Bully 2: Rumors, Leaks, and Everything We Know (May 2024)


Bully 2, The halls of Bullworth Academy haven’t echoed with the sounds of teenage rebellion in nearly two decades. Yet, the question of Bully 2 continues to linger in the minds of gamers who fondly remember the original’s unique blend of open-world mayhem and high school hijinks. While Rockstar Games, the developers behind Bully (also known as Canis Canim Edit in some regions), haven’t officially announced a sequel, rumors and speculation have continued to spark hope for a return to Bullworth.

This article dives into everything we know (or think we know) about Bully 2, including:

Has Bully 2 Been Officially Announced?

Evidence for Bully 2’s Development

What Could Bully 2’s Story Be?

Possible Gameplay Changes in Bully 2

When Could Bully 2 Be Released?

Has Bully 2 Been Officially Announced?

As of May 2024, there has been no official confirmation from Rockstar Games regarding Bully 2. The developer’s focus has primarily been on upcoming releases like Grand Theft Auto 6, leaving Bully fans yearning for any scrap of information.

However, the lack of an official announcement doesn’t extinguish the flames of hope entirely.

Bully 2

Evidence for Bully 2’s Development

Several pieces of evidence, though not conclusive, have fueled speculation for a Bully sequel:

Leaked Information: In 2022, Tez2, a known Rockstar insider, hinted that Bully 2 “could be reconsidered” after the development of GTA 6. He also mentioned the game going through “two years of active development” before being shelved.

Data Mining: Dataminers reportedly found references to Bully 2 within the code for the recent updates to GTA 5. While some consider this unconfirmed, it sparked discussions within the gaming community.

Rockstar Games’ Subscription Service: The recent launch of Rockstar Games+ included Bully in its library. This move by Rockstar could be a way to reintroduce players to the franchise, potentially paving the way for a sequel.

What Could Bully 2’s Story Be?

Since there’s no official confirmation, the story of Bully 2 exists purely in speculation. Here are some possibilities:

Jimmy Hopkins Returns: Following the tumultuous events at Bullworth, Jimmy Hopkins could be a young adult, perhaps working as a counselor or teacher at a new school, facing a fresh set of challenges.

A New Bullworth Student: The story could shift to a completely new character navigating the social hierarchy and cliques of Bullworth Academy. This could offer a fresh perspective on school life and introduce new dynamics.

A Different School Setting: Rockstar might choose to explore a different educational environment altogether. A community college, a trade school, or even a summer camp could provide a unique backdrop for the signature Bully gameplay.

Possible Gameplay Changes in Bully 2

The original Bully offered a captivating open-world experience where players could attend classes, interact with various cliques, and engage in mischievous activities. Bully 2 could potentially build upon this foundation by introducing new gameplay elements:

Customization: Players might have more control over their character’s appearance and personality. Choosing a specific clique or athletic team could influence gameplay and unlock unique abilities.

Expanded Social Mechanics: The social dynamics of the first game could be further fleshed out. Forming alliances with specific groups, building friendships with teachers, or even influencing the power structure within the school could be interesting additions.

More Activities: Bullworth could offer a wider range of extracurricular activities beyond the existing ones. Participating in drama productions, musical clubs, or even forming a band could add variety to the gameplay loop.

Online Multiplayer: While the original Bully focused on single-player, a potential online mode in Bully 2 could allow players to team up or compete in various schoolyard activities.

When Could Bully 2 Be Released?

Considering the lack of an official announcement, pinpointing a release date for Bully 2 is impossible. Here’s a breakdown of possibilities:

Post-GTA 6 Development: If Tez2’s information holds true and Bully 2 was indeed shelved for GTA 6, development might resume after GTA 6’s release (expected in 2025). This could put Bully 2’s release somewhere between 2026 and 2028.

Surprise Announcement: There’s always a chance that Rockstar could pull a surprise and announce Bully 2 much sooner. However, considering their current focus on GTA 6, this seems less likely.


Is Bully 2 officially happening?

Sadly, no. Bully 2 was in development but got shelved by Rockstar Games. While rumors of revival pop up, there’s no confirmation.

Why was Bully 2 cancelled?

The exact reason remains unclear, but some reports suggest resources were shifted to other projects like Max Payne 3.

Will Bully 2 ever be released?

There’s always a chance! Rockstar might revisit the concept someday. Fan demand and the success of remakes/remasters could influence their decision.

If it does come out, what platforms would it be on?

This is pure speculation, but considering current trends, a Bully 2 release would likely target modern consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S) and possibly PC.

What could the story be about?

Here’s where things get interesting! Fan theories range from Jimmy Hopkins (the original protagonist) returning, to a new story set in a different school.

Would the gameplay be similar to the first Bully?

Rockstar is known for evolving gameplay. We could see familiar elements like classes, pranks, and fights, but with new twists or mechanics.

Could Bully 2 be more mature?

The original game walked a line between humor and serious topics. Bully 2 could explore those themes in a more nuanced way, potentially receiving a higher age rating.

Are there any leaks or hints about Bully 2?

There have been rumors and supposed leaks, but none have been verified by Rockstar. It’s best to treat them with caution.

What can Bully fans do to show their interest?

Let your voice be heard! Respectfully engage with Rockstar on social media, expressing your desire for Bully 2.

What are some alternatives to Bully 2 while we wait?

Games like “The Town of Light” (darker school setting), “Shenmue” (open-world exploration), and “Deadly Premonition” (quirky story) offer similar vibes.

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