Conquering the Crypt: A Guide to Hogwarts Legacy’s Second Trial


Hogwarts Legacy throws you into a world brimming with magic, mystery, and trials that test your wizarding prowess. The second trial, known as Charles Rookwood’s Trial, is no exception. To unlock the secrets of this ancient keeper and progress further in the story, you’ll need to navigate puzzling corridors, overcome cunning enemies, and master your spells. This guide equips you with all the knowledge you need to conquer the Rookwood crypt and emerge victorious.

Hogwarts Legacy

Initiating the Trial: Finding Charles Rookwood

The path to Charles Rookwood’s Trial begins within the walls of Hogwarts itself. Head to the Map Chamber, a hidden room accessible through a secret passage behind the tapestry near Professor Fig’s office. Interact with the portrait of Charles Rookwood hanging on the chamber wall. He’ll reveal the location of his trial – Rookwood Castle – and urge you to prove your worth.

Breaching Rookwood Castle

Your journey takes you outside the familiar grounds of Hogwarts. Follow the map marker to Rookwood Castle, a foreboding structure crawling with goblin loyalists. These enemies pose a significant threat, so be prepared for combat. Utilize a combination of offensive and defensive spells to clear a path through the castle. Remember, strategically using potions and mastering powerful spells like Ancient Magic can give you an edge in battle.

Entering the Trial: Unveiling the Rookwood Enigma

Once you’ve subdued the goblin resistance, locate Charles Rookwood’s portrait within the castle. Interact with it to initiate the trial. You’ll be transported to a series of interconnected chambers, each presenting unique challenges that test your problem-solving skills and combat prowess.

The Trial’s Challenges: A Step-by-Step Breakdown

The second trial is designed to test your wit and magical abilities across four distinct sections. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each section and how to overcome its obstacles:

Section 1: Ascending the Stairway

Upon entering the trial area, ascend the staircase on your right. Interact with the shimmering blue pool of Ancient Magic to activate a magical archway.

Proceed through the archway and down the hallway. You’ll encounter another pool of Ancient Magic. Activate it to reveal a locked doorway.

Section 2: Bridging the Gap

Locate the bridge across the chasm. You’ll notice a large, immovable pillar blocking your path.

Look to the right side of the portal you just activated. There’s a sigil etched onto the wall. Use a basic attack or spell to hit this sigil.

Striking the sigil transforms the pillar into a movable cube. Now, cast the spell Accio (the summoning charm) to pull the cube through the portal.

Once the cube is on the other side, position it strategically to bridge the gap between the platform and the previously locked doorway.

Cross the bridge and proceed to the next section.

Section 3: Deciphering the Puzzle

You’ll find yourself in a room with a central portal and several locked doors. There’s also a pool of Ancient Magic nearby. Activate it to create a magical archway.

Look around the room. You’ll notice that one of the locked doors has a symbol matching the one on the central portal.

However, there’s a gap preventing you from reaching this door. Use Accio to pull a crate hidden beneath the staircase on the left side of the room.

Position the crate strategically to bridge the gap between the platform and the matching door.

Now, head to the other side of the central portal. Here, you’ll find another crate hidden in a similar location.

Cast Accio to pull this crate through the portal and position it to bridge the gap on your side.

This creates a path across the portal, allowing you to access the matching door you identified earlier.

Section 4: Confronting the Foe

Unlock the matching door using basic spells or a well-placed Alohomora charm (the unlocking charm).

Brace yourself, for a formidable foe awaits you within the chamber – a powerful Dark Wizard.

This enemy utilizes a variety of attacks, including ranged spells, powerful slams, and area-of-effect blasts. Utilize a strategic combination of offensive and defensive spells to defeat them.

Dodging and strategically using Protego (the shielding charm) are crucial to surviving this encounter. Ancient Magic can also be highly effective in dealing significant damage to the Dark Wizard.

Once the enemy is defeated, a cutscene will play, marking your completion of Charles Rookwood’s Trial.


What is Charles Rookwood’s Trial?

This is the second in a series of trials you’ll encounter in Hogwarts Legacy. Each trial is a hidden chamber filled with magical obstacles and a final boss fight. Completing these trials unlocks powerful rewards and unveils the mysteries surrounding a forgotten lineage.

How Do I Access the Second Trial?

Progress through the main story quests until you receive a quest or hint about Charles Rookwood’s Trial. The exact location might be revealed later in the game, so stay tuned to your in-game objectives.

What Can I Expect Inside the Trial?

The chamber is divided into sections, each presenting unique challenges. Be prepared to:

Solve Environmental Puzzles: Utilize your spells like Accio (summoning charm) and Wingardium Leviosa (levitation charm) to manipulate objects and activate magical pathways.

Battle Enemies: Defend yourself against magical creatures and dark wizards that stand between you and your goal.

What are Some Tips for Completing the Second Trial?

Explore Thoroughly: Keep an eye out for hidden clues and levers that activate mechanisms or reveal secrets.

Experiment with Spells: Different spells might be needed to solve specific puzzles. Try combinations like using Lumos (light charm) to illuminate dark areas or Depulso (knockback jinx) to move obstacles.

Stock Up on Potions: Having healing potions like Wiggenweld Potion on hand can be a lifesaver during enemy encounters.

Is There a Boss Fight in the Second Trial?

Yes! You’ll face a formidable foe at the end of the trial. Be prepared to dodge attacks, strategically use your combat spells, and exploit the boss’ weaknesses.

What Rewards Can I Earn from the Second Trial?

The rewards for completing the trial are not yet fully revealed, but they likely include powerful gear, new spells, or lore entries that deepen the game’s story.

Are There Any Online Guides or Walkthroughs Available?

As the game is relatively new, detailed online guides might be limited at the moment. However, you can search for “Hogwarts Legacy Second Trial Walkthrough” on YouTube for video guides that offer visual solutions to the puzzles and boss fight.

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