Cooking for Snorlax: A Guide to Pokémon Sleep Recipes


Pokémon Sleep, the much-anticipated sleep tracking app from The Pokémon Company, has captured the imagination of fans. While the app’s official release date remains under wraps, information about its core mechanic – cooking for Snorlax – has piqued interest. This article delves into the delicious world of Pokémon Sleep recipes, exploring what they are, how they work, and the tastiest treats to cook for the snoozing Pokémon.

Pokémon Sleep

What are Pokémon Sleep Recipes?

In Pokémon Sleep, you act as a companion to Snorlax, helping the beloved Pokémon achieve restful sleep. A key element in this endeavor is preparing meals for Snorlax. These aren’t your typical Pokémon treats though. Each recipe is designed to influence Snorlax’s sleep patterns, represented by a stat called “Drowsy Power.” The higher the Drowsy Power from a meal, the more deeply Snorlax sleeps and the more information you gather about its slumber habits.

How Does Cooking Work?

Cooking in Pokémon Sleep revolves around collecting ingredients and using them to create specific dishes. These ingredients are gathered by your Helper Pokémon, a team you assemble throughout your sleep tracking journey. Different sleep styles, identified by the app based on your sleep patterns, influence the types of ingredients you collect.

There are two main aspects to consider when cooking:

These recipes are not directly revealed within the app, but players can discover them through experimentation or by finding information online, like this very article!

Extra Ingredients: While following recipes is ideal, you can also throw in additional ingredients beyond the recipe’s requirements. These extras contribute to the overall Drowsy Power of the dish, potentially making it more effective in inducing deep sleep in Snorlax.

There’s also a chance for a critical success known as an “Extra Tasty” dish. This special version grants a significant Drowsy Power boost, making it especially valuable for those seeking to unlock the secrets of Snorlax’s sleep. The chance for an Extra Tasty dish increases on Sundays, so be sure to cook up a feast then!

Types of Dishes: Curry and Salad Delights

Pokémon Sleep offers two main categories of dishes: curries and salads. Each category boasts a variety of recipes, catering to different sleep styles and ingredient availability.

Curries: These hearty dishes seem to be Snorlax’s favorite. Here are some popular curry recipes you might encounter:

Beanburger Curry: A simple curry featuring Bean Sausages, perfect for when ingredients are scarce.

Dream Eater Butter Curry: This luxurious dish combines Soft Potatoes, Snoozy Tomatoes, and Moomoo Milk for a sleep-inducing effect.

Fancy Apple Curry: A delightful curry showcasing the sweetness of Fancy Apples.

Grilled Tail Curry: This fiery curry features Slowpoke Tail, sure to wake up Snorlax’s taste buds!

Salads: While not as substantial as curries, these refreshing salads offer a healthy alternative. Here are a few examples:

Snoozy Tomato Salad: This simple salad utilizes the sleep-promoting Snoozy Tomatoes.

Tofu Salad with Spicy Sauce: This flavorful salad packs a punch with its spicy sauce and tofu base.

Hearty Cheeseburger Salad: A protein-packed salad featuring Moomoo Milk and Bean Sausage.

These are just a few examples, and many more recipes await discovery in Pokémon Sleep.

About Pokémon Sleep Recipes

Trainers seeking to become Snorlax’s ultimate chef have some common questions. Here are some answers to those frequently asked questions:

Where do I find recipes? The game itself doesn’t explicitly list recipes. However, players can discover them through experimentation or by finding information online.

Can I cook without a recipe? Yes! You can throw any combination of ingredients into the pot, but it likely won’t be as effective as a proper recipe.

How do I get more ingredients? The types of ingredients you collect depend on your sleep styles. Try to vary your sleep patterns to gather a wider variety.

What happens if I use too many ingredients? The pot has a capacity limit. Using more than it can handle won’t affect the recipe itself, but any excess ingredients won’t be used.

Can I upgrade my cooking pot? Yes! As you discover more sleep styles, you’ll unlock the ability to expand your cooking pot, allowing you to use even more ingredients.


What are Pokémon Sleep recipes?

These are special meals you prepare for Snorlax using ingredients collected by your helper Pokémon. Each recipe boosts Snorlax’s Drowsy Power, a key factor in unlocking new Pokémon and features in the game.

How many Pokémon Sleep recipes are there?

There’s a good variety to discover! The exact number isn’t confirmed yet, but leaks suggest there could be over 20 recipes, including curries, salads, desserts, and drinks.

Where do I find Pokémon Sleep recipes?

Unfortunately, the game isn’t out yet, so the official recipes haven’t been revealed. However, leaks and datamines suggest the recipes won’t be directly shown in-game. You’ll likely discover them by experimenting with different ingredient combinations.

What ingredients are used in Pokémon Sleep recipes?

Ingredients seem to be based on familiar Pokémon fare like Moomoo Milk, Fancy Apples, and Slowpoke Tail. You’ll collect them through your helper Pokémon as you sleep.

Can I create my own Pokémon Sleep recipes?

Yes! The core gameplay seems to revolve around experimenting with ingredients. While there might be some base recipes, feel free to get creative and discover the tastiest (and drowsiest) combinations for Snorlax.

 Do more ingredients make a stronger dish?

Yes and no! Each recipe likely has specific ingredients for maximum Drowsy Power. But throwing in extra ingredients can still boost the dish’s overall strength.

Is there a reward for making extra tasty dishes?

There is! On certain days, you have a chance to create an “extra tasty” critical dish. This supercharged meal grants Snorlax an even bigger Drowsy Power boost.

How do I increase the amount of ingredients I can use?

As you discover more sleep styles (different sleep positions), you’ll unlock upgrades for your cooking pot. This allows you to use more ingredients and create even more powerful dishes.

What happens if I use the wrong ingredients?

Don’t worry, experimentation is encouraged! If you use ingredients that don’t match a recipe, you’ll still create a basic meal that gives Snorlax a Drowsy Power boost, though it might not be as strong.

When will I be able to try these Pokémon Sleep recipes myself?

The official release date for Pokémon Sleep hasn’t been announced yet. Stay tuned for updates from the Pokémon Company and get ready to whip up some delicious sleep-inducing meals for Snorlax!

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