Stop the Presses! Salvaging Your Reputation in Baldur’s Gate 3


BG3 stops the presses, In the bustling city of Baldur’s Gate, rumors and whispers can spread faster than a greased beholder. In Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), a crucial Act 3 side quest called “Stop the Presses” throws you headfirst into this media frenzy. Here, you discover a smear campaign against your party brewing in the notorious rag, Baldur’s Mouth.

This guide equips you with everything you need to navigate this quest, from understanding its importance to sneaking through the newspaper’s headquarters and manipulating the printing press.

BG3 stops the presses

Why Should You Stop the Presses?

The stakes in “Stop the Presses” are high. If the slanderous article about your party goes to print, it paints a devastating picture. You’ll be labelled villains in the eyes of the public, and the consequences can be dire. The city guard might turn hostile, making free movement within Lower City a challenge.

Here’s a breakdown of the potential repercussions:

Hostile City Guards: Guards on patrol will likely attack your party on sight, forcing you to fight your way through the city or resort to stealth.

Public Distrust: Shopkeepers and other NPCs may become wary of interacting with you, hindering your ability to complete quests or acquire goods and services.

Therefore, taking action to stop the publication of the negative press is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation and navigating Baldur’s Gate with ease.

Initiating Damage Control: How to Start the Quest

There are multiple ways to trigger the “Stop the Presses” quest. You can encounter one of the following NPCs who will inform you about the impending bad press:

Estra Stir: This journalist can be found near the Basilisk Gate waypoint in Lower City. Look for her standing beside a paperboy.

Lens: You might stumble upon Lens in Rivington or Ettvard Needle.

Any of these characters will reveal the truth about the upcoming negative article and its potential impact.

Important Note: The quest becomes unavailable after Gortash’s death, as Baldur’s Mouth solely focuses on reporting on the Archduke’s demise. So, prioritize this quest before reaching that point in the storyline.

Infiltrating the Baldur’s Mouth: Location and Routes

The heart of the quest lies within Baldur’s Mouth’s headquarters. Here’s how to locate it:

The Building: Look for Baldur’s Mouth on the western side of the area where you met Estra Stir. It’s a distinguishable building with signage.

Once you’ve identified the building, you have two main infiltration options:

The Elevator: This is the more straightforward approach. Locate the elevator near the entrance and take it down to the basement. However, be cautious, as guards might be patrolling the area.

Rooftop Entry (Stealth Recommended): For a more clandestine operation, utilize spells like Misty Step or Fly to reach the rooftop. Look for a breakable barricade above the elevator shaft. Once you create an opening, carefully descend and activate the elevator lever to reach the basement undetected.

The Printing Press: The Target and Potential Challenges

Your objective lies in the basement, where the printing press hums away, churning out the latest edition. Here’s what awaits you:

Ettvard Needle (Optional Encounter): You might encounter Ettvard Needle, the paper’s editor. Here, your charisma and persuasion skills can come into play. You can attempt to convince him to alter the article or resort to more forceful methods.

Key Challenges:

Guards: Expect patrolling guards in the basement. Stealth or swift takedowns are essential to avoid alerting them.

Magical Imps: The printing press itself might be guarded by mischievous magical imps. Be prepared for a potential skirmish.

Tampering with the Truth: Altering the Article

Once you’ve reached the printing press, you have a few options to manipulate the article:

Physical Alteration: Locate the printing plates containing the negative content. These can be destroyed or replaced with more favorable text (if you have it prepared beforehand).

Spellcasting: If your party boasts a spellcaster with the “Alter Self” spell, they can disguise themselves as a Baldur’s Mouth employee and directly alter the digital copy of the article.

Important Note: Make a decision swiftly. You have a limited window before the printing process is complete.


How do I activate the quest?

There are three NPCs who can trigger the quest:

Estra Stir: You’ll find her near the Basilisk Gate waypoint in the Lower City. She’s easy to spot as she’s standing next to a paperboy.

Lens: You might encounter him in Rivington or Ettvard Needle.

Talking to any of these characters will reveal the upcoming negative article and kick off the quest.

Why is the article negative?

The specifics of the article’s content depend on your choices throughout the game. Generally, it paints you in a villainous light based on your past actions.

What happens if I don’t complete the quest?

If you don’t address the situation before a long rest, the negative article will be printed. This can have consequences for your reputation and interactions with certain characters.

How do I stop the article from being printed?

The key is to reach the printing press in the Baldur’s Mouth building before publication. Here’s how:

Don’t talk to Ettvard Needle: Entering the building and talking to the editor, Ettvard Needle, is a trap. He’ll confirm the article and kick you out.

Infiltrate the printing press: There are two main ways to reach the press:

Elevator: Locate the elevator near the entrance of the Baldur’s Mouth building. There’s a lever inside to descend to the basement where the press is.

Sneaky Approach: Look for a hole in the roof above the elevator area. This allows you to bypass the building entirely using spells like Misty Step or Fly.

What happens when I reach the press?

The basement is patrolled by Steel Defenders, so remain in stealth mode. Once you reach the printing press room, you have a few options:

Deception: Try persuading the press operator to delay printing.

Intimidation: You can threaten the operator to halt the process. (This might have consequences later)

Force: As a last resort, you can eliminate the operator to ensure the article isn’t printed.

Are there any rewards for completing the quest?

While there’s no specific reward for stopping the article, you avoid the negative reputation hit and maintain a more positive public image. This can be beneficial during certain interactions and quests later in the game.

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