Cast Your Line and Reel in Adventure: A Guide to Valheim Fishing


valheim fishing, the Viking survival sandbox, offers a world teeming with challenges and rewards. While battling imposing creatures and forging mighty weapons are key aspects of the game, a more peaceful pursuit awaits fishing.

Fishing in Valheim provides not just a relaxing break from the dangers of the wilderness but also a valuable source of food and crafting materials. This guide delves into everything you need to know to become a master angler in Valheim, incorporating insights gleaned from the latest community discussions and strategies.

Setting Sail: Essential Gear for the Fishing Trip

Before embarking on your aquatic adventure, ensure you have the necessary equipment:

  • Fishing Rod: This can be purchased from Haldor, the Black Forest merchant, for 100 coins. Unlike other tools, the fishing rod doesn’t degrade with use, but each cast consumes bait.
  • Bait: Haldor also sells different types of bait โ€“ Mushrooms (Meadows), Whitestring Bait (Black Forest), Fishing Bait (Swamps), and Gloomshrooms (Plains). Each bait type attracts specific fish depending on the biome you’re in.

Optional Gear:

  • Food: Fishing requires stamina, so pack some good stamina-boosting foods like cooked meats, sausages, or cooked fish (once you catch some!).
  • Boat: While not essential, a boat allows you to access deeper waters and fish without spooking the fish with your presence on shore.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Fishing Techniques

Mastering the art of fishing in Valheim goes beyond simply casting your line and reeling in. Here are some valuable tips to improve your catch rate:

  • Finding Fish: Unlike some games where fish are random encounters, Valheim allows you to see fish visually in the water. Look for areas with schools of fish or individual fish swimming around. Shallower waters generally have higher fish visibility.
  • Casting: Hold down the left mouse button to determine the cast distance. The longer you hold, the further you cast. Aim for areas where you see fish congregating.
  • The Bite: Keep an eye on the bobber (the cork floating on your line). Bubbles appearing around it indicate fish are interested. When the bobber dips underwater, that’s your cue!
  • Hooking and Reeling: Quickly hold down the right mouse button to hook the fish and start reeling it in. You’ll see a message saying “Hooked” if successful. Reeling consumes stamina, so be mindful of your food buffs.
  • The Struggle is Real: Bigger fish will put up a fight, draining your stamina faster. Here’s where strategy comes in:
    • Shorten the Line: Right-click to shorten your line, bringing the fish closer and reducing stamina drain.
    • Walk and Reel: While reeling, walk backwards towards the shore. This keeps the line taut while letting you recover stamina.
    • Don’t Reel While Fighting: Fish tend to “tug” on the line, momentarily stopping it. Avoid reeling during these moments to conserve stamina.

Level Up Your Fishing Skills:

As you catch more fish, your fishing skill increase. This translates to a decrease in stamina consumption while reeling in fish, making the process smoother, especially for larger catches.

Fish Species and the Bait They Crave:

The type of fish you catch depends on the biome you’re fishing in and the bait you’re using. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Meadows: Use Mushrooms as bait to catch Perch and Crucian Carp.
  • Black Forest: Whitestring Bait attracts Brown Trout and Salmon.
  • Swamps: Fishing Bait is preferred by mudrakers and Leech.
  • Plains: Gloomshrooms lure in Fish Trout.

Fishing Beyond Food: Crafting with Fish

Fish are not just a delicious food source. They are also used in crafting various useful items:

  • Fishing Bait: Made from several fish species, Fishing Bait is essential for swamp fishing.
  • Wishbone: Crafting a Wishbone requires a Silver Perch, found in Plains and Ocean biomes. The Wishbone helps locate hidden secrets underground.
  • Fishing Cape: This endgame cloak, crafted with several fish types and linen thread, offers valuable buffs like increased movement speed while wet and improved swimming stamina.


How to Fish in Valheim?

  1. Gear Up: Purchase a fishing rod and bait from Haldor the Merchant, who resides in the Black Forest biome.
  2. Find the Fish: Look for schools of fish in shallow waters near the coast or rivers. They’re often visible swimming around.
  3. Cast Your Line: Hold left-click to charge your cast, the longer you hold, the further it goes.
  4. Hook ‘Em Up!: Watch for bubbles or your bobber dipping underwater. That’s your cue! Hold right-click to hook the fish and start reeling.
  5. Reel it In!: Keep holding right-click to reel the fish in. Be mindful of your stamina, especially for bigger catches.

Do I need a Fishing Rod?

Technically, yes. While you can grab fish by hand in very shallow water, a rod and bait are much more efficient.

  • Boost Your Stamina: Fish can put up a fight! Eat foods that enhance stamina regeneration before fishing.
  • Fishing from a Boat: Fish aren’t spooked byVikings on a boat! This allows you to fish closer to them for easier reeling.
  • Shorter Line for Bigger Fish: Large fish drain stamina quickly. Keep your line short for better control during the fight.
  • Right-Click for Faster Reeling: While holding right-click to reel, tap it repeatedly for faster retrieval (but at a higher stamina cost).
  • Level Up Your Fishing Skill: The more you fish, the less stamina it takes to reel in your catch!

What kind of fish can I catch?

There are various fish in Valheim, each found in specific biomes. Some common ones include Perch, Salmon, and Herring.

What bait should I use?

Different baits work better in different biomes. Bait is crafted from various resources you find while exploring. For example, you’ll need mushrooms to craft bait for the Meadows biome.

Is there a bait for all fish?

No, fish are attracted to specific bait types. Experiment to find what works best in each area.

Are there any fishing secrets?

While not exactly secrets, some players prefer calmer waters for better visibility, while others recommend using the fishing skill to reduce stamina consumption for extended fishing trips.

What can I do with the fish I catch?

Fish can be cooked for food, which provides health and stamina buffs. They can also be used to craft certain potions.

Looking for more information?

For a visual guide, check out some helpful valheim fishing tutorials on YouTube ([YouTube Valheim fishing guide]).

Happy Fishing!

With this knowledge and a little practice, you’ll be reeling in a bounty of fish in Valheim in no time. Remember, patience and the right technique are key to a successful fishing expedition!

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