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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) threw players into a globe-trotting campaign and a frenetic multiplayer experience. A large part of that experience revolved around the diverse maps that offered unique challenges and fostered different playstyles. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new recruit, this guide will equip you with everything you need to know about the maps in MW3.

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Core Multiplayer Maps: Where the Chaos Begins

MW3 launched with a solid foundation of 16 core multiplayer maps, each meticulously crafted to deliver a distinct combat experience. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular and interesting ones:

Urban Warfare:

Favela: This iconic map throws you into the heart of a war-torn Brazilian favela. Tight corridors and vertical buildings make close-quarters combat the norm, rewarding players with shotguns and SMGs.

Karachi: Set in a bustling Pakistani marketplace, Karachi offers a mix of close-quarters combat and long-range firefights. Navigate the intricate alleyways and rooftops to outflank your enemies.

Skidrow: Fight your way through a dilapidated Los Angeles neighborhood. Abundant debris and destructible environments make flanking maneuvers and strategic use of cover crucial for success.

Open Warfare:

Wasteland: A post-apocalyptic wasteland serves as the backdrop for this large, open map. Tanks and other vehicles become crucial for traversing the vast terrain, while snipers can dominate from strategically placed hills.

Quarry: An industrial quarry provides a mix of close-quarters combat zones and open areas. Utilize the various levels and machinery to your advantage, and be wary of flanking routes.

Underpass: A network of underground tunnels and train tracks creates a unique and claustrophobic environment. Shotguns and SMGs reign supreme here, with plenty of opportunities for surprising your opponents.

Classics Revisited:

Afghan: This fan-favorite map from the original Modern Warfare makes a triumphant return. The mountainous terrain and open spaces make for intense long-range battles, while the central buildings offer close-quarter firefights.

Highrise: Another returning classic, Highrise takes place on a skyscraper under construction. The open layout and multiple vertical levels make it a haven for snipers and players who enjoy vertical flanking maneuvers.

Introducing Gunfight: A New Breed of Combat

With Season 3 Reloaded, MW3 introduced a brand new game mode called Gunfight. These fast-paced, close-quarters battles took place on specifically designed maps that were smaller and more focused than the core maps.

Fast and Brutal: Gunfight maps were incredibly compact, featuring only a handful of key locations and forcing players into constant confrontation. This mode emphasized quick reflexes, teamwork, and mastering the nuances of each map.

Variety is Key: Eight Gunfight maps were released throughout the game’s lifespan, each with its own unique layout and aesthetic. This variety ensured that players wouldn’t get bored and had to constantly adapt their strategies. Some popular Gunfight maps included:

Alley: A narrow alleyway with a central dumpster provided limited cover and forced head-on clashes.

Blacksite: An abandoned industrial building with multiple floors and tight corners created a multi-layered combat experience.

Rust: A fan-favorite map from the core game mode, Rust was also available in Gunfight, offering its iconic central platform and shipping containers for intense close-quarters battles.

Ground War: Large-Scale Warfare

For players who craved a truly epic experience, MW3 offered a game mode called Ground War. These large-scale battles featured multiple objectives spread across expansive maps that supported vehicles and a higher player count.

Vehicles Take Center Stage: Ground War maps were significantly larger than core multiplayer maps, and vehicles played a much bigger role. Tanks, armored vehicles, and even helicopters became crucial for traversing the vast distances and capturing objectives.

Strategic Conquest: Ground War emphasized teamwork and coordinated attacks. Players had to capture various objectives spread across the map, requiring communication and strategic use of vehicles and cover fire.

The Ground War Experience: There were three Ground War maps available in MW3:

Levin Resort: A luxurious ski resort transformed into a battlefield, with sprawling slopes, buildings, and a central lake perfect for flanking maneuvers.

Orlov Military Base: A massive Russian military base provided a complex network of trenches, buildings, and open areas for large-scale tank battles and infantry skirmishes.


How many maps are there in MW3 Multiplayer?

Strap yourself in, soldier! Buckle up for a whopping 16 maps in the standard multiplayer rotation of MW3, offering a diverse range of environments for intense combat.

Are there any new maps in the recent MW3 release?

Yes! The recent revival of MW3 boasts a fresh batch of maps alongside the classics. While details are scarce, information suggests these new maps will have a unique twist on gameplay, keeping things exciting for veterans and newcomers alike.

What are some of the most popular MW3 maps?

Veterans will fondly remember classics like Estate (a luxurious mansion with close-quarters chaos), Favela (a vibrant Brazilian favela perfect for run-and-gun action), and Highrise (a vertigo-inducing skyscraper showdown).

Is there a Nuketown map in MW3?

Unfortunately, there’s no confirmation of Nuketown making a comeback in MW3 (as of May 18, 2024). But don’t fret, there are plenty of other fast-paced, action-packed maps to keep you entertained.

What kind of variety is there in the MW3 maps?

MW3’s maps cater to different playstyles. From close-knit battles in urban environments (Favela, Rundown) to long-range engagements in open areas (Wasteland, Quarry), there’s a map for every soldier.

Can I choose which maps I play in MW3?

Thankfully, MW3 offers map voting! This allows you and your fellow players to choose the map you want to battle on after each match, ensuring you get to experience your favorites more often.

Are there any large-scale maps in MW3?

Yes! MW3 features a separate Ground War game mode with expansive maps like “Levin Resort” and “Orlov Military Base” perfect for large-scale team battles with vehicles and tanks.

Where can I find a list of all the MW3 maps?

Several websites compile lists of all the MW3 maps, including IGN’s comprehensive guide [Call of Duty: MW3 Guide – IGN].

What are some tips for mastering the MW3 maps?

Learn the map layouts! Each map has strategic locations, flanking routes, and power positions. Explore them in private matches or watch gameplay videos to get a head start.

How can I stay updated on MW3 maps and the game in general?

Follow the official Call of Duty channels on social media and gaming platforms for the latest news and announcements about MW3 maps and other content.

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