PlayStation Portal: A Remote Play Powerhouse


The PlayStation Portal burst onto the scene as Sony’s answer to remote gaming. But is it a revolutionary device or a niche product? This review dives deep into the Portal’s functionalities, exploring its strengths, weaknesses, and how it stacks up against the competition.

The PlayStation

Designed for Remote PS5 Play

The PlayStation Portal’s core function is clear: to deliver a seamless PS5 remote play experience. It boasts a built-in 1080p display, DualSense controllers integrated into the design, and a dedicated connection to your PS5. This eliminates the need for juggling phones, tablets, or clip-on controllers, offering a more console-like feel for remote gaming.

Smooth Performance and Excellent Haptics: Reviews consistently praise the Portal’s performance. The 1080p display delivers crisp visuals, and the connection to the PS5 remains stable in most cases. The integrated DualSense controllers are a major selling point, replicating the full console experience with their haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Freedom from the TV: One of the Portal’s biggest advantages is the liberation it offers from the TV. No longer are you restricted to the living room couch. Gamers can now enjoy their PS5 titles anywhere within their home with a strong Wi-Fi connection, be it the bedroom, backyard, or even the kitchen. This is a significant benefit for households where the TV is a shared resource.

Battery Life and Network Dependence

Solid Stamina: The Portal boasts a respectable battery life, with estimates ranging from 7 to 9 hours. This allows for extended gaming sessions without constant tethering to a power outlet. However, factors like screen brightness and use of haptic features can affect battery life.

Network Dependency Woes: While the Portal itself performs admirably, it’s crucial to remember that remote play relies heavily on a strong and stable internet connection. Lag and stuttering can become significant issues with a weak Wi-Fi signal, impacting the overall gameplay experience. This isn’t necessarily a fault of the Portal itself, but a limitation inherent to remote play technology.

Feature Parity with Remote Play App?

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Portal is: Does it offer significant advantages over the existing Remote Play app available on phones and tablets?

Convenience and Comfort: The Portal offers a clear advantage in terms of convenience and comfort. It’s a dedicated gaming device, eliminating the need to fiddle with phone settings or clip-on controllers. The built-in DualSense integration provides a more ergonomic and familiar console-like feel.

Missing Features: However, the Portal currently lacks some functionalities present in the Remote Play app. Notably, it doesn’t support PS5 game streaming through services like PlayStation Plus Premium. This means you can only play games through a direct connection to your PS5, unlike the app’s ability to stream games from the cloud. Additionally, the Portal lacks features like the ability to type messages or browse the PS5 interface directly on the device.

Who Should Consider the PlayStation Portal?

Die-Hard Remote Gamers: The Portal is a great choice for gamers who heavily utilize the Remote Play function and crave a dedicated device with a built-in screen and DualSense controllers. The convenience and comfort it offers are undeniable.

Households with Shared TVs: If your living room TV is a battleground, the Portal provides a fantastic way to enjoy PS5 games on your own terms, freeing you from the limitations of the TV schedule.

Those Who Value Ergonomics: Gamers who find phone or tablet controls cumbersome will appreciate the Portal’s ergonomic design, integrating the DualSense controllers seamlessly for a familiar console experience.

Those on the Fence: If you’re a casual Remote Play user or prioritize portability, the existing Remote Play app might suffice. Additionally, the lack of cloud streaming and other functionalities compared to the app might be dealbreakers for some.

Final Verdict: A Promising Start with Room for Growth

The PlayStation Portal is a solid first attempt at a dedicated remote play device. It delivers excellent performance, a comfortable form factor, and the freedom to play PS5 games anywhere in your home. However, its lack of features compared to the Remote Play app and its dependence on a strong internet connection hold it back from being a universal recommendation.

If Sony can address these limitations in future iterations, perhaps adding cloud streaming and a more robust feature set, the Portal could become the go-to solution for remote PS5 gaming. For now, it caters to a specific niche of dedicated remote players who prioritize comfort and a console-like experience.


What exactly is the PS Portal?

Think of the PS Portal as a high-tech handheld extension of your PS5. It’s a portable gaming device with a built-in screen and DualSense controls, allowing you to stream your PS5 games anywhere with a strong Wi-Fi connection.

How does it compare to Remote Play on phones or tablets?

While Remote Play lets you stream PS5 games to your phone or tablet, the Portal offers a more dedicated experience. It has a larger, better quality screen, comfortable built-in controls, and doesn’t rely on your phone’s battery life.

Does the PS Portal play games downloaded on the device itself?

No, the PS Portal relies on your PS5 for processing power. It essentially streams the video and audio feed from your console to the Portal’s screen. You’ll need to keep your PS5 in rest mode for remote access.

How’s the performance of the PS Portal?

Reviews generally praise the Portal’s ability to deliver a smooth 1080p 60Hz gaming experience with minimal lag, as long as you have a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection.

What about the battery life?

The PS Portal boasts a decent battery life, lasting around 7 to 9 hours on a single charge depending on usage. This makes it ideal for longer gaming sessions without needing to be constantly plugged in.

Is the PS Portal comfortable to hold?

Reviews suggest the Portal feels solid and well-built, but some find the placement of the charging port and the need to hold it from the edges slightly awkward.

Does the PS Portal have any extra features?

Besides the core functionality of Remote Play, there aren’t many additional features. You can adjust some settings like screen brightness and speaker volume, but it doesn’t offer functionalities like a web browser or media player.

Is the PS Portal worth the price?

This depends on your needs. If you frequently crave PS5 gaming on the go and value a dedicated device with excellent controls, the Portal might be worth it. However, if occasional Remote Play on your phone or tablet suffices, the Portal might be an unnecessary expense.

Are there any drawbacks to consider?

The lack of built-in storage and the dependence on a strong Wi-Fi connection are limitations. Additionally, some reviewers wished the Portal could stream games directly from the cloud (like PS Now)

Should I wait for a PS Portal 2?

There’s no official news on a PS Portal 2. However, if you prioritize future-proofing your purchase, waiting might be wise to see if Sony addresses limitations like cloud streaming in a potential next iteration.

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