A Guide to Charles Rookwood’s Trial in Hogwarts Legacy


Charles Rookwood’s Trial is a thrilling quest within Hogwarts Legacy, the immersive open-world action RPG set in the Wizarding World. This challenging venture takes you deep into the perilous depths of Rookwood Castle, where you’ll face intricate puzzles, formidable foes, and a final showdown that will test your magical prowess. Whether you’re a seasoned witch or wizard or a budding student eager to prove yourself, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to conquer Charles Rookwood’s Trial.

Unlocking the Trial: A Prerequisite Adventure

Before embarking on Charles Rookwood’s Trial, you’ll need to complete the main story quest “The Headmaster’s Figment.” This quest introduces you to the Pensieve, a magical repository of memories, and sets the stage for your confrontation with Rookwood. Once you’ve retrieved a specific memory from the Pensieve, you’ll gain access to Rookwood Castle, located in the Feldcroft Region.

Navigating the Castle Grounds: Entering the Fray

Upon reaching Rookwood Castle, you’ll encounter a swarm of hostile Ashwingers and Inferi guarding the entrance. Here are some helpful tips to overcome these initial hurdles:

Strategic Spellcasting: Utilize spells like Incendio and Diffindo to effectively dispatch the Ashwingers. For the Inferi, spells that target the undead, such as Expelliarmus, will be highly effective.

Environmental Awareness: Be mindful of your surroundings and use destructible objects within the environment to your advantage. For instance, knocking over barrels can create fire hazards that can damage multiple enemies at once.

Defensive Maneuvers: When facing a large group of enemies, prioritize defensive spells like Protego to shield yourself from incoming attacks. Don’t be afraid to dodge and reposition yourself to avoid being overwhelmed.

Once you’ve cleared the path, use Revelio to locate a hidden crate near the entrance. Employ Wingardium Leviosa to levitate the crate and maneuver it beneath a broken section of the wall. With the crate in place, cast Leviosa again to climb onto it and gain access to the castle’s interior.

Deciphering the Depths: A Walkthrough of the Trials

The heart of Charles Rookwood’s Trial lies within the castle’s depths. Prepare to face a series of challenging puzzles and battles as you venture deeper. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the trials that await you:

Trial 1: Portal Perplexity

The first trial presents you with a room containing two ornately decorated stone portals. Look closely at the symbols and patterns etched onto the portals. You’ll need to rotate the outer rings of each portal until the symbols on both portals align perfectly. Once the symbols match, a bridge of light will appear, allowing you to proceed to the next chamber.

Trial 2: Sentinel Showdown

The second trial throws a gauntlet of armored Sentinels at you. These formidable foes pack a punch and are resistant to frontal assaults. Here’s how to strategically defeat them:

Strategic Dodging: The Sentinels rely on powerful melee attacks. Mastering the art of dodging will be crucial for avoiding significant damage. Utilize the dodge maneuver (default key: Space) to swiftly evade their swings.

Flank and Attack: The Sentinels have a blind spot on their backs. Circle around them and unleash a barrage of spells like Incendio or Diffindo to inflict maximum damage.

Ancient Magic in Action: When your meter is full, unleash a burst of Ancient Magic to significantly weaken the Sentinels.

Trial 3: Portal Proficiency

The third trial presents you with another portal puzzle, this time featuring three interlocking portals. The solution lies in aligning the symbols on each portal so that a continuous path of light is formed when viewed from a specific angle. Experiment with rotating the different sections of the portals until you achieve the correct alignment.

Trial 4: Sequential Sentinels

The fourth trial combines portal puzzles with Sentinel encounters. You’ll need to solve a portal puzzle similar to the previous one to unlock the next chamber, but be prepared to face Sentinels as you progress through the newly opened passage. Utilize the strategies outlined in Trial 2 to overcome these foes.

Trial 5: The Pensieve Protector

The fifth and final trial presents you with a formidable guardian – the Pensieve Protector. This colossal creature possesses devastating magical attacks and relentless pursuit. Here’s how to emerge victorious:

Weakening the Guardian: Focus your initial attacks on the glowing orbs situated around the Pensieve Protector. Destroying these orbs will weaken the guardian and leave it vulnerable for a short period.

Charles Rookwood's Trial


What is Charles Rookwood’s Trial?

Charles Rookwood’s Trial is a quest in the open-world, action RPG Hogwarts Legacy. It takes you to Rookwood Castle, where you must overcome challenges and puzzles set by the dark wizard Charles Rookwood.

Where do I find Charles Rookwood’s Trial?

The Trial is located in the Feldcroft Region. To access it, you’ll need to defeat enemies guarding the entrance and use Revelio to find a hidden box. Use Wingardium Leviosa to move the box and gain access to the castle grounds.

What are the challenges in Charles Rookwood’s Trial?

The Trial involves solving portal puzzles and battling various enemies, including Pensieve Sentries and Sentinels. You’ll also face a final boss fight against a powerful Pensieve Guardian.

Are there any tips for completing the Trial?

Focus on taking out smaller enemies first, especially during combat sections with the Pensieve Guardian.

Utilize a variety of spells to exploit enemy weaknesses and strategically dodge attacks.

Explore the environment thoroughly; there might be hidden secrets or helpful items.

What difficulty is Charles Rookwood’s Trial?

The difficulty can vary depending on your overall level and equipped gear in Hogwarts Legacy. There are guides available online that offer strategies for tackling the Trial on different difficulty settings.

Is there a walkthrough for Charles Rookwood’s Trial?

Absolutely! Many online resources offer walkthroughs with detailed instructions on navigating the puzzles, defeating enemies, and completing the Trial. You can find these walkthroughs on websites like IGN or Youtube channels specializing in Hogwarts Legacy content.

What rewards do I get for completing Charles Rookwood’s Trial?

Completing the Trial grants you valuable experience points, loot, and progresses the main story of Hogwarts Legacy.

Is Charles Rookwood an actual character in Harry Potter lore?

While there’s no character named Charles Rookwood in the original Harry Potter books or movies, the Rookwood family is known to be Death Eaters, followers of Lord Voldemort. Charles Rookwood might be a new character created specifically for Hogwarts Legacy.

Is Charles Rookwood’s Trial a long quest?

Compared to the main story of Hogwarts Legacy, Charles Rookwood’s Trial is a shorter quest. However, the puzzles and battles can take some time to complete, especially on harder difficulties.

Do I need any special abilities to complete Charles Rookwood’s Trial?

No, you shouldn’t need any unique or advanced spells to overcome the challenges. However, mastering the basic combat spells and having a good understanding of dodging mechanics will definitely be helpful.

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