Unearthing the Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3


Nightsong bg3, The whispers of a powerful artifact, the Nightsong, echo throughout Baldur’s Gate 3. This elusive relic promises a hefty reward for those brave enough to claim it. But the path to the Nightsong is fraught with danger, guarded by ferocious goblins and treacherous trials. This guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the perilous journey and secure the Nightsong for yourself.

Nightsong bg3

Initiating the Quest: Whispers of an Ancient Relic

There are two primary ways to stumble upon the “Find the Nightsong” quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. The first involves encountering Aradin in the Druids’ Grove. During an argument with Zevlor, Aradin reveals his past expedition into goblin territory in search of the Nightsong. Alternatively, you might discover the corpses of Aradin’s failed expedition near the Goblin Camp, hinting at the artifact’s location.

Important Note: This quest can only be completed in Act Three. While breadcrumbs and clues appear earlier, the true hunt for the Nightsong commences in the later stages of the game.

Locating the Nightsong: Deep Within the Goblin Camp

The Nightsong is rumored to be hidden beneath an ancient temple, now overrun by goblins. This temple resides within the Goblin Camp, a significant landmark in Act One. Accessing the temple, however, presents a challenge. Here are your options for breaching the goblin defenses:

Persuasion or Deception: With a successful DC 22 Persuasion check, you can convince the goblins to grant you passage. Alternatively, a well-timed Deception check might allow you to weasel your way in.

Stealthy Approach: For the more nimble adventurers, sneaking past the goblins is a viable strategy. Utilize spells like invisibility and utilize turn-based mode to navigate the camp undetected.

Brute Force: If subtlety isn’t your forte, a good old-fashioned fight might be the answer. Be prepared for a challenging encounter, as goblins are notorious for their numbers and cunning tactics.

Reaching the Defiled Temple: Regardless of your chosen method, your destination is the Shattered Sanctum within the Goblin Camp. Locate Priestess Gut’s chamber (marked as Priestess True Soul Gut’s chamber on some maps) and either pick the lock or loot the key from her corpse. This grants access to the Defiled Temple.

Deciphering the Moon Puzzle: A Celestial Challenge

Within the Defiled Temple, you’ll encounter a room with four stone discs embedded in the floor. This is the Moon Puzzle, an obstacle that requires aligning the discs to match specific moon phases depicted on the shattered sanctum walls. Here’s how to solve the puzzle:

Rotate the top disc twice counter-clockwise.

Rotate the right disc once clockwise.

Rotate the top disc three times counter-clockwise.

Rotate the left disc three times clockwise.

Rotate the bottom disc three times counter-clockwise.

Rotate the left disc twice clockwise.

Once the puzzle is solved, a hidden passage will open, leading you deeper into the temple’s forgotten depths.

The Gauntlet of Shar: Trials and Tribulations

The path to the Nightsong continues through a series of trials known as the Gauntlet of Shar. This gauntlet is dedicated to the goddess of darkness, Shar, and overcoming it requires cunning and resilience. The Gauntlet is comprised of several challenges, some of which may vary depending on your choices throughout the game. Here are some general challenges you might encounter:

Soft-Step Trial: This trial demands stealth and agility. Navigate a maze without alerting shadowy figures that patrol the path. Invisibility spells and strategic use of turn-based mode can be beneficial here. Be mindful of traps along the way.

Combat Encounters: Prepare to face formidable foes within the Gauntlet. Stock up on healing potions and utilize your party’s strengths to overcome these challenges.

Important: Completing the Gauntlet of Shar is also crucial for acquiring the Umbral Gems, which play a role in another significant quest – Raphael’s Contract.

Unveiling the Nightsong: A Choice and its Consequences

After conquering the Gauntlet of Shar, you’ll finally reach the Nightsong’s resting place. However, claiming the artifact triggers a critical decision:

Deliver the Nightsong to the Wizard: As Aradin mentioned earlier, a wizard in Baldur’s Gate offers a hefty reward for the Nightsong. Fulfilling this agreement brings you closer to riches.


How do I start the quest?

There are two ways to trigger “Find the Nightsong.” You can chat with Aradin in the Druids’ Grove. He’ll mention searching for the Nightsong in a goblin-occupied temple. Alternatively, you might stumble upon the corpses of his expedition near the temple.

Where’s the Nightsong located?

The Nightsong is hidden beneath an ancient temple, which unfortunately, is crawling with goblins. You’ll find it in the Goblin Camp during Act One.

How do I get into the Goblin Camp?

There are a few options to breach the Goblin Camp’s defenses. You can:

Fight your way through: Gear up and prepare for a brawl!

Sneak past the goblins: Utilize stealth skills and invisibility spells to slip by unnoticed.

Deception is an option: Try persuading or deceiving the goblins to grant you passage.

Poison their party: This approach might even the odds before a fight (beware, it’s a dirty tactic!).

Act One is over, can I still find the Nightsong?

Unfortunately, no. This quest becomes unavailable after Act One. You can only complete it in Act Three.

So, where do I go in Act Three?

The Nightsong’s location shifts in Act Three. Travel westward until you cross a bridge leading to Reithwin Town. From there, head northwest to reach the Grand Mausoleum. That’s where the Nightsong awaits!

What awaits me at the Grand Mausoleum?

The path to the Nightsong isn’t straightforward. You’ll need to overcome the Gauntlet of Shar, a challenging series of trials. Be prepared to face enemies and solve puzzles.

Is there anything special I need to reach the Gauntlet of Shar?

Yes, during the earlier parts of Act Three, you’ll acquire a lantern or blessing that protects you from the cursed darkness plaguing the area. Make sure you have it before venturing towards the Grand Mausoleum.

What happens after I conquer the Gauntlet of Shar?

Inside the Gauntlet, you’ll encounter a powerful demon named Yurgir. Defeat him to collect four Umbral Orbs, which play a crucial role in claiming the Nightsong.

Is the Nightsong worth all this trouble?

The Nightsong is a powerful artifact, but its true purpose and value depend on your choices throughout the game.

Are there any guides or resources to help me further?

Absolutely! If you’re looking for a more detailed walkthrough, you can search online for “Find the Nightsong BG3 quest guide.” There are video guides [YouTube] and informative articles that provide step-by-step instructions.

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