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BG3 finds the nightsong, In the sprawling world of Baldur’s Gate 3, a whisper of a powerful relic known as the Nightsong beckons adventurers. This multi-act quest throws you into the heart of goblin camps, perilous dungeons, and forgotten tombs, testing your combat prowess and puzzle-solving skills. But fear not, for this guide will illuminate the path to finding the Nightsong and its secrets.

BG3 finds the nightsong

Initiating the Hunt: Where it All Begins

There are two primary ways to kickstart your Nightsong chase:

Aradin’s Woes: Within the verdant confines of the Druids’ Grove, you’ll encounter Aradin, a distraught tiefling. Witnessing his heated exchange with Zevlor, or simply following him deeper into the grove after the argument, will trigger a conversation. Aradin reveals his past venture into goblin territory in search of the Nightsong, a powerful artifact hidden beneath a temple. Unfortunately, the goblins now control the area, making retrieval a perilous task.

Echoes of a Lost Expedition: Exploring the Goblin Camp, you might stumble upon the tragic remnants of a failed expedition – their lifeless bodies clutching a diary. This diary chronicles their ill-fated attempt to find the Nightsong beneath the temple ruins. The discovery sparks the quest within your own party.

Regardless of the trigger, the objective remains the same: locate and retrieve the Nightsong. But the path is fraught with challenges.

Breaching the Goblin Camp: Confrontation or Cunning?

The Nightsong is rumored to be nestled within the depths of the Goblin Camp’s temple complex. Reaching this location, however, requires navigating the densely populated goblin territory. Here, your approach can determine the course of events:

Steel and Fury: You can choose to engage in a full-blown brawl, battling your way through waves of goblins. This direct approach is risky but allows for immediate exploration of the temple ruins.

Stealth and Deception: For a more tactical playthrough, consider utilizing stealth and deception to infiltrate the camp. Pickpocketing or persuading goblins might yield a key or passage that grants access to the temple without alerting the entire camp.

Unorthodox Methods: The Goblin Camp offers some unconventional solutions. A hidden stash of poisoned food can be strategically placed, creating chaos and thinning the goblin ranks before your infiltration.

Choose your approach wisely, for the path ahead demands both brawn and wit.

Delving into the Defiled Temple: Unraveling the Moon Puzzle

Once within the temple complex, specifically the Shattered Sanctum, locate the entrance to the Priestess’ Quarters (marked by coordinates X: 255, Y: -8). This passage leads to the Defiled Temple area. Here, you’ll encounter Priestess Gut, a formidable goblin leader. Depending on your character build and playstyle, you can defeat her in combat, use persuasion (DC 22 check) to gain passage, or find a way to bypass her altogether.

Progressing deeper into the ruins, you’ll face the Defiled Temple Moon Puzzle. This environmental puzzle requires rotating discs embedded in the floor to align the black circles on the southernmost disc. Here’s how to solve it:

Rotate the Top Disc Twice (Clockwise)

Rotate the Right Disc Once (Clockwise)

Rotate the Top Disc Three Times (Clockwise)

Rotate the Left Disc Three Times (Counter-Clockwise)

Rotate the Bottom Disc Three Times (Clockwise)

Rotate the Left Disc Twice (Counter-Clockwise)

Solving the Moon Puzzle unlocks the path further into the temple depths. Be prepared, for a hulking ogre guards the next section. Similar to Priestess Gut, you can overcome this obstacle through combat, persuasion (DC 22 check), or find a way to sneak past the beast.

The Nightsong’s Elusive Hiding Place: A Journey Across Acts

Finding the Nightsong is a multi-act endeavor. While the initial leg takes place within the Goblin Camp’s Defiled Temple, the quest continues to unfold throughout Baldur’s Gate 3‘s narrative:

Act One Conclusion: Unfortunately, your efforts within the Defiled Temple prove fruitless. The Nightsong remains elusive. However, the seeds for its eventual discovery are sown.

Act Two: As you progress through Act Two’s main story, you’ll traverse the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Obtaining a lantern or blessing that protects against the pervasive curse becomes crucial for further exploration. Reaching safety in locations like the Last Light Inn opens new avenues.


What is the “Find the Nightsong” quest in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The “Find the Nightsong” is a multi-act side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. It kicks off in Act One and stretches all the way to Act Three for its resolution. You’ll receive the quest by talking to Aradin in the Druids’ Grove. He’ll reveal his expedition searching for the Nightsong, a mysterious relic hidden beneath a temple, went wrong.

Why can’t I find the Nightsong in Act One?

The Nightsong itself isn’t obtainable until Act Three. The initial part of the quest in Act One focuses on locating the temple Aradin mentioned. This temple, now overrun by goblins, is called the Defiled Temple and resides within the Shattered Sanctum of the Goblin Camp.

How do I reach the Defiled Temple in Act One?

There are two main ways to enter the Defiled Temple:

Through Priestess Gut’s Chambers: This path involves navigating through Priestess Gut’s chambers (map coordinates X: 297 Y: -18). You’ll likely encounter her ogre bodyguard, Polma. There are multiple approaches here. You can fight Polma, use a Perception check to bypass him, or complete the “Ask the Goblin Priestess for Help” quest for Gut, allowing her to remove Polma from the picture. Inside Priestess Gut’s chambers, you’ll find a key that unlocks the entrance to the Defiled Temple.

Direct Entrance: Head to the southeastern part of the Shattered Sanctum. You’ll find a hidden passage that leads straight to the Defiled Temple.

What awaits me inside the Defiled Temple?

Once inside, you’ll face a puzzle involving moon phases. Look for murals depicting moon phases scattered around the Shattered Sanctum. There are also stone discs embedded in the floor of the Defiled Temple. By aligning the light and dark dots on the discs to match the murals, you’ll unlock the path forward.

I solved the puzzle, but the trail seems to end…

That’s correct. After solving the puzzle and descending a ladder, you’ll reach an empty part of the Underdark. The quest log will update, indicating the Nightsong’s trail has gone cold for now.

So, when can I actually find the Nightsong?

Patience, adventurer! The true hunt for the Nightsong begins in Act Two. You’ll gain access to the Shadowcursed Lands, where the story picks up again. Completing specific side quests in this area will guide you towards the Thorm Mausoleum in the Reithwin Town Cemetery. This is where the final leg of the “Find the Nightsong” quest unfolds.

What happens in the Thorm Mausoleum? (Spoilers Ahead!)

Here’s where things get interesting, but beware of spoilers if you’d like to discover the surprises yourself. Inside the Thorm Mausoleum, you’ll encounter Shadowheart, who has a connection to the Nightsong. Depending on your choices throughout the game and how you’ve interacted with Shadowheart, you’ll have the chance to convince her to help you retrieve the Nightsong or face off against her.

Does my choice with Shadowheart affect the outcome?

Absolutely! If you’ve managed to build trust with Shadowheart throughout your journey, you can convince her to turn away from her duty and help you retrieve the Nightsong. This path leads to a more positive resolution. However, if Shadowheart remains committed to her objective, a fight ensues.

What is the reward for completing “Find the Nightsong”?

The reward for completing the quest depends on your choices with Shadowheart. If you convince her to cooperate, you’ll receive the Nightsong, a powerful harp that grants unique musical abilities. If you end up fighting Shadowheart, you’ll still gain access to the Nightsong, but the resolution will be less harmonious.

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