A Guide to the “Cache in the Castle” Quest in Hogwarts Legacy


Cache in the castle, Hogwarts Legacy offers a treasure trove of magical experiences, and the “Cache in the Castle” side quest is no exception. Embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt within the iconic castle walls, following cryptic clues to unearth a hidden cache. This guide delves into everything you need to know to conquer this quest, from initiating it to claiming your well-deserved reward.

Cache in the castle

Starting Your Treasure Hunt: Finding Arthur Plummly

The “Cache in the Castle” quest becomes available after completing the main story quest, “Welcome to Hogsmeade.” Head to the Astronomy Wing within Hogwarts Castle. A quick way to get there is by fast traveling to the Charms Classroom Floo Flame point. Once you arrive, locate a student named Arthur Plummly wandering near the classroom. Interact with him to initiate the quest.

Arthur, an aspiring treasure hunter, seeks your help in finding a hidden cache within the castle. He’ll provide a cryptic treasure map to guide you. Don’t worry, deciphering the clues isn’t as daunting as it seems! This guide will break down each step, leading you to the hidden loot.

Following the Clues: A Step-by-Step Guide

The treasure map provided by Arthur offers three landmarks to guide your search. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each location:

Landmark 1: The Imposing Skeleton

The first clue on the map mentions a “fearsome beast with a horn upon its nose.” This refers to the giant rhinoceros skeleton prominently displayed on the first floor of the castle. Head down three flights of stairs from Arthur’s location. As you reach the lower level, turn left and follow the path until you encounter a central staircase. Descend this staircase, and you’ll find the impressive rhinoceros skeleton on your right.

Landmark 2: The Flowing Fountain

The second clue describes a “source of magic that forever flows.” This clue points towards the grand fountain located in the Transfiguration Courtyard. From the rhinoceros skeleton location, exit the building through the nearby doors. You’ll find yourself in the courtyard, with the magnificent fountain standing proudly in the center.

Landmark 3: The Hidden Portrait

The final clue is a bit trickier. The map mentions a “portrait that guards a secret never meant to be known.” This cryptic clue refers to a specific painting within the castle. Head back inside the castle through the doors you used to exit earlier. As you enter, turn right and locate the double doors leading northwest from the courtyard. Pass through these doors and ascend the staircase on your right.

On this floor, you’ll find a corridor lined with various paintings. Look for a specific painting with a faint white glow emanating from a symbol at the top of its frame. This indicates that you can interact with it. Cast the “Accio” spell on the symbol, and voila! The painting swings open, revealing a hidden passage behind it.

Unveiling the Secret: The Hidden Room and the Reward

Step through the newly revealed passage, and you’ll find yourself in a dusty, hidden chamber. Congratulations! This is the location of the hidden cache Arthur mentioned. In the center of the room, you’ll find a chest brimming with your reward. The contents of the chest may vary depending on your gameplay choices, but you can expect to find valuable items like gear, potions, or even a unique cosmetic item.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional pointers to help you navigate the “Cache in the Castle” quest smoothly:

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings: While following the guide, keep an eye out for familiar landmarks within the castle. This will help you orient yourself and avoid getting lost.

Minimap Assistance: Utilize the mini-map to locate staircases and specific areas within the castle.

Fast Travel Option: If you get lost or need to backtrack, use the Floo Flame network to fast travel to previously unlocked fireplaces within the castle.

Common Questions Answered:

Do I need any special spells to complete the quest? No, you don’t need any special spells beyond the basic “Accio” spell to complete this quest.

Can I replay the quest for different rewards? No, the rewards for the “Cache in the Castle” quest are fixed and cannot be obtained again upon replaying.

Is this quest essential for the main story? No, the “Cache in the Castle” quest is a side quest and is not mandatory to complete the main storyline of Hogwarts Legacy. However, it offers valuable rewards and a chance to explore hidden areas of the castle.


Q. What is “Cache in the Castle”

A. “Cache in the Castle” is a side quest you can embark on in the popular game Hogwarts Legacy. By completing this quest, you’ll be rewarded with valuable items to aid you on your magical adventures.

Q. Where do I start the quest?

A. You’ll find the quest in the Astronomy Wing of Hogwarts Castle. To get there quickly, fast travel to the Charms Classroom Floo Flame point. Once you arrive, talk to Arthur Plumly to activate the quest.

Q. I talked to Arthur, now what?

A. Arthur will provide you with a treasure map that holds clues to finding a hidden cache. The map will guide you to three specific landmarks within the castle.

Q. What are the landmarks I need to find?

A. The first landmark is a giant rhino skeleton. You can find it by heading down three floors from where you met Arthur and following the path to your left. Look for the skeleton on your right.

Q. What’s the second landmark?

A. The second landmark is the grand fountain in the Transfiguration Courtyard. Head outside the castle after finding the skeleton and you’ll see it right there.

Q. Found the fountain! What next?

A. The third landmark is a painting. Head back inside through the double doors near the fountain and go up the staircase on your right. The map will guide you to the specific painting you need to interact with.

Q. How do I find the hidden cache with the painting?

A. Look closely at the top of the painting’s frame. You should see a symbol you can interact with using the “Accio” spell. Cast the spell, and the frame will reveal a secret passage leading to the hidden chest.

Q. What’s in the chest?

A. The chest contains a cool reward, typically clothing items like the stylish Authentic Historian’s Robe.

Q. What if I get lost or stuck?

A. Don’t worry! There are many resources available online to help you. You can find video walkthroughs on YouTube searching for “Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle” or check out helpful guides online.

Q. Is there anything else to know?

A. To unlock this side quest, you must have completed the main story quest “Welcome to Hogsmeade.”

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