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Legendary fish rdr2, The vast open world of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) beckons players not just with thrilling shootouts and daring robberies, but also with the tranquility of casting a line and battling nature’s bounty. For the truly dedicated angler, however, the ordinary just won’t do. That’s where the legendary fish come in – colossal specimens that test your patience, skill, and equipment.

This guide dives deep into the world of legendary fish in RDR2, providing you with everything you need to know to snag these elusive giants. From locations and lures to strategies and rewards, let’s turn you into a legendary fish whisperer.

Legendary fish rdr2

Unveiling the Thirteen Legends

There are thirteen legendary fish scattered across the map of RDR2, each residing in a specific body of water and requiring a particular approach. Here’s a rundown of all the legendary fish and their locations:

Legendary Bullhead Catfish: Found in the creek deltas west of Sisika Penitentiary on Sisika Island. (Special River Lure)

Legendary Chain Pickerel: Cruises the Dakota River northwest of Flatneck Station. (Special River Lure)

Legendary Lake Sturgeon: Makes its home in the Lannahechee River west of Saint Denis. (Special River Lure)

Legendary Longnose Gar: Lurks in the swampy marshes between Lakay and Lagras in Lemoyne. (Special Swamp Lure)

Legendary Muskie: A fearsome fighter in the waters of Lake Isabella in Big Valley. (Special Lake Lure)

Legendary Perch: Hides in the depths of Elysian Lake, southwest of Annesburg. (Special Lake Lure)

Legendary Redfin Pickerel: Test your skills in the largest pool of Stillwater Creek, between Thieve’s Landing and MacFarlane’s Ranch. (Special River Lure)

Legendary Rock Bass: Seeks solitude in the Aurora Basin north of Valentine. (Special Lake Lure)

Legendary Sockeye Salmon: Braves the currents of the Kamassa River near Brandywine Drop. (Special River Lure)

Legendary Smallmouth Bass: Cruises the shores of Lake Owanjila near Bacchus Station. (Special Lake Lure)

Legendary Steelhead Trout: A master of evasion in the northeast corner of the map, just past Brandywine Drop in the Kamassa River. (Special River Lure)

Legendary Largemouth Bass: Enjoys the relative peace of the San Luis River southeast of Lake Don Julio. (Special River Lure)

Legendary Bluegill: While not technically legendary, this unique fish can be found south of Clemens Point off the shore of Flat Iron Lake during a mission with Kieran in Chapter 3. (Special Lake Lure)

Remember, these locations are approximations. Patience and a keen eye are crucial for spotting these elusive creatures.

Gearing Up for the Challenge

Before you embark on your legendary fishing odyssey, ensure you have the right tools for the job:

Special Lures: You won’t catch these behemoths with your standard bait. Three special lures are required: Special River Lure, Special Lake Lure, and Special Swamp Lure. Thankfully, you can purchase all three for $20 each at the bait shop in New Hanover, located in the Bayou Nwa area around the middle of Lake Lagras.

Fishing Rod: While any fishing rod will technically work, using a better quality one like the Improved Fishing Rod will provide a significant advantage when reeling in these monsters. You can purchase this from any fence or general store.

Patience: Legendary fish are no pushovers. They will put up a fight, testing your ability to manage the line and tire them out. Don’t get discouraged if it takes a while – persistence is key.

Mastering the Art of the Catch

Now that you’re prepped, here are some tips to help you land those legendary fish:

Use the Right Lure: Matching the lure to the fish’s habitat is crucial. Consult the list above to ensure you’re using the correct lure for each legendary fish.

Eagle Eye is Your Friend: Activate Eagle Eye while casting your line to spot the ripples caused by legendary fish, making them easier to target.

The Fight is On: Once hooked, the legendary fish will put up a fierce fight. Use the left stick to control the tension on the line and counter the fish’s movements.

Reel Wisely: Reel in the fish slowly and steadily, only reeling faster when the fish is tired. Utilize the “reel and rest” technique to tire out the fish gradually


How many Legendary Fish are there in RDR2?

There are a total of 13 Legendary Fish to be found across the five regions of the game.

Where do I start looking for Legendary Fish?

Your first stop should be Jeremy Gill, a fisherman you’ll encounter in Chapter 2 near Saint Denis. He’ll give you a map marking the general locations of all 13 Legendary Fish.

Do I need special bait to catch them?

You bet! You’ll need three specific lures: the Special Lake Lure, the Special River Lure, and the Special Swamp Lure. Thankfully, you can purchase all three for $20 each at the bait shop in Bayou Nwa, New Hanover.

Which lure should I use for each fish?

The good news is that any of the three special lures can be used to catch any Legendary Fish. They’re more about attracting the fish than mimicking a specific prey.

How do I fight a Legendary Fish?

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill catches! Legendary Fish put up a fight. Be prepared to use Dead Eye to slow down time and strategically reel them in. Don’t over-reel, or your line will snap. Patience and a steady hand are key.

What happens after I catch a Legendary Fish?

Head to any post office and mail your trophy catch to Jeremy Gill. You’ll receive a reward for each fish you send him.

Is there a reward for catching all the Legendary Fish?

Once you’ve mailed all 13 Legendary Fish, you’ll receive a letter from Jeremy inviting you back to his cabin. A cutscene awaits, and you’ll unlock a special surprise (no spoilers here!).

What’s the hardest Legendary Fish to catch?

Opinions vary, but many players consider the Legendary Lake Sturgeon or the Legendary Bullhead Catfish to be the most challenging due to their size and strength.

Can I fish for Legendary Fish after the story ends?

Yes! You can continue your fishing pursuits freely during the epilogue. This is especially important for the Legendary Sockeye Salmon, which can only be found during that timeframe.

Any tips for Legendary Fish newbies?

Save before you cast your line: Legendary Fish fights can be intense, and sometimes things don’t go as planned. A pre-emptive save ensures you can try again without losing progress.

Stock up on provisions: Legendary Fish battles can take a while. Bring food and tonics to keep your health and stamina up during the fight.

Enjoy the scenery!: While you’re waiting for a bite, take in the beautiful landscapes of RDR2. You might even spot some other wildlife along the way.

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