Labyrinth


South lomei labyrinth, The vast Gerudo Desert of Hyrule holds many secrets, but none are quite as captivating as the labyrinths that dot its sandy expanse. One such labyrinth, the South Lomei Labyrinth, has piqued the curiosity of adventurers in both The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and its recently announced sequel, Tears of the Kingdom. This intricate maze not only tests your navigational skills but also holds valuable treasures within its winding paths.

This guide delves into the depths of the South Lomei Labyrinth, exploring its location, secrets, and the challenges it presents. Whether you’re a seasoned Zelda veteran or a newcomer eager to conquer this desert maze, this article will equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate its twists and turns.

South lomei labyrinth

Location and Layout

The South Lomei Labyrinth finds its home in the Gerudo region. In Breath of the Wild, it resides on the eastern edge of the Gerudo Desert, nestled between Mount Granajh and the East Barrens, at the foot of Daval Peak. Identifying this labyrinth from afar is easy – its towering, weathered walls stand out against the stark desert landscape. Tears of the Kingdom takes a slightly different approach, placing the South Lomei Labyrinth in the southwestern part of the map, still on the eastern side of the Gerudo Desert.

One of the defining features of the South Lomei Labyrinth is its complex layout. Winding pathways branch out in all directions, creating a maze that can easily disorient even the most seasoned explorers. However, the labyrinth isn’t just a confusing network of corridors. Both Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom introduce a new concept – multi-layered labyrinths. The South Lomei Labyrinth incorporates this feature, with the maze existing across three distinct levels: Surface, Sky, and Depths.

Conquering the South Lomei Labyrinth: Tips and Tricks

Approaching the South Lomei Labyrinth requires a well-equipped adventurer. While the specific gear might differ slightly between Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, some general principles hold true. Ensure you have plenty of arrows and a sturdy bow to deal with any enemies you might encounter within the labyrinth. Heat-resistant clothing is also recommended, as the Gerudo Desert can be a scorching environment. Finally, stock up on elixirs or meals that can replenish your hearts and stamina, as navigating the labyrinth can be a demanding task.

Breath of the Wild:

Sticking to the Outer Rim: One of the most popular strategies for tackling the South Lomei Labyrinth in Breath of the Wild involves following the outer wall. This approach minimizes the number of turns you need to make, reducing the chance of getting lost. Hug the outer edges of the labyrinth and keep an eye out for openings that lead deeper within.

The Sheikah Sensor: The Sheikah Sensor is a valuable tool in Breath of the Wild. Activating it can help reveal hidden pathways within the labyrinth, particularly those that lead to the hidden shrine – Dila Maag.

Map Markers: Don’t hesitate to place map markers as you explore the labyrinth. This will help you track your progress and prevent you from revisiting areas you’ve already cleared.

Tears of the Kingdom:

While specific details about Tears of the Kingdom are still emerging, some gameplay footage suggests the multi-layered structure of the labyrinth will play a significant role. Here are some potential approaches to consider:

Mastering the Paraglider: The Sheikah Slate’s paraglider ability is likely to be crucial for navigating the Sky layer of the labyrinth. Practice maneuvering in the air currents and use updrafts to reach higher levels.

Bombs for Blocked Passages: Previous Zelda titles have utilized bombs to clear blocked passages. Tears of the Kingdom might see this mechanic return, allowing you to open up new pathways within the labyrinth.

Environmental Puzzles: The multi-layered structure hints at the possibility of environmental puzzles that integrate the different levels of the labyrinth. Be observant and look for ways to manipulate the environment to progress.

Treasures and Challenges: What Awaits Within

The South Lomei Labyrinth isn’t just a confusing maze; it rewards those who persevere. Venturing into its depths can grant you access to valuable treasures and challenging encounters.

Breath of the Wild:

Dila Maag Shrine: The primary objective within the South Lomei Labyrinth in Breath of the Wild is to locate the Dila Maag Shrine. Completing this shrine’s trial will reward you with the Barbarian Chest Armor, a sturdy piece of defensive gear.

Enemies: Keep an eye out for Moblins and Lizalfos that roam the labyrinth. Defeating them can yield valuable resources and rupees.


Where is the South Lomei Labyrinth?

Head to the Gerudo region, southwest on the map. You’ll find it on the eastern edge of the Gerudo Desert, near Daval Peak.

What awaits me in the Labyrinth?

The labyrinth is split into three sections: Surface, Sky, and Depths. Each section has its own challenges and enemies. Prepare to encounter Malice, Black Bokoblins, and Moblin variants.

How do I navigate this maze?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Some prefer following the outer wall for a simpler path. Explore and experiment to find your way!

What rewards are there for conquering the Labyrinth?

The Labyrinth holds two Shrines and a key piece of the Evil Spirit Armor set. Completing all three sections grants you this unique armor.

Are there any special things I need before entering?

The Gerudo Desert has scorching days and freezing nights. Pack armor or meals to withstand the temperature swings.

Can I cheat my way through the Labyrinth?

There’s no known way to cheese your way through. The Labyrinth is designed to test your exploration skills.

Is there an easy way to get to the Sky Section?

Yes! You can use the Skyview Tower in Gerudo Canyon to directly access the Sky Labyrinth above the South Lomei Labyrinth.

How can I find the two Shrines hidden within?

Consult online guides or walkthroughs for specific hints on Shrine locations. Remember, exploration is a big part of the fun!

Is there a boss fight at the end?

Yes, conquering the Labyrinth culminates in a boss battle. Be prepared to put your combat skills to the test!

Are there any video guides available online?

Yes! Search for “South Lomei Labyrinth Guide Tears of the Kingdom” on YouTube for video walkthroughs that can help you navigate the Labyrinth.

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