Blood Bowl 3: A Fumble or a Touchdown?


Blood Bowl 3, the latest iteration of the grimdark fantasy sports game, launched in February 2023. For those unfamiliar, Blood Bowl takes the brutality of American football and injects it with Warhammer Fantasy’s monstrous races, all under the fickle thumb of a six-sided die. The result? A hilarious (and sometimes rage-inducing) blend of strategy, luck, and bone-crushing violence. But does Blood Bowl 3 deliver a winning season, or is it a fumble of a sequel? Let’s delve into the pitch.

Blood Bowl 3

Familiar Gameplay, Fresh Teams

Blood Bowl 3 remains faithful to its tabletop roots. You’ll manage a team of fantastical creatures, navigating a turn-based grid as you attempt to score touchdowns while strategically injuring or outright maiming your opponent’s players. The core mechanics are solid, offering a satisfying mix of tactical planning and dice-based chaos. If you enjoyed Blood Bowl 2, you’ll feel right at home here.

The biggest addition comes in the form of new teams. Blood Bowl 3 boasts the roster of the Black Orcs, along with the lore-bending Chaos Renegades, a mixed bag of different races all corrupted by the forces of Chaos. These new teams offer fresh tactical options, though some critics point out the Renegades feel derivative, lacking unique starting abilities.

A Touchdown for Graphics…Maybe

Blood Bowl 3 takes a visual step back compared to its predecessor. While the animations remain suitably brutal, the overall detail and polish feel lacking. Menus are cluttered, and icons can be difficult to decipher in the heat of a match. This is a forgivable misstep for some, but those expecting a significant visual upgrade might be disappointed.

Fumbled Content and Microtransactions

One of the biggest criticisms Blood Bowl 3 faces is its content. At launch, the game offered a smaller selection of teams compared to Blood Bowl 2’s Legendary Edition, which included all DLC. While Cyanide Studios has promised to release more teams post-launch, some reviewers feel this content should have been available at launch.

Further controversy surrounds the game’s microtransactions. Players can purchase cosmetic items and a “Season Pass” promising future teams and customization options. While microtransactions are common these days, Blood Bowl 3’s implementation feels particularly aggressive for a full-priced game, especially considering the initial lack of content.

Bugs and Balance Issues

Technical issues also plagued Blood Bowl 3 at launch. Players reported bugs, crashes, and stability problems. While Cyanide Studios has released patches to address these issues, some gamers remain wary. Balance between certain teams has also been a point of contention, with some builds feeling overpowered.

So, Should You Buy Blood Bowl 3?

The answer depends on your Blood Bowl experience. If you haven’t played the previous games and crave a unique blend of strategy and absurdity, Blood Bowl 3 offers a solid, albeit slightly buggy, experience. However, veteran Blood Bowl 2 players might find themselves underwhelmed by the lack of significant improvements and the aggressive monetization strategy.

Here’s a quick breakdown to help you decide:

Buy Blood Bowl 3 if:

You’re new to Blood Bowl and want a fun, strategic experience.

You enjoy the core gameplay of Blood Bowl 2 and are excited about the new teams.

Hold off on Blood Bowl 3 if:

You already own Blood Bowl 2’s Legendary Edition.

You’re concerned about the lack of content at launch and the microtransactions.

You experienced technical issues with previous Cyanide Studios games.

Ultimately, the decision rests on your priorities. Blood Bowl 3 offers a solid, if unspectacular, experience. However, the shadow of its predecessor and the monetization model leave some room for improvement.

Here are some additional points to consider based on what people have been asking on Youtube:

Is Blood Bowl 3 worth it without the Season Pass? The base game offers enough content to get you started, but the Season Pass unlocks future teams and customization options. Whether it’s worth the price depends on how invested you are in the long-term experience.

Is Blood Bowl 3 single-player friendly? Yes, the game offers a campaign mode and single-player matches against AI opponents. However, some reviewers have criticized the lack of a mid-game save option in single-player, which can be frustrating.

How’s the multiplayer scene? Blood Bowl 3 boasts online multiplayer for competitive and cooperative matches. However, some players have reported issues with matchmaking and stability.


Is Blood Bowl 3 a good game?

Opinions are divided. Blood Bowl 3 captures the essence of the brutal and hilarious Blood Bowl experience. Matches can be incredibly tense and rewarding, especially for those who enjoy the strategic depth and the chaotic fun of dice rolls. However, the game lacks the polish and features found in Blood Bowl 2, particularly at launch.

Should I get Blood Bowl 3 or Blood Bowl 2?

Blood Bowl 2, especially the Legendary Edition with all the DLC, offers more content and a smoother experience at a similar price point. If you’re new to Blood Bowl, Blood Bowl 2 might be a better starting point. However, if you crave the latest Blood Bowl with the updated rules of the Second Season Edition and don’t mind some technical hiccups, Blood Bowl 3 can be a good choice.

What are the biggest issues with Blood Bowl 3?

Players have reported several issues, including:

Lack of features: Compared to Blood Bowl 2, Blood Bowl 3 feels bare-bones at launch, missing features like mid-game saving in single-player campaigns.

Technical issues: Bugs and glitches can disrupt the gameplay experience.

Microtransactions: The game pushes microtransactions for cosmetic items, which some players find off-putting.

What are the good things about Blood Bowl 3?

Faithful adaptation: Blood Bowl 3 accurately translates the tabletop experience to the digital realm, including the updated Second Season Edition rules.

Blood Bowl goodness: The core gameplay of Blood Bowl, the mix of strategy, humor, and brutal action, remains addictive and engaging.

New teams: Blood Bowl 3 introduces new teams like the Black Orcs and the Renegades, offering fresh strategic options.

Is Blood Bowl 3 worth the price?

This depends on your expectations. If you’re a die-hard Blood Bowl fan looking for the latest version with the new rules, Blood Bowl 3 might be worth it. However, if you’re new to the franchise or prefer a more polished experience, Blood Bowl 2 might be a better value.

Will Blood Bowl 3 get better?

The developer has promised post-launch content and updates to address bugs and features. Whether these will be enough to overcome the initial shortcomings remains to be seen.

Is Blood Bowl 3 easy to learn?

Blood Bowl has a steep learning curve. Mastering the intricacies of the game takes time and practice. However, tutorials and the helpful community can ease you into the brutal world of Blood Bowl.

Is Blood Bowl 3 fun?

Despite the issues, Blood Bowl 3 retains the core fun of Blood Bowl. Victories feel incredibly rewarding, and the strategic depth keeps you coming back for more punishment… er, matches.

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